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Canonical Rolls Out Its Own Kernel Livepatching Service For Ubuntu

Canonical has formally moved forward with its enterprise kernel livepatching service, which it's making free to the Ubuntu community -- assuming you have three Ubuntu installations or less. Like the other approaches, this is about applying in real-time critical security fixes to the kernel without rebooting.

18 October 2016 - Ubuntu Live Kernel Patches - 30 Comments
Trying Out Ubuntu GNOME 16.10, Wayland Session Not So Great

With today's Ubuntu 16.10 release one of the exciting spins we've been looking forward to is Ubuntu GNOME 16.10, which has an experimental Wayland session available but is not the default. I spent a few minutes trying out Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 this morning.

13 October 2016 - Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 - 22 Comments
Ubuntu 16.10 Final Beta Released

It feels like so soon - we are just two weeks out from seeing the official Ubuntu 16.10 "Yakkety Yak" release. Today the final beta is available.

28 September 2016 - Yakkety Yak - 11 Comments
Snappy Packaging Happenings In The Fedora, Arch Space

This week Canonical hosted a Snappy Sprint in Heidelberg, Germany where they worked to further their new package management solution originally spearheaded for Ubuntu Touch. This wasn't an Ubuntu-only event, but Canonical did invite other distribution stakeholders.

23 July 2016 - Snaps On Other Distros - 19 Comments
Vulkan Support Still Isn't Ready For Ubuntu's Mir

Back in February when Vulkan launched as the new Khronos graphics API, Ubuntu developers planned to have Vulkan support in Mir by Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. That didn't happen and since then it has kept getting pushed back.

14 July 2016 - Mir 0.25 - 43 Comments

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