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The State of Wine For ARM, MIPS, PowerPC

Besides Wine switching to yearly releases and making Wine-Staging official, there were many other interesting sessions at this year's WineConf. One such session was discussing the state of Wine for alternative architectures.

26 September 2015 - Wine Architectures - 9 Comments
Wine-Staging 1.7.43 Tacks On More Bug Fixes

Wine 1.7.43 was released on Friday and following it this weekend was the latest Wine-Staging update that re-bases atop the latest upstream Wine while carrying extra, experimental features like DXVA2, CUDA 7, and various other features.

18 May 2015 - Wine Staging 1.7.43 - Add A Comment
USB Support For Wine Is Being Discussed Again

Per the latest World Wine News (WWN), USB support for Wine is being discussed yet again but as of right now it's not clear if any new work will materialize as a result of the latest discussions.

11 May 2015 - USB Wine Support - 20 Comments

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