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C-SKY Architecture Gets Fix For Its Own Speculative Execution Bug In Linux 5.7

C-SKY is a Chinese 32-bit CPU architecture intended for low-power devices from media boxes / DVRs to printers and other consumer electronics. C-SKY has also worked its way into a ~$6 development board. With its updates for the Linux 5.7 kernel are various additions to this maturing architecture support along with a speculative execution fix.

6 April 2020 - C-SKY - 1 Comment
Linux Kernel's Floppy Disk Code Is Seeing Improvements In 2020

While many would argue it's past due for the Linux kernel's floppy disk code to be gutted from the mainline code-base, instead it's seeing improvements in 2020 ahead of the Linux 5.7 kernel... The same kernel where Intel stabilized Tiger Lake graphics, AMD preparing Zen 3 support, a new exFAT driver, and a multitude of other modern improvements is also now seeing floppy work.

16 March 2020 - Linux 5.7 Floppy - 45 Comments
System76 Expands Their Lineup Of Hand-Built Thelio Computer Cases

In our many benchmarks of the System76 Thelio Major over the past month (and more on the way!) with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, besides the sheer power of that 64-core / 128-thread processor, many are quick to comment on the pictures of the System76 chassis that they manufacturer in-house. This week the company is expanding their line-up of System76 Thelio cases.

3 March 2020 - System76 Thelio - 17 Comments
Linux 5.6 Tests On AMD EPYC 7742 vs. Intel Xeon 8280 2P With 100+ Benchmarks

The latest benchmarks for your viewing pleasure are looking at the dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 performance up against the dual AMD EPYC 7742 CPUs while using the in-development Linux 5.6 kernel as the first time trying out these highest-end server processors on this new kernel debuting as stable in about one month's time.

27 February 2020 - EPYC vs. Xeon - 10 Comments
VC4 DRM Driver Gets Patched For BCM2711 / Raspberry Pi 4 Support

While the Linux 5.5 kernel landed Broadcom BCM2711 SoC and Raspberry Pi 4 enablement, one of the loose ends has been getting the open-source "VC4" DRM driver wired up for the display hardware on this latest Raspberry Pi. Patches are now pending for VC4 DRM to provide that display support and could potentially see it mainlined for Linux 5.7.

24 February 2020 - Raspberry Pi 4 + VC4 DRM - 12 Comments

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