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The New Phoronix Test Suite Grapher Has Landed

Now within the latest Phoronix-Test-Suite on GitHub the new graphing code is utilized by default. This will directly benefit Phoronix Test Suite users but will also be beneficial to those simply reading Phoronix articles or visiting and

19 September 2015 - pts_Graph New - 7 Comments
RFC: Polishing Up The Result Graphs

It's time for another call-out for requests for comments on how to better enhance the appearance/presentation of information on our benchmark result graphs seen on Phoronix as well as and, etc.

15 September 2015 - Benchmark Result Graphs - 37 Comments
Open Benchmarking: More Windows Than Linux

Earlier this week I posted some statistics about the increasing rate of Linux news and some OS/browser stats for Phoronix. As many readers found it interesting, here's some stats for

29 August 2015 - - 6 Comments
Wishlist Items For

Now that the new Phoronix site is rolled out and tweaking on that almost complete, one of my next work items on the list are some improvements to

19 July 2015 - OpenBenchmarking - 10 Comments

For those in the US not busy celebrating Independence Day, come check out the brand new, completely redesigned site. This new site is in beta but is publicly available and should yield a much better experience, particularly for smartphone and tablet readers.

4 July 2015 - PHXCMS-10 - 61 Comments
Crossing 200,000 Benchmark Results Posted On

Today we crossed the threshold of having carried out 200,000 benchmarks from our basement server farm of various Linux upstream projects (Linux kernel, GCC, Clang, Mesa, etc) and published on As of writing this article, 203,425 benchmarks have successfully completed with a few thousand tests being carried out per day in our fully-automated test lab.

30 June 2015 - 200k+ - 3 Comments
Premium Users Now Can Experience Our New Site

For Phoronix Premium visitors accessing our website today, you're now the first with access to the brand new web design that's been almost entirely redesigned from scratch and supports a converged desktop/tablet/smartphone experience.

30 June 2015 - New Phoronix Design - 33 Comments
The Next-Gen Phoronix Site Experience Is Almost Ready

The long overdue overhaul of the site layout is almost complete... It will begin rolling out in beta in the days ahead. With this new site will come a brand new appearance along with a first-rate mobile experience.

29 June 2015 - New Phoronix Site - 21 Comments

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