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Mesa News Archives

Mesa 10.6 Has Been Branched, Mesa 10.7 Now In Development

As planned, Mesa 10.6 has been branched and due to lacking OpenGL 4.0 / OpenGL ES 3.1 support, the version will not be bumped to Mesa 11.0. This also now makes Mesa 10.7 officially under development.
19 May 2015 - Mesa 10.7-devel

Freedreno Now Supports The A306 GPU

For users of the Freedreno Gallium3D driver for having unofficial open-source Qualcomm graphics support, the Adreno 306 is the latest graphics processor now supported.
17 May 2015 - Adreno 306

RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver To Be Enabled For Android

With the latest Mesa patch series by Chih-Wei Huang of Android-x86, the AMD RadeonSI Gallium3D driver is to be enabled.
15 May 2015 - RadeonSI Android

Gallium3D's LLVMpipe Tacks On Another OpenGL 4 Extension

Most often when talking of new OpenGL 4 extensions in Mesa it tends to be regarding the Intel Mesa driver given they're the company investing the most into the Linux graphics stack, followed by the Radeon and Noveau drivers. However, this week in Mesa is some love to the fallback/debugging software rasterizers.
14 May 2015 - OpenGL 4.3

Mesa 10.6 Being Branched Soon, Official Release Coming Early June

The current plan is to branch Mesa 10.6 from Git master on Friday, which would put the official 10.6.0 release in early June.
11 May 2015 - Mesa 10.6.0

Intel Continues Its OpenGL ES 3.1 Mesa Enablement

Intel as of late seems quite set on seeing OpenGL ES 3.1 becoming a reality for Mesa in the near-term.
11 May 2015 - OpenGL ES 3.1

OpenGL 4.5 DSA Support Is Done In Mesa

Months after working on direct state access support in Mesa, Fredrik Höglund of KDE has finished off this OpenGL 4.5 feature for core Mesa.
8 May 2015 - Direct State Access - 6 Comments

OpenGL 4.1 Extension Implemented For Intel Mesa Sandy Bridge

In January of 2014 there was ARB_viewport_array added to the Intel Mesa driver, an extension needed for OpenGL 4.1 compliance, but at the time it was only enabled for Ivy Bridge graphics hardware and newer. Intel has now extended that support back to Sandy Bridge.
6 May 2015 - ARB_viewport_array - 4 Comments

EGL Sync Extensions Come To Gallium3D

Marek Olšák has implemented support for the EGL sync extensions within Gallium3D.
30 April 2015 - EGL Sync - 2 Comments

Create-Context-Robustness For Mesa's Gallium3D Drivers

The latest Mesa/Gallium3D driver work by AMD's Marek Olšák is on working out create_context_robustness work for the Gallium3D drivers.
30 April 2015 - create_context_robustness

A Bunch Of Gallium3D D3D9 Fixes Land In Mesa

For users of "Gallium3D Nine", the state tracker providing Direct3D 9 API support within Mesa, there's a number of fixes that were pushed into Git this morning.
29 April 2015 - Gallium3D Nine - 15 Comments

Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D Driver Now Exposes GLSL 4.10

While there's still more work to be done before advertising OpenGL 4.0~4.1 compliance, the Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D driver is now advertising support for GLSL 410 (4.10), the GL Shading Language version to match OpenGL 4.1.
28 April 2015 - GLSL 410 - 26 Comments

Gallium3D's HUD Gets New Customization Options

For the past two years there has been an optional Gallium3D HUD to display various performance-related metrics as an overlay while running OpenGL applications with the Gallium3D drivers. With the latest Mesa Git code, the heads-up display can be a bit more customized.
26 April 2015 - Gallium3D HUD - 1 Comment

The Difference In Optimizations Between NIR & GLSL

One of the biggest additions to Mesa so far this year has been the introduction of NIR, the new intermediate representation designed to replace GLSL IR and designed by a bright student fresh out of high school.
24 April 2015 - NIR vs. GLSL - 28 Comments

Intel's Mesa Driver Isn't Yet Ready For Double-Precision Floating-Point Types

Those paying attention to the mailing list may have seen the patches yesterday that surfaced from an independent developer for implementing ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 with Intel's graphics driver for Gen 7+ hardware. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true.
12 April 2015 - ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 - 4 Comments

Intel Mesa Driver Starts Using NIR By Default For Fragment Shaders

Intel's i965 Mesa driver has begun using the NIR intermediate representation by default when dealing with fragment shaders.
11 April 2015 - NIR FS

Freedreno Gallium3D Adds NIR Compiler Support

Following Intel's development of NIR as the new intermediate representation for Mesa and the Raspberry Pi graphics driver switching to NIR, the Freedreno Gallum3D driver as the open-source user-space GPU driver for Qualcomm Adreno now has NIR support too.
5 April 2015 - Freedreno NIR - 11 Comments

Intel's Mesa Driver Now Supports OpenGL 4.5's ARB_clip_control

While the Radeon, Nouveau, and LLVMpipe/Softpipe drivers have already supported the OpenGL ARB_clip_control extension, the Intel (i965) driver now finally supports this OpenGL 4.5 extension too.
5 April 2015 - GL_ARB_clip_control - 8 Comments

Raspberry Pi's VC4 Gallium3D Driver Switches To Using NIR

With the latest Git code for Mesa 10.6 development, the Raspberry Pi VC4 Gallium3D driver has switched to using the NIR intermediate representation.
2 April 2015 - NIR Consumer - 7 Comments

Mesa's Android Support Is Currently In Bad Shape

While Mesa is talked about as being able to be built for Google's Android operating system to run these open-source graphics drivers on Android devices with OpenGL ES support, in reality there's a lot left to be desired.
29 March 2015 - Android Mesa - 20 Comments

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