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Open-Source Tessellation Lands For Pre-Broadwell Intel Hardware

Back on Christmas was news of patches for implementing tessellation shader support for Intel Ivy Bridge and Haswell graphics hardware after support had already landed for Broadwell and newer within the Mesa driver. Support for those older generations is now present in Mesa.

28 December 2015 - ARB_tessellation_shader - 3 Comments
Intel NUC Skylake Benchmarks On Linux

While Intel NUCs powered by Skylake have been announced for some time, it's still next to impossible to find these "NUC6" models at major Internet retailers. I'm told the situation should improve in early 2016, but fortunately there is some early Linux performance result data from two of these Skylake NUCs.

21 December 2015 - Skylake NUC - 5 Comments
Playing With Intel Skylake OpenCL On Ubuntu 15.10

As it's been a while since last playing with Intel's Beignet project, the open-source effort to allow OpenCL compute capabilities on HD/Iris Graphics under Linux, I decided to try it out on an Ubuntu 15.10 system this weekend with a Skylake processor.

28 November 2015 - Skylake OpenCL - 3 Comments

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