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Samba 4.5 Released

Samba 4.5 is now available as the latest release of this major open-source project for improving Windows interoperability (i.e. SMB/CIFS) on Linux and other platforms.

7 September 2016 - Samba 4.5 - 2 Comments
August Has Been A Super Exciting Month So Far For Linux / Open-Source Users

Just over half-way through August, it's been a particularly exciting month for Linux and open-source fans. From Microsoft bringing PowerShell to Linux, Google working on a new operating system, AMD making open-source driver progress, Fedora 25 going ahead with Wayland by default, and more, there's been excitement for almost everyone this month.

21 August 2016 - August Fun - 5 Comments
POCL Has Been Making Progress On HSA Support

Faithful Phoronix readers should recall POCL as the Portable Computing Language project working to provide an open-source OpenCL implementation that can be run on CPUs and other targets. One of the initiatives being worked on more recently by POCL developers is an HSA driver.

11 June 2016 - POCL HSA Driver - 1 Comment

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