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CUPS 2.1 Is Adding Basic 3D Printer Support

CUPS 2.1 Release Candidate 1 was released yesterday as the newest test version of this open-source printing system supported by Apple. With this new release comes basic support for 3D printers.

1 August 2015 - CUPS 2.1-RC1 - 7 Comments
Pixar Presents A Blender To Renderman Plugin

Earlier this year pixar released a free, non-commercial version of Renderman, their photo-realistic 3D rendering software used within the company's animated movies. Coming out now thanks to work by Pixar and the community is a Blender-to-Renderman exporter plug-in.

18 July 2015 - Blender-man - Add A Comment
OpenLDAP Gains Time-Based One Time Password Support

There's been various one-time password features in the works for OpenLDAP -- the popular open-source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol -- in various code-bases while now within their mainline Git tree they have time-based one-time password (TOTP) support.

4 July 2015 - OpenLDAP TOTP - Add A Comment
Linux 4, GCC v. Clang & Vulkan Were Among The Hot Stories So Far This Year

Now being half-way through the year, here's a look back at the most popular open-source/Linux news so far this year. There's been a lot of interesting events and releases happening so far in 2015 with Phoronix having published 1,577 original news stories (an average of nine per day) and 98 Linux hardware reviews / featured-length articles.

2 July 2015 - Open-Source News - Add A Comment
Russia Picks ReactOS As Second OS For Software Freedom

Russia has named various open-source mobile, desktop, and server operating systems to substitute for vendor lock-in / proprietary software currently in use. Interestingly, besides Linux dominating the list, Russia has been evaluating ReactOS -- the project that's long been seeking to be an open-source implementation of Windows.

19 June 2015 - Open-Source Windows - 18 Comments
Calamares 1.1-RC1 Distribution Installer Released

Version 1.1-RC1 of the Calamares Linux distribution installer framework is now available. This distribution-independent installer has garnered the interest of Manjaro, Kubuntu, and others seeking to make a more unified, better Linux installer. With Calamares 1.1, more features are coming.

11 June 2015 - Calamares Installer Framework - 9 Comments
HHVM Is Now Running Even Faster, Beating PHP7 By Wider Margins

The Facebook team working on the HHVM project for being a faster PHP interpreter and powering their Hack language have just come out of a two-week, open-source performance lockdown. Over the past two weeks they focused on making strides to make HHVM's compelling performance even better.

9 June 2015 - HHVM vs. PHP 7 - 6 Comments

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