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Kazan Begins Working On Vulkan ICD Support, More Functions

GSoC 2017 student developer Jacob Lifshay who spent his summer working on Vulkan-CPU as a CPU-based Vulkan software implementation (and recently renamed the project to Kazan) has continued working on his open-source project post-GSoC to make this interesting Vulkan project a reality.

9 September 2017 - Kazan Vulkan-CPU - Add A Comment
Vulkan-CPU Is Now Known As Kazan

The Vulkan-CPU project that was born this summer via Google Summer of Code for running Vulkan on the CPU as a software renderer has been named to Kazan.

6 September 2017 - Kazan 3D - 7 Comments
VkMark Makes It Easy To Run Small Vulkan Test Cases

One of the Vulkan open-source projects I have been tracking the past few months has been VkMark and it's now at a stage where it's becoming sufficiently useful for some small Vulkan test-cases / micro-benchmarks.

21 August 2017 - Vulkan Benchmark - 2 Comments
A Simple Dive Into Vulkan Compute Programming

While Vulkan is most often talked about for being a high-performance graphics API, it also has integrated compute capabilities -- and in fact, may be the future of OpenCL -- and is quite capable for GPGPU computing. There are countless Vulkan graphics tutorials and code samples out there, but for those interested in just Vulkan for compute, a Phoronix reader pointed me to a new simple/easy project.

27 June 2017 - Vulkan Compute Example - 3 Comments

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