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Mesa 17.1.5 Is Coming This Week

Andres Gomez of Igalia is organizing the Mesa 17.1.5 point release to happen this week with numerous fixes to the open-source Linux graphics stack.

12 July 2017 - Mesa 17.1.5 - 2 Comments
Trying Out Mesa's KHR_no_error With An Intel Pentium + Radeon RX 580

With a lot of work going in recently to Mesa's KHR_no_error implementation for being able to optionally disable some error checking/handling within the OpenGL stack for potentially some CPU savings, I did some fresh tests of this feature (also known as MESA_NO_ERROR) when having the Kabylake Pentium CPU installed for the earlier Mesa GL threading tests.

12 July 2017 - MESA_NO_ERROR - Add A Comment
Mesa 17.1.3 Released

Mesa 17.1.3 is now available as the latest stable point release to this important 3D user-space graphics stack.

19 June 2017 - Mesa 17.1.3 - Add A Comment

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