28 January

Sony Now "Officially" Maintaining The Linux PlayStation Input Driver, But Leads To Interesting Problem

It turns out Sony is now maintaining the mainline Linux kernel's hid-sony input driver in an "official capacity now across various devices." This hid-sony driver is what traditionally has supported the various PlayStation controllers and other input devices for their hardware. But their newfound "official" support for this open-source input driver could lead to interesting predicaments.

5 Hours Ago - Hardware - Sony-HID - 11 Comments
Mesa 19.3.3 Released With Many Fixes

While Mesa 20.0 will be entering its feature freeze this week and branching ahead of the stable release expected in about one month, for now the Mesa 19.3 series is the newest available for stable users.

9 Hours Ago - Mesa - Mesa 19.3.3 - 14 Comments

27 January

AMD Prepares Fix To Address Clicking Issue With Audio Playback On Raven APUs

Unfortunately it wasn't a trouble-free experience at launch but with time Raven Ridge APUs have been getting cleaned up on Linux for a pleasant experience, thanks in part to the Google Chromebook play that has also seen these newer AMD APUs seeing HDCP content protection support and PSP / TEE trusted execution functionality.

27 January 07:00 PM EST - AMD - AMD APU Clicking Noises - 1 Comment
Linux 5.5 SSD RAID 0/1/5/6/10 Benchmarks Of Btrfs / EXT4 / F2FS / XFS

Last month were benchmarks of RAID benchmarks on four hard drives in not visiting the Linux HDD RAID performance in a while. Stemming from that article were requests of fresh tests of the SSD RAID performance on Linux 5.5 Git, so here are those results for single drive performance and RAID0 / RAID1 / RAID5 / RAID6 / RAID10.

27 January 12:00 PM EST - Software - 33 Comments
Linux 5.5 Required More Deblobbing Than Usual For GNU Linux-libre 5.5

Fresh off the Linux 5.5 release, the Free Software Foundation Latin America crew has debuted their GNU Linux-libre 5.5 downstream that continues to be focused on deblobbing the kernel of drivers requiring proprietary firmware and stripping out other code/functionality that is contingent upon non-free software bits and removing the ability to load closed-source kernel modules.

27 January 09:45 AM EST - Linux Kernel - Linux 5.5 - 14 Comments
Linux 5.6 "HWMON" Changes Sent In With Big AMD Improvements

Following the Linux 5.5 kernel release one of the first pull requests sent in is for the hardware monitoring "HWMON" subsystem updates. Dominating the HWMON interest this cycle is a long overdue SATA temperature monitoring driver and vastly improving the k10temp driver for AMD Zen desktop and server CPUs.

27 January 02:10 AM EST - Linux Kernel - Linux 5.6 HWMON - 19 Comments

26 January

Linux 5.6 Is Looking Like It Will Be Spectacular With A Long List Of Features

Linux 5.5 is likely to be released later today and with that are many new features. But as soon as 5.5 is released it marks the opening of the Linux 5.6 merge window and this next kernel has us particularly exciting... It's certainly shaping up to be one of the most exciting kernel cycles in recent times with many blockbuster features and improvements.

26 January 06:55 PM EST - Linux Kernel - Linux 5.6 Features - 20 Comments
Kubuntu Focus KDE Laptop Launches New $1,795 USD Base Model

Formally announced earlier this month was Kubuntu Focus as the most polished KDE laptop we've ever tested. Besides offering a great KDE desktop experience, the Kubuntu Focus offers high-end specs while now there is a slightly cheaper base model introduced.

26 January 03:45 PM EST - KDE - Kubuntu Focus Made Cheaper - 29 Comments

25 January

Intel SST Core-Power Support Ready For Linux 5.6

Earlier this month I wrote about Intel SST Core-Power patches as part of Intel's Speed Select's functionality for more control over per-core power/frequency behavior based upon the software running on each core. The "core-power" profile support appears ready now for Linux 5.6.

25 January 08:15 PM EST - Intel - Intel SST-CP - Add A Comment
Valve's ACO Helps The Radeon RX 5600 XT Compete With NVIDIA's RTX 2060

As shown yesterday the new video BIOS of the Radeon RX 5600 XT paired with the corrected SMC firmware on Linux yields impressive performance improvements that -- similar to Windows -- allows the card to compete better with NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 2060. For Linux users, activating the Valve-funded ACO compiler back-end for the Radeon "RADV" Vulkan driver helps turn up the competition even more.

25 January 02:42 PM EST - Linux Gaming - New vBIOS + ACO - 34 Comments
WineD3D Vulkan Back-End Is Back In The Works Following Wine 5.0

One of the features that didn't materialize in time for Wine 5.0 as the annual stable Wine release was the work-in-progress Vulkan back-end to WineD3D. Rather than going from Direct3D to OpenGL as WineD3D currently does, there has been efforts to introduce a Vulkan back-end similar to the likes of DXVK.

25 January 12:06 AM EST - WINE - WineD3D + Vulkan - 27 Comments

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