PTS Stress-Run Continues To Mature To Push Hardware/Software To Their Limits

One of the many less advertised features of the Phoronix Test Suite is the ability to re-purpose any available test profile not as a performance metric but simply as part of a stress tool for hammering your hardware or software for deficiencies. The phoronix-test-suite stress-run tool can run any number of the test profiles concurrently and in a random pattern for a defined length of time for fully stressing your system.

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28 April

Fresh Mesa 11.3-devel RadeonSI Tests On Ubuntu 16.04 vs. NVIDIA's 364.19 Driver

For some end-of-month benchmarks and while having a number of graphics cards out prior to being let down by Tomb Raider's Linux benchmark, here is a fresh round of OpenGL tests while using the newest Mesa 11.3-devel code on RadeonSI with AMDGPU/Radeon DRM from Ubuntu 16.04 and then compared to various Kepler/Maxwell graphics cards with the newest NVIDIA Linux driver.

28 April 03:38 PM EDT - Display Drivers - 13 Comments

27 April

Tomb Raider Benchmarks On Linux With NVIDIA Graphics

With Feral Interactive releasing Tomb Raider for Linux, three years after the premiere of the Windows port, many have been wondering about the Linux performance particularly with regards to the graphics driver situation. Here are our initial benchmarks of Feral's port of Tomb Raider on Ubuntu Linux with using NVIDIA graphics. More tests to follow.

27 April 04:37 PM EDT - Linux Gaming - 63 Comments
Xamarin's 2016 Conference Starts, Open-Source SDK Available

As most Phoronix readers will certainly recall, Microsoft bought out Xamarin, the company co-founded by Miguel de Icaza and focused around Mono technologies, and last month announced they would open-source the Xamarin SDK. Microsoft is making good on their word this week.

27 April 10:57 AM EDT - Compiler - Xamarin Open-Source SDK - 8 Comments
Warsow 2.1 Recently Released With Offloaded Rendering

While checking on various Linux game benchmarks this morning, I noticed Warsow 2.1 was quietly released at the end of March without much attention. Warsow continues to be a multi-platform, GPL-licensed first-person shooter game powered by the Qfusion engine, a very distant derivative of the Quake II engine.

27 April 09:10 AM EDT - Gaming - Warsow 2.1 - 2 Comments
OpenMandriva Adds F2FS Support

It's been a while since last having anything to report on with the OpenMandriva Linux distribution, but they wrote in today with news about adding Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) support.

27 April 07:54 AM EDT - Operating Systems - OpenMandriva F2FS - 1 Comment
KDE's Krita 3.0 Now In Beta

The developers behind KDE's flagship digital painting and animation program have this morning announced the Krita 3.0 Beta.

27 April 07:48 AM EDT - KDE - KDE Krita 3.0 - 5 Comments

26 April

AMD Posts Secure Memory Encryption For The Linux Kernel (SME)

Well, today seems to be the day for x86 CPU vendors to push out memory security related features for the Linux kernel... After Intel posted the Secure Guard Extensions driver for Linux, AMD has come out with a patch-set for "Secure Memory Encryption" (SME) that looks like it will be a hardware feature of Zen.

26 April 09:49 PM EDT - AMD - AMD SME - 30 Comments
Vivaldi 1.1 Web Browser Released

If you aren't excited by today's Firefox 46 release with GTK3 support but happen to be a fan of the up-and-coming, multi-platform Vivaldi web-browser, there is a new release on that front too.

26 April 08:10 AM EDT - Free Software - Vivaldi 1.1 - 20 Comments
GNU Remotecontrol 2.0 Released

One of the less talked about GNU projects is GNU remotecontrol. GNU's Remotecontrol project is about being a web-based interface to IP-enabled thermostats and similar building automation devices, but is primarily about IP-enabled thermostats.

26 April 07:59 AM EDT - GNU - Remote Control - 1 Comment

25 April

Many EFI Updates Prepped For Linux 4.7 Kernel

Matt Fleming at Intel sent out the set of patches he intends to submit as the queue of EFI changes for what will become the Linux 4.7 kernel. He noted of this queue, "this is probably the biggest EFI pull ever sent, and there quite a few different topics covered."

25 April 04:47 PM EDT - Hardware - EFI For Linux 4.7 - 13 Comments

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