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Btrfs RAID5/RAID6 Support Finally Get Fixed

Over the summer we wrote about Btrfs RAID 5/6 code was found to be unsafe and likely would need a rewrite. Months later, patches have finally emerged to fix the faulty Btrfs RAID 5/6 code.

16 November 2016 - Btrfs RAID - 12 Comments
UBIFS Working On File Encryption Support

Following EXT4 file-system encryption and F2FS per-file encryption support, the UBIFS file-system is also bringing in encryption support built off this fscrypto framework used by EXT4/F2FS.

23 October 2016 - UBIFS File Encryption - 2 Comments
Reiser4 Implements Mirror & Failover Support

Edward Shishkin, one of the last remaining Reiser4 developers and the one who has been leading this out-of-tree file-system the past few years, has implemented logical volumes support with support for mirrors (in effect, RAID 0) and failover support at the file-system level.

26 September 2016 - Reiser4 File-System - 26 Comments

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