25 June

24 June

Benchmarking The Intel Performance Change With Linux FSGSBASE Support

As covered last week, the Linux kernel is finally about to see FSGSBASE support a feature supported by Intel CPUs going back to Ivybridge and can help performance. Since that earlier article the FS/GS BASE patches have been moved to the x86/cpu branch meaning unless any last-minute problems arise the functionality will be merged for the Linux 5.3 cycle. I've also begun running some benchmarks to see how this will change the Linux performance on Intel hardware.

24 June 12:00 PM EDT - Software - 16 Comments
Official x86 Zhaoxin Processor Support Is Coming With Linux 5.3

Zhaoxin is the company producing Chinese x86 CPUs created by a joint venture between VIA and the Shanghai government. The current Zhaoxin ZX CPUs are based on VIA's Isaiah design and making use of VIA's x86 license. With the Linux 5.3 kernel will be better support for these Chinese desktop x86 CPUs.

24 June 05:52 AM EDT - Hardware - x86 Zhaoxin - 56 Comments

23 June

Ubuntu Developer Talks Down Impact Of 32-Bit Changes For Ubuntu 19.10

Following Valve saying they won't be officially supporting Ubuntu 19.10 and Wine developers questioning their Ubuntu 32-bit builds following the announcement this week of not providing new 32-bit packages for new Ubuntu releases, longtime Ubuntu developer and Canonical employee Steve Langasek is trying to provide some clarity into the situation.

23 June 11:00 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Steve Langasek - 158 Comments

22 June

Microsoft Releases First Preview Of Windows Terminal

In addition to the recent preview of Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2), Microsoft also kept to their word from the Build 2019 conference of issuing their first preview of "Windows Terminal" in June. The first of several preview releases of Windows Terminal is now available from the Microsoft Store.

22 June 09:49 AM EDT - Microsoft - Windows Terminal - 34 Comments
Valve Is Funding Improvements To KDE's KWin & More Work On X.Org

As some good news this week amid all the 32-bit Linux gaming drama this week and the networking snafu... Valve is now funding another developer to work on upstream open-source code, in particular on the KDE side this time with a developer who had been working for Blue Systems.

22 June 07:31 AM EDT - Valve - Better KDE Gaming - 62 Comments

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