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RadeonSI Now Officially At OpenGL 4.2 Compliance

As the last update of the day from AMD RadeonSI Gallium3D Is Now Incredibly Close To OpenGL 4.3, things are looking great with RadeonSI soon hitting OpenGL 4.3 but today the latest commits have now verified the OpenGL 4.2 compliance.

12 April 2016 - With Latest LLVM - 39 Comments
Mesa 11.2.0 Has Been Officially Released

Mesa 11.2 is arriving a month late, but it's now available this morning as the latest ~3 month update for the project. Mesa 11.2 does have many improvements, but it doesn't advance the OpenCL core support level for any of the prominent hardware drivers.

4 April 2016 - Mesa 11.2 - 14 Comments
The Intel Mesa Driver Is Getting Incredibly Close To Nailing OpenGL 4.3

While the open-source Intel Mesa Linux graphics driver yet doesn't expose OpenGL 4.0 compliance for missing out on FP64 support, as written earlier this week, that code is about ready for its review and could land in Mesa soon. Once that's out of the way, Intel's Mesa driver is stomping very close to OpenGL 4.3 compliance and another GL 4.3 extension was enabled today.

3 March 2016 - Intel Mesa DRI - 16 Comments
A Gallium3D State Tracker For Vulkan?

It didn't take long after yesterday's Vulkan 1.0 release for a question to be asked whether there could be a Gallium3D Vulkan state tracker developed.

17 February 2016 - Gallium3D Vulkan - 17 Comments

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