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Wayland's Eagle EGL Stack Gets Working DRI2

It has been a while since last talking about Wayland, which is a new display server for Linux designed around newer X technologies like kernel mode-setting and the Graphics Execution Manager. Wayland is being developed as a side-project by Red Hat's Kristian Høgsberg. There hasn't been anything too exciting to report on lately within the Wayland project, but now its Eagle component has a working DRI2 back-end.

16 February 2009 - A Working DRI2 Back-End - 12 Comments
Dual X Servers Running Side-By-Side With Wayland

It was just earlier this week that Wayland picked up a terminal as Kristian Høgsberg was working to get a real X Server running under this mini display server with integrated compositing manager that's designed around technologies like kernel mode-setting and the Graphics Execution Manager. Now though Wayland has reached another milestone. Kristian not only has an X Server running under Wayland, but he has managed to get two servers and placing them side-by-side.

10 December 2008 - Wayland Starts Getting Functional - 30 Comments
Wayland Display Server Gets A Terminal

A month ago we talked about Red Hat's Wayland Project, which is a nano display server with integrated compositing manager that is much simpler than the long-standing X Server. Today this project has released a new milestone: Wayland gets a terminal.

8 December 2008 - But Back-End For GTK+ Sought After - 3 Comments
More Work On Red Hat's Wayland Project

Since publishing the world's first look at Wayland, a nano display server for Linux with an integrated compositing manager, there has been much interest in this emerging Red Hat project. While this project is still in its infancy, below are a few more notes about recent changes with Wayland.

6 November 2008 - Gets glxgears, GLX Compositor - 26 Comments

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