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Football Manager 2016 Released For SteamOS / Linux

Football Manager 2016 was released today by SEGA. Compared to the past where the Linux port came after the fact, Football Manager 2016 has seen a same-day release for Windows, OS X, and SteamOS/Linux.

12 November 2015 - Football Manager Linux - 10 Comments
Unreal Engine 4.10 Officially Released

Epic Games has officially released Unreal Engine 4.10 today, which includes 53 improvements done by the community on GitHub along with a lot of other exciting in-house improvements.

11 November 2015 - Unreal Engine 4.10 - 9 Comments
Trine 3 Released For Linux

One month after Trine 3 went into beta on Linux, this action role-playing game has been officially release for SteamOS / Linux.

5 November 2015 - Trine 3 On Linux - 12 Comments
Epic Games Announces Paragon Game

While Epic Games is still hard at work on their Unreal Tournament game powered by Unreal Engine 4, this afternoon they surprisingly announced a new game: Paragon.

3 November 2015 - Epic Games Paragon - 14 Comments
The Alien Isolation Linux Testing That Isn't Happening

While I was looking forward to yesterday's Alien: Isolation for Linux release, that has all changed now. Besides the game failing with open-source drivers, not all functionality from the Windows game is there in the Linux build.

28 October 2015 - Porting Fail - 29 Comments
Alien Isolation Is Now Available For Linux Gamers

Alien: Isolation was supposed to be released for Linux in late September with the porting done by Feral Interactive but they ended up delaying the release. Today though Alien: Isolation is now available for Steam on Linux!

27 October 2015 - Alien: Isolation - 71 Comments
Unreal Engine 4.10 Out In Preview Form

Epic Games announced the release today of Unreal Engine 4.10 Preview 1 for those wishing to play early with this update to the advanced Unreal Engine 4 game engine.

14 October 2015 - Unreal Engine 4.10 Preview 1 - 5 Comments
Unigine 2.0 Officially Released With Big Improvements For This Linux-Friendly Engine

While the Unigine engine isn't used by too many games compared to its presence in simulation and other industries, it remains one of my favorite engines for its top-notch Linux support over the years, beautiful OpenGL capabilities, and powering the most demanding Linux graphics tech demos. Today Unigine Corp is excited to announce the release of Unigine 2.0.

10 October 2015 - UNIGINE 2 - 8 Comments
Open-Source Doom 3 Spin Updated With Many New Features

While many initially looked at ioDoom3 as the exciting fork of id Software's id Tech 4 / Doom 3 source-code as it was done by some of the same folks as ioquake3, there sadly hasn't been much to report on in recent times for the project. Fortunately, the independent "dhewm3" is making strides as an open-source Doom 3 project.

9 October 2015 - Dhewm3 - 18 Comments
Xoreos 0.0.3 Is Another Step Towards Re-Implementing BioWare's Aurora Engine

It's been a while since last having anything to report on Xoreos, but this week they're out with a new release. For those out of the loop, Xoreos is an open-source re-implementation of BioWare's proprietary Aurora Engine. With Xoreos the aim is to make it possible to power Neverwinter Nights and similar games off this GPLv3+ engine while still relying upon the game's assets.

1 October 2015 - Xoreos 0.0.3 - 4 Comments
Alien Isolation Has Been Delayed For Linux

If you woke up this morning expecting to play Alien: Isolation with today being the expected release date for OS X and Linux, Feral Interactive has unfortunately had to push back the release.

29 September 2015 - Alien Isolation Delay - 22 Comments

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