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Purism Now Providing Pre-Built Binaries Of Coreboot For Their Laptops

Purism's Coreboot support for their laptops has evolved nicely over the past two years after initially not having support. While their devices have been shipping with Coreboot for some time now, Coreboot updates up until now have involved having to build them from source, but now they are offering pre-built binaries.

11 April 2019 - Pre-Built Coreboot - Add A Comment
Coreboot Support For Intel TXT Is Being Brought Up

In addition to measured boot support being worked on for Coreboot to enhance the security of this open-source BIOS/firmware replacement, support for working with Intel TXT - Trusted Execution Technology - is also happening.

8 March 2019 - Trusted Execution Technology - Add A Comment
Measured Boot Support Is Heading To Coreboot

Developers have been working on TPM-backed measured boot support with Coreboot. The patches are pending for upstream Coreboot to be able to offer this trusted boot integration.

26 February 2019 - Coreboot Vboot Improvements - 19 Comments
Some System76 Hardware Beginning To See Coreboot Support

Several System76 laptops are beginning to see Coreboot support! This is a nice sign of progress in making System76 hardware more attractive to Linux/open-source users though they aren't yet shipping Coreboot on the systems by default.

8 February 2019 - System76 + Coreboot - 2 Comments
Coreboot's Flashrom Moves On To Flashing AMD GPUs Up Through Polaris

Last week I wrote about new patches adding Coreboot Flashrom support for Radeon GPUs for being able to re-program the SPI blocks on AMD graphics processors. Initially that was for old Radeon HD 2000 through HD 6000 series hardware but now it's moved onto the GCN world.

22 October 2018 - Flashrom GCN SPI Blocks - 22 Comments
OpenBMC Is Aiming For Its Major Debut In Early 2019

The OpenBMC project hosted by the Linux Foundation to begin providing open-source Baseboard Management Controller firmware stacks is planning for its first major/official release in 2019 as this collaborative community project from leading software and hardware vendors.

5 October 2018 - OpenBMC - 3 Comments

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