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NVIDIA Working On A New OpenGL Memory Usage Extension

NVIDIA is working on a new OpenGL memory usage reporting extension, NV_query_resource. Before anyone jumps though to bash NVIDIA over coming up with yet-another-memory-reporting extension for OpenGL, this one is aimed at reporting the usage at an object-level rather than just overall amounts.

17 August 2017 - NV_query_resource - 5 Comments
NVIDIA OpenGL vs. Vulkan CPU Core Scaling For Linux Gaming

At the end of June I posted some Vulkan vs. OpenGL Linux Game CPU Core Scaling using RADV/RadeonSI with a Polaris graphics card. At that time I also carried out some NVIDIA CPU core scaling results in a Vulkan vs. OpenGL manner, but simply forgot to post those numbers until now.

8 July 2017 - NVIDIA CPU Scaling - 15 Comments
NVIDIA 384.47 On Linux Brings Some Vulkan Speed Boosts

Today NVIDIA released their first 384 series Linux driver beta and for the occasion I fired up some fresh OpenCL / Vulkan / OpenGL benchmarks in seeing if there are any performance changes for users to see with this new series that will eventually succeed the 381.22 stable release.

29 June 2017 - NVIDIA 384.47 - 9 Comments
NVIDIA 381.10.10 Vulkan Linux Driver Benchmarks

With NVIDIA just releasing a new beta Vulkan driver that in addition to having new Vulkan extensions and better Vulkan/OpenGL interoperability also has "various performance improvements", I couldn't resist running some benchmarks.

28 June 2017 - NVIDIA 381 Benchmarks - 7 Comments
PGI 2017 v17.4 Compiler Released

Yesterday marked an updated release of a community edition build for the NVIDIA-owned PGI code compiler that focuses on code compilation for CPU and GPU execution.

1 May 2017 - PGI 17.4 - 1 Comment

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