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After Years In The BSDs, TTY Keyboard Status Request Feature Being Proposed For Linux

For years most BSDs have supported a "TTY keyboard status request" to display status information at the terminal about the current foreground process and its CPU time consumed among other possible metrics. After being talked about in the past as a possible feature candidate, this functionality is now available in patch form to debate.

8 June 2019 - TTY Keyboard Status Request - 8 Comments
Linux 5.2-rc3 Released Following A Calm Week

Usually for a Linux kernel cycle's third weekly release candidate, it tends to be a bit noisy with a fair amount of regressions getting noticed and ultimately addressed. That's really not been the case with Linux 5.2-rc3 that Linus Torvalds noted is a rather calm release.

2 June 2019 - Linux 5.2-rc3 - 6 Comments
The Linux Kernel Is Close To Enabling "-Wimplicit-fallthrough" By Default

The -Wimplicit-fallthrough compiler flag has been around since GCC 7 for warning over switch fall-through cases where it could lead to potential bugs / unexpected behavior if the programmer inadvertently forgot to add a "break" statement to a case. The Linux kernel is looking to soon enable this warning by default.

11 May 2019 - "-Wimplicit-fallthrough" - 18 Comments
GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu Released As The Kernel Continues To Be Deblobbed

Hot off the release of Linux 5.1 from last night, the Free Software Foundation Latin America team has released GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu as their sanitized kernel that strips out support for loading binary-only microcode/firmware files, the ability to load binary-only kernel modules, and related code they deem supporting "non-free" software.

6 May 2019 - GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu - 16 Comments

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