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Nouveau Companion 16

The Nouveau Companion, nouveau's bi-weekly developer newsletter, came out yesterday with the sixteenth edition. Covered in this Wiki newsletter is a ton of new dumps have been generated for Nouveau, a few regressions for randr 1.2, FreeDesktop BugZilla for Nouveau bugs, and a few other changes. While the 16th edition isn't as interesting as the rest, it's still worth reading. At Phoronix we will be providing another update later this month with their progress. The Nouveau Companion can be read here.

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Nouveau Companion 15

The fifteenth Nouveau Companion newsletter is now available from their Wiki. Covered in this entry is Nouveau at FOSDEM, what the $10,000 PledgeBank cash will be used for, and the current status of development. For those that do not know, the Nouveau project is a FreeDesktop project designed to develop open-source 3D display drivers that are unified to NVIDIA hardware.

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New Issue Of Nouveau Companion

If you're interested in the current status of the Nouveau open-source 3D NVIDIA driver project, the team has out a new newsletter/Nouveau Companion. Covered in the 14th edition of the Nouveau Companion are updates on the progress made with the driver on a PowerPC G5 Macintosh, Mandriva including renouveau, Fedora 7 including Nouveau (not by default), and a possible inclusion by Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. More details as to the current status of the 3D driver is also available for reading. The Nouveau Companion 14th edition is available in the FreeDesktop Wiki.

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Nouveau Companion 12

For those interested in Nouveau, the open-source 3D NVIDIA driver project, the 12th edition of Nouveau Companion is now available. Covered in this edition is the Nouveau coverage at Linux.Conf.Au, how the $10,000 pledge is being spent, and progress being made with these drivers. This latest news can be read in the Nouveau Wiki.

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Nouveau Merged

Nouveau, the upcoming open-source NVIDIA display drivers for Linux, has been merged into the mainline DRM and Mesa git trees. However, this project still isn't ready for prime-time yet as more work is still left to be accomplished. The reason for this code merger is to make it easier to develop in the trees. More information and discussion can be found here.

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Nouveau Status Update

Nouveau, the free open-source NVIDIA driver project, has published a status update for this project. More information can be gathered here.

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Nouveau Driver Project

David Nielsen has started a pledge drive for the Nouveau Driver Project. He is attempting to raise money to further develop these drivers, which would allow for open-source 3D acceleration on NVIDIA hardware. At this point nothing with these open-source drivers work, so users wanting 3D acceleration are required to use the closed-source NVIDIA drivers. David Nielsen said he will donate at least $10 USD to the project if 1,000 other people do the same (for a total of $10,000). At the time this news story was published 91 people had promised to do so. You can read more about this pledge here.

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