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Raspberry Pi Working On A "More Normal" Media Stack

Eric Anholt of Broadcom's latest open-source Linux driver work hasn't been on their BCMV Vulkan driver or their newer VC5 Gallium3D driver, but rather improving the multimedia stack for existing Raspberry Pi devices.

13 March 2018 - Linux Media Stack - 3 Comments
Arctic's Accelero Twin Turbo III Works Well For Polaris GPU Cooling

Back in December I wrote about passively cooling a Radeon RX 480 by means of the after-market Accelero S3 passive cooler. That passive GPU cooler worked well but under demanding loads did get a bit hot, but what I came to realize after buying that cooler is the height requirements exceeded that of a 4U rackmount chassis... So recently I decided to switch to using the Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo III.

25 February 2018 - Accelero Twin Turbo 3 - 6 Comments
AI-Powered / Machine Learning Linux Performance Tuning Is Now A Thing

A year and a half ago I wrote about a start-up working on dynamically-tuned, self-optimizing Linux servers. That company is now known as Concertio and they just launched their "AI powered" toolkit for IT administrators and performance engineers to optimize their server performance.

23 February 2018 - Concertio Optimizer Studio - 22 Comments
Airtop2 Inferno Offers i7-7700K + GeForce GTX 1080 While Being Fanless

Two years ago we reviewed the CompuLab Airtop as an interesting, industrial-grade, fanless PC that packed in high-end hardware of the time and worked out great initially and continues doing a phenomenal job at passively cooling the PC while running in our benchmark lab. CompuLab has now announced the Airtop2 and Airtop2 Inferno that is an even more impressive cooling feat.

14 February 2018 - CompuLab - 11 Comments
EPYC vs. Xeon Gold In Nearly 200 Tests With Ubuntu On Linux 4.15

Coming later today is a large Intel/AMD CPU comparison using the latest Linux 4.15 stable kernel that is mitigated for Spectre and Meltdown and using around two dozen tests. For the high-end Xeon Gold and EPYC servers, I ran close to 200 tests on those platforms.

12 February 2018 - Linux 4.15 - 1 Comment
Remember The EOMA68 Computer Card Project? It Hopes To Ship This Year

The EOMA68 computer card project is the open-source hardware effort that aims to be Earth-friendly and allow for interchangeable computer cards that can be installed in laptop housings and other devices. The ambitious concept relying upon ARM SoCs raised more than $170k USD via crowdfunding in 2016 but its lineage dates back to the failed Improv dev board as well as the failed KDE Vivaldi tablet years earlier. It turns out in 2018 there is hope of EOMA68 hardware finally shipping.

11 February 2018 - EOMA68 - 19 Comments
New Slimbook KDE Plasma Ultrabook Rolled Out

The KDE community and the Odin Group have announced a new version of the Slimbook, the KDE-branded laptop running Neon. While it's an improvement over last year's model, it's still a tough sell against other laptops/ultrabooks.

8 February 2018 - Slimbook 2 - 15 Comments
The State of RISC-V Hardware & Software In Early 2018

Palmer Dabbelt who maintains the RISC-V ports of GCC, Binutils, Linux, and glibc while working at RISC-V company SiFive spoke at FOSDEM 2018 this weekend about the software/hardware state of this royalty-free open-source CPU ISA.

5 February 2018 - RISC-V - 6 Comments
Laptop Mode Tools 1.72 Ported To Python 3 & PyQt5

For those making use of laptop-mode-tools as one of several Linux power saving tools with this one designed to improve Linux laptop battery life, version 1.72 is now available after more than one year of development.

1 February 2018 - Laptop-Mode-Tools - 5 Comments
Open-Source Adreno A6xx GPU Support Posted

Recently I wrote about Qualcomm's Code Aurora working on Adreno A6xx GPU support and sure enough that has panned out with the initial patch series being posted for this latest-generation Qualcomm GPU architecture.

1 February 2018 - Freedreno A6xx - 1 Comment

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