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GNU Toolchain Begins Landing LoongArch Support

In addition to Loongson working on Linux kernel support for their MIPS-derived LoongArch CPU architecture, the first bits of the GNU toolchain support for this Chinese CPU architecture have been merged.

24 October 2021 - LoongArch + GNU Binutils - 3 Comments
Vortex86 Processor Detection Landing For Linux 5.16

Recently I wrote about Vortex86 processors seeing detection work under Linux for improving the state of these aging x86 32-bit SoCs. That work is now slated to be introduced in the upcoming Linux 5.16 cycle for those running these aging SoCs/processors.

23 October 2021 - Vortex86 - 11 Comments
Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Linux Driver Support Still Pursuing Mainline

It's been a half-year since talking about the Wii U gamepad driver that's been in development with mainline ambitions for supporting this wireless gamepad in conjunction with the Nintendo Wii U console. The driver has just been revised to address earlier code review comments, again renewing interest in the effort and possible mainlining in a future kernel version.

20 October 2021 - Wii U Gamepad Driver - 4 Comments
Loongson Volleys Latest Patches For LoongArch Linux Support

Chinese vendor Loongson continues working on their Linux kernel patches enabling the LoongArch processor ISA as their fork from MIPS. While early on when copying existing MIPS open-source code they were quick to call their new ISA "not MIPS", in these later patch series they continue to refer to their ISA as "a bit like MIPS or RISC-V."

13 October 2021 - LoongArch - 13 Comments
FWUPD 1.7 Released With Supporting More Hardware For Firmware Updates On Linux

FWUPD and the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) continue to serve as a resounding open-source success for allowing an increasing amount of hardware to support firmware updates on Linux from system/motherboard UEFI to disk drives and various peripherals. LVFS is now serving up more than two million firmware downloads a month while FWUPD 1.7 is out today with supporting firmware updates on even more hardware.

6 October 2021 - FWUPD 1.7 - 10 Comments
Ampere Computing Steps Up With Monthly Open-Source Firmware Releases

We have covered previously how Ampere Computing has been working on open-source firmware for their Ampere Altra processors and their reference server designs while now they are stepping up to the plate and committing to a monthly release cycle for their open-source firmware.

6 October 2021 - Open-Source Firmware - 5 Comments
Libcamera Maturing Well As Open-Source Camera Stack

Libcamera as an open-source camera stack that has been coming together over the past few years has been maturing quite well, broadening its supported hardware and feature set, and more in filling a void in the Linux camera ecosystem.

29 September 2021 - libcamera 2021 - 12 Comments
MediaTek Hoping To Bring nanoMIPS Support Upstream Into GCC

The nanoMIPS architecture that was announced by MIPS in 2018 for embedded devices to lower power consumption and yield smaller code footprints was announced for the MIPS I7200 but since then there hasn't been much of nanoMIPS. However, MediaTek is now looking to contribute upstream the compiler support for this processor ISA into GCC.

27 September 2021 - nanoMIPS For GCC - 6 Comments
Linux 5.15 Is Now Slightly Less Broken For The DEC Alpha "Jensen"

One has to wonder how much longer the Linux kernel will keep around some very old and known to be borked hardware support but at least for now the DECpc AXP 150 "Jensen" platform support is sticking around and with Linux 5.15 is no longer marked as "broken" outright.

18 September 2021 - DEC PC 150 AXP - 13 Comments
The Increasing Importance Of ACPI Platform Profiles With Today's Throttle-Happy Hardware

As covered several times going back to the end of last year, ACPI Platform Profile support has materialized in recent versions of the Linux kernel for the core infrastructure and implementations that work with the latest laptops from the likes of Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, and HP. This platform profile support is becoming increasingly important with expressing your power/cooling/performance preference so that your laptop behaves as one would expect.

17 September 2021 - Platform Profiles - 32 Comments
Privacy-Screen DRM API With Intel Support Ready Now That GNOME Is Prepared To Use It

Over the past two years we have seen work around bringing up privacy screen support on Linux whereby an increasing number of laptops can reduce the amount of visible light when viewed at wide angles to try to block the screen contents from anyone potentially snooping at the screen. Ready to go now is the DRM/KMS user-space interface and the Intel graphics driver support now that there is a user-space "client" ready.

10 September 2021 - Privacy Screen API - 4 Comments
High Resolution Scrolling On Linux Progressing, Apple Magic Mouse Support In Linux 5.15

Being worked on for several years now on the Linux desktop has been high resolution scrolling including work for it around X Input, the libinput library used both by X.Org and Wayland systems, and the kernel driver side for the HID/input devices to support it. The latest user-space work is high resolution scroll wheel support within the next libinput release. Separately, with Linux 5.15 is now additionally support for high resolution scrolling with the Apple Magic Mouse.

5 September 2021 - High Resolution Scrolling - 33 Comments
Linux Has A New Maintainer For Its CD-ROM Driver Code

After more than two decades of maintaining the Linux CD-ROM driver code, Jens Axboe who also serves as the block subsystem maintainer, IO_uring lead developer, and filling other roles, announced he was looking for someone to take over the CD-ROM code.

4 September 2021 - Linux CD-ROM - 31 Comments
Linux 5.15 I/O Can Achieve Up To ~3.5M IOPS Per-Core

In addition to the block subsystem changes submitted for the Linux 5.15 merge window, Jens Axboe also sent in a separate pull request for this new kernel cycle to provide support for bio recycling. In turn this can enhance the Linux I/O limits by around 10%.

30 August 2021 - Speedy I/O - 14 Comments
Linux Could Use A New Maintainer For Its CD-ROM Code

Current Linux block subsystem maintainer Jens Axboe started out in the late 90's taking over maintainership of the Linux kernel's CD-ROM driver code. However, as he's busy these days with IO_uring and other prominent I/O activities for Linux, he's hoping someone interested and capable would want to take over the Linux kernel's CD-ROM code.

27 August 2021 - New CD-ROM Maintainer - 34 Comments

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