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AMD Adding STIBP "Always-On Preferred Mode" To Linux

Initially during the Linux 4.20 kernel merge window with the STIBP addition for cross-hyperthread Spectre V2 mitigation it was turned on by default for all processes. But that turned out to have a sizable performance hit so the behavior was changed to only turn it on for processes under SECCOMP or when requested via the PRCTL interface. However, AMD is landing a patch that for select CPUs will have an always-on mode as evidently that's preferred for some AMD processors.

14 December 2018 - Single Thread Indirect Branch Predictors - 9 Comments
Arch Linux Users With Intel Graphics Can Begin Enjoying A Flicker-Free Boot

It looks like the recent efforts led by Red Hat / Fedora on providing a flicker-free Linux boot experience and thanks to their upstream-focused approach is starting to pay off for the other desktop Linux distributions... A flicker-free boot experience can now be achieved on Arch Linux with the latest packages, assuming you don't have any quirky hardware.

10 December 2018 - Arch Linux Flicker-Free - 36 Comments
Initial i.MX8 SoC Support & Development Board Possibly Ready For Linux 4.21

While the i.MX8 series was announced almost two years ago and the open-source developers working on the enablement for these new NXP SoCs hoped for initial support in Linux 4.17, the Linux 4.21 kernel that will be released in the early months of 2019 is slated to possibly have the first i.MX8 support in the form of the i.MX8MQ and also supporting its development/evaluation board.

10 December 2018 - i.MX8MQ - 7 Comments
Revised High Resolution Scroll Wheel Support For Logitech/Microsoft Mice On Linux

Originally slated for the current Linux 4.20 kernel cycle was high-resolution scroll wheel support for Logitech mice. Just a short time after merging, the support was reverted as it ended up breaking support for some existing devices. Fortunately, the revised implementation is progressing and perhaps will be ready for Linux 4.21.

6 December 2018 - High Resolution Scroll Wheel - Add A Comment
Necunos Mobile: A New Open-Source Linux Phone With KDE Plasma Mobile

Most of those wanting an open-source, GNU/Linux-based smartphone have been looking forward to Purism's Librem 5 that will hopefully be shipping in 2019. But now a new option appears to be jumping on the scene: the Necunos Mobile developed by Necuno Solutions in cooperation with the KDE camp.

29 November 2018 - Necunos Mobile - 28 Comments
What Do You Want To See Out Of The Redesigned, Next-Gen Raspberry Pi?

With the launch this week of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+, they made it clear whatever comes next will be a big re-design compared to all of the Raspberry Pi ARM single board computers up to this point. So what would you hope they incorporate into the next-generation of these low-cost boards?

18 November 2018 - Raspberry Pi 4? - 98 Comments
POWER On-Chip Controller Driver Coming For Linux 4.21

The IBM POWER On-Chip Controller (OCC) driver is queued for inclusion in the next version of the Linux kernel. This on-chip controller driver collects sensor data from the system and processor, including temperature and power metrics, and exposes that to the user as well as handling thermal/power management tasks.

10 November 2018 - POWER OCC Driver - 3 Comments

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