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How SUSE Linux Makes Use Of Btrfs Rollbacks

Besides Oracle Linux, OpenSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server were among the first tier-one Linux distributions really backing the Btrfs file-system. SUSE has liked Btrfs for years and at last week's LinuxCon Europe 2015 in Dublin there was a presentation on their use of Btrfs with handling system rollbacks.

14 October 2015 - SUSE Linux Btrfs - 7 Comments
More OpenSUSE Leap Linux Kernel Benchmarks

Earlier this week I posted a number of openSUSE Leap benchmarks of their different kernels: debug, default, desktop, and vanilla. Here's some follow-up tests with more results from comparing the openSUSE 42.1 Leap Beta kernel builds.

7 October 2015 - OpenSUSE Kernel Tests - Add A Comment
OpenSUSE Leap Chugging Along For Its November Release

It's just been a few weeks since OpenSUSE Leap M1 while the next milestone is planned for release in early September. The geckos are making good progress on this major update to the non-rolling version of openSUSE.

11 August 2015 - OpenSUSE Leap - 1 Comment
openSUSE Tumbleweed Continues Ascending

openSUSE Tumbleweed, the rolling-release version of the popular German Linux distribution, is keeping up well with all of the innovations in the free software ecosystem.

5 March 2015 - Tumbleweed Progress - 2 Comments
SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Is kGraft-Based

Live kernel patching is now officially available on SUSE Linux Enterprise. SUSE announced the availability today of SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching, a means of performing kernel patching without the need for reboots. The SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching is based on their kGraft technology.

18 November 2014 - Live Kernel Patching - 3 Comments
OpenSUSE Announcement On SUSE's Recent Merger

On Monday Phoronix was the first to report from the point that SUSE's parent company was bought out in what's now being referred to as a merger of The Attachmate Group and Micro Focus. The openSUSE community has now issued an announcement concerning this recent corporate activity.

17 September 2014 - Acquisition - 19 Comments
OpenSUSE Factory Turns Into Rolling Release Distribution

OpenSUSE "Factory" up to now has referred to the development version of the openSUSE Linux distribution while being announced by SUSE today is that it's also going to serve as an independent distribution under a rolling-release development model.

29 July 2014 - Factory - 18 Comments

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