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Many KVM Changes Line-Up For Linux 4.11 Kernel

The Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) changes have arrived for the Linux 4.11 kernel and there is a lot of them with over 200 commits and the introduction of new features for many of the supported architectures.

24 February 2017 - Linux 4.11 KVM - Add A Comment
oVirt 4.1 Released With Many New Features

The oVirt project has announced their major v4.1 release with a lot of new functionality. The oVirt project is an alternative to VMWare's vSphere for open-source virtualization management.

2 February 2017 - oVirt 4.1 - Add A Comment
KVM/Linux Nested Virtualization Support For ARM

The ARMv8.3 specification is adding support for nested virtualization and already kernel developers have been working to take use of this feature on future ARM CPUs within the Linux kernel.

9 January 2017 - ARMv8.3 Nested Virtualization - Add A Comment
Jailhouse v0.6 Hypervisor Released

A new release is now available of the Jailhouse 0.6 partitioning hypervisor that remains an out-of-tree option for Linux server admins.

9 January 2017 - Jailhouse 0.6 - 1 Comment
QEMU 2.8 Released

QEMU 2.8 is now available as a significant update to this important piece of the Linux virtualization stack.

21 December 2016 - QEMU 2.8 - Add A Comment
Bareflank Hypervisor Advances With VMM Isolation, Windows Support

Back during the summer we wrote about the Bareflank Hypervisor as a new open-source hypervisor written in C++11/14 and served as more of a hypervisor framework. Today the company behind that effort, Assured Information Security, announced a new version of Bareflank.

15 December 2016 - Bareflank - 2 Comments
Xen Project Hypervisor 4.8 Released

The Xen Project Hypervisor 4.8 release was announced today as their first to be done off a six-month release cycle. There is a lot of ARM work in Xen 4.8 but also a lot of other enhancements.

7 December 2016 - Xen 4.8 - 10 Comments

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