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Qt Drafts A Code of Conduct To Have A Formal Line About Unacceptable Behavior

The Qt Project has been the latest open-source community constructing a Code of Conduct. The motivation for this CoC in the Qt camp has been driven to "establish a formal line-in-the-sand about what is unacceptable behavior. We want new members of the Qt community to feel comfortable and accepted, and we want to foster a healthy working environment for both current and new members."

24 October 2018 - Code of Conduct - 113 Comments
What Build System Should Qt 6 Use?

While developers have begun discussing plans for Qt 6.0 with plans to ship this upgraded tool-kit in 2020, one of the unanswered questions is over what build system should Qt 6 be using.

21 July 2018 - A Controversial Question - 43 Comments
Qt For Python 5.11 Released As The First Official Build

The past few months The Qt Company has been overhauled PySide2 as Qt For Python, a big improvement to the Python bindings to the Qt tool-kit. Out today is Qt For Python 5.11 as the first official release under the new branding.

13 June 2018 - Formerly PySide2 - 6 Comments
The Many Wayland Improvements In Qt 5.11

Released one week ago was the big Qt 5.11 tool-kit update. While there is a lot of new and improved functionality, not receiving much attention until now are all of the Wayland platform support improvements in this latest half-year Qt5 update.

29 May 2018 - Qt + Wayland - 6 Comments

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