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Linux Kernel News Archives

Dell Gets An Airplane Mode Switch Driver In Linux 4.2

The latest major pull request for the Linux 4.2 kernel provides the x86 platform driver updates for this next major kernel release.
30 June 2015 - x86 Platform Drivers

XFS Will Get DAX Support In The Linux 4.2 Kernel

Dave Chinner sent in his XFS file-system pull request today as the last of the high-profile file-system updates for the Linux 4.2 kernel merge window.
30 June 2015 - XFS DAX Linux 4.2

Btrfs In Linux 4.2 Brings Quota Updates, Many Fixes

Adding to the already lengthy list of new features for Linux 4.2 is the Btrfs file-system updates that were sent in today by Facebook's Chris Mason.
29 June 2015 - Btrfs File-System For Linux 4.2

Exciting Features Merged So Far For The Linux 4.2 Kernel

With week one of two having passed for the Linux 4.2 kernel merge window, here's a look at some of the exciting new features and changes that landed in the first week.
29 June 2015 - Linux 4.2 Features So Far

Linux 4.2 Will Bring LIBNVDIMM Support For Non-Volatile Memory Devices

Non-volatile memory device support will be added through libnvdimm for the Linux 4.2 kernel. Libnvdimm is a new subsystem for the Linux 4.2 kernel and contains drivers and x86 support.
27 June 2015 - ACPI6 LIBNVDIMM

Linux 4.2 Advertises GFS2 Performance Improvements

For those using the Global File System 2 (GFS2) for Linux clusters, the Linux 4.2 kernel is slated to offer better performance.
27 June 2015 - Global File-System 2

The Staging Pull For Linux 4.2: "Big, Really Big"

While Greg Kroah-Hartman isn't sending in KDBUS for Linux 4.2 as announced yesterday, he did send in the code updates for the other kernel subsystems he maintains.
27 June 2015 - Staging Linux 4.2

KDBUS Won't Be Pushed Until The Linux 4.3 Kernel

KDBUS was once again heavily debated on the Linux kernel mailing list this week and Linus Torvalds said he looked forward to merging it when ready (and also had some choice words about performance). However, Greg KH has confirmed today that KDBUS isn't ready for merging this cycle.
26 June 2015 - No KDBUS In Linux 4.2

Linux 4.2 DRM Updates: Lots Of AMD Attention, No Nouveau Driver Changes

David Airlie has sent in the main DRM driver updates for the Linux 4.2 kernel. There's a lot of open-source graphics driver work represented by this pull request, but sadly no Nouveau (open-source NVIDIA) changes were incorporated for Linux 4.2
25 June 2015 - Linux 4.2 Kernel

EXT4 Has Many Cleanups & Fixes For Linux 4.2

Ted Ts'o has sent in the big batch of EXT4 file-system updates for the Linux 4.2 kernel merge window.
25 June 2015 - EXT4 File-System

F2FS Brings Per-File Encryption With Linux 4.2

Based on the native encryption support added to EXT4 with the Linux 4.1 kernel, Linux 4.2 is bringing encryption support to the F2FS file-system.
24 June 2015 - F2FS Encryption

Linux 4.2 Adds New Public Key Encryption API, Jitter RNG

The latest subsystem update worth commenting on for the Linux 4.2 merge window are the crypto(graphy) updates with this new kernel version.
24 June 2015 - Linux 4.2 Crypto

Another System For Tracking The Linux Kernel's Performance

Yet another system has been added to our continuously growing basement server farm that tracks the performance of various upstream open-source projects on a daily basis. Meet system number 58!
24 June 2015 - Number 58

Linus Is Looking Forward To Merging KDBUS, But Not Convinced By Performance

With the new Linux kernel mailing list thread about the prospects of merging KDBUS into the mainline Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds has provided his thoughts on the matter for this controversial feature backed by systemd developers for trying to provide a high-performance, kernel-based IPC solution.
23 June 2015 - KDBUS

Linux 4.2 Kernel Gets Port To New Processor Architecture

The latest pull request to be submitted for Linux 4.2 is providing a new processor architecture port.
23 June 2015 - Renesas H8 300

Linux Kernel At 19.5 Million Lines Of Code, Continues Rising

With Linux 4.1 having been released this week and being mid-way through 2015, here's some Git development statistics for the newest kernel code.
23 June 2015 - Linux Stats

Linux 4.2 Power Management Update Yields More ACPI 6 Changes

Open-source developers for a while have been working on ACPI 6 support for Linux with 64-bit ARM support, ACPI 6 NV-DIMM support, and other functionality. With the Linux 4.2 kernel that's now in-development, more ACPI 6 code will be landing.
23 June 2015 - ACPI 6

Linux 4.2 Works On More Scheduler Improvements

Alongside his many other pull requests, Ingo Molnar sent in the scheduler changes on Monday for the Linux 4.2 kernel.
23 June 2015 - Linux 4.2 Scheduler

GNU Linux Libre 4.1 Now Available For Free Software Purists

Trailing last night's release of the Linux 4.1 kernel is the release of the GNU Linux-Libre 4.1 kernel via the Free Software Foundation of Latin America. This re-base against the upstream Linux 4.1 kernel takes care of "de-blobbing" more non-free areas of the open-source Linux kernel.
22 June 2015 - GNU-Linux-Libre 4.1

New Logitech Mouse & Sony Motion/Navigation Controller Support In Linux 4.2

Jiri Kosina of SUSE has sent in the HID driver updates for the Linux 4.2 kernel and with it comes new device support.
22 June 2015 - Linux 4.2 HID

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