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See How Your Linux System Compares To The Performance Of A GeForce GTX 1080

I've still been swamped with my 18+ hour days this week of testing the GeForce GTX 1080 and friends for our Linux review. Tomorrow morning is when my initial GeForce GTX 1080 Linux review will be published with OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulkan benchmarks. Additional tests and other fun comparisons featuring the GTX 1080 will continue through the weekend. But while waiting for those featured articles, you can easily compare your own system's results to some of my initia GTX 1080 numbers.

3 June 2016 - GTX 1080 Comparison - 29 Comments
Fresh 10-Way GeForce Linux Benchmarks With The NVIDIA 367.18 Driver

In prepping for our forthcoming GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 Linux benchmarking, I've been running fresh rounds of benchmarks on my large assortment of GPUs, beginning with the GeForce hardware supported by the NVIDIA 367.18 beta driver. Here are the first of those benchmarks with the ten Maxwell/Kepler GPUs I've tested thus far.

30 May 2016 - 10-Way NVIDIA Linux Comparison - 9 Comments
New NVIDIA 361 Linux Driver Released

While the NVIDIA 367 Linux driver series is where the very latest proprietary driver features from the green team can be found, if you have been sticking to the NVIDIA 361 driver series since it's the current long-lived branch, a new release is now available.

24 May 2016 - NVIDIA 361.45.11 - 1 Comment
NVIDIA 364.15 Fixes EGL Problems With Wayland, PRIME Fixes

Building off last month's NVIDIA 364.12 beta that brought Wayland and Mir support along with other major improvements to the NVIDIA proprietary Linux driver, out today is the NVIDIA 364.15 beta driver with some fixes added on top the 364 series.

6 April 2016 - NVIDIA 364.15 - 7 Comments
NVIDIA Continues Discussing Their Controversial Wayland Plans With Developers

Two weeks ago NVIDIA released their 364 Linux driver with initial support for Wayland and Mir. Some have asked why there aren't benchmarks yet or if GNOME 3.20 on Wayland supports the NVIDIA driver, but the short answer is the NVIDIA developers are still debating their implementation preferences with upstream Wayland developers.

3 April 2016 - NVIDIA vs. Wayland - 80 Comments
NVIDIA Releases Updated Vulkan Driver

One week after being first out the gate with a Vulkan driver for x86 Linux, NVIDIA has released an updated Vulkan graphics driver for Linux and Windows with a few more changes.

24 February 2016 - NVIDIA 355.00.28 - 37 Comments

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