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Systemd Introduces Its Own "su" Like Command

The latest addition to systemd is offering its own command to provide su-like behavior on Linux systems. The machinectl shell command is meant to replace su for running privileged sessions.

29 August 2015 - systemd su - 65 Comments
The Companies Most Active On The Systemd Mailing List

In part due to the recent news item about an NSA researcher looking at KDBUS and then having written a mailing list parser for finding how many Intel developers work on their open-source driver, for curiosity sake, here's a look at the companies most active on the systemd mailing list.

14 July 2015 - systemd mailing list - 10 Comments
Gummiboot Is Dead

Gummiboot, the lightweight UEFI boot manager that's been around for a few years, is now dead.

7 July 2015 - Gummiboot No More - 23 Comments
Systemd 222 Will Do Away With Its Accelerometer

For the past four years in systemd there's been a Udev accelerometer helper for exposing the device orientation as a property. With the upcoming systemd 222 release, that will change and instead users taking advantage of device orientation information should switch to iio-sensor-proxy 1.0+.

5 July 2015 - Udev Accelerometer - 5 Comments
KDBUS Merging Prospects Get Debated

The KDBUS in-fighting between upstream Linux kernel developers was once again reignited today after a kernel developer publicly asked Linus Torvalds on the prospects of merging KDBUS.

23 June 2015 - KDBUS To Merge? - 74 Comments
Systemd Kills Off Shutdownd

Systemd has eliminated shutdownd, one of the oldest components of this controversial init system, but its removal isn't because systemd is going on a diet.

24 April 2015 - Moved Into Logind - 37 Comments
Systemd Works On More Btrfs Functionality

With the systemd developers pursuing their vision for how distributions/software should be distributed, more Btrfs specific functionality is being added to the init manager.

6 April 2015 - systemd + btrfs - 46 Comments
Systemd Gets An Fsck Daemon/Service

The newest addition to systemd just a day after landing its new EFI boot manager is systemd-fsckd. This new addition was done by Ubuntu developers.

18 February 2015 - systemd-fsckd - 59 Comments
systemd Lands SD-Boot, Its EFI Boot Manager & Stub Loader

A few weeks ago I wrote how systemd developers were planning to add Gummiboot as a UEFI boot manager to systemd. Now, following the just-released systemd 219, they've gone ahead and added their initial code for providing systemd with a EFI boot manager.

17 February 2015 - SD-Boot - Add A Comment

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