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Noctua's NH-U9 TR4-SP3 Is Still The Best 4U EPYC / Threadripper Cooler I've Found17 Feb 2019
Vega 10 & Newer Getting More Fine-Grained PowerPlay Controls On Linux21 Jan 2019
AMD CES 2019 Keynote: Say Hello To Radeon 7 As 2nd Gen Vega09 Jan 2019
AMD Announces Ryzen 3000 Series Mobile Processors, 7th Gen A-Series For Chromebooks06 Jan 2019
The Most Popular AMD/Radeon Linux News Of 201826 Dec 2018
AMD Zen 2 Temperature Monitoring Changes Sent In For Linux 4.2125 Dec 2018
Improved AMD CPU Microcode Handling On Deck For Linux 4.2124 Dec 2018
AMD Platform QoS Support For Next-Gen EPYC Processors Landing In Linux 4.2123 Dec 2018
AMD Rolling Out Two More Sub-$75 Zen + Vega 3 Processors21 Dec 2018
AMD Audio Co-Processor 3.x Support Coming For Linux 4.2118 Dec 2018

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990 Articles
Arm Introduces ARMv8.1-M Architecture With New "Helium" Vector Extension14 Feb 2019
It's Becoming Possible To Run Linux Distributions On The HP/ASUS/Lenovo ARM Laptops11 Feb 2019
Arm Komeda DRM Driver Aiming For Linux 5.1 Mainline31 Jan 2019
Arm Posts Initial Ares CPU Tuning Support For GCC, Helps SPEC Performance By ~1%16 Jan 2019
ARMv8.5 Branch Target Identification Support Lands In GCC 9 Compiler10 Jan 2019
Huawei Announces Kunpeng 920 As "Highest Performance ARM CPU"07 Jan 2019
i.MX8 SoC Support Is Heading Into Linux 4.21 Along With Another ARM Platform05 Jan 2019
The New ARM Hardware Support That's Now Part Of The Linux 4.21 Kernel01 Jan 2019
Banana Pi Might Be Rolling Out A 24-Core ARM Board27 Dec 2018
ARM's AArch64 Adding Pointer Authentication Support To The Linux 4.21 Kernel14 Dec 2018

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148 Articles
ZFS Boot Environments Are Helping To Improve The Resilience Of FreeBSD Upgrades08 Feb 2019
Desktop-Friendly MidnightBSD 1.1 Released04 Feb 2019
NetBSD 9.0 Will Have Performance & Security Improvements04 Feb 2019
Netflix Continues Experiencing Great Performance In Using FreeBSD For Their CDN02 Feb 2019
OPNsense 19.1 Released: BSD-Based Firewall / Networking OS31 Jan 2019
Fresh Linux vs. BSD CPU/System Benchmark Results Across Five Operating Systems27 Jan 2019
OPNsense 19.1-RC1 Released With Many Improvements To This BSD Firewall Platform21 Jan 2019
Wayland Support On The BSDs Continuing To Improve21 Jan 2019
DragonFlyBSD Continues Gutting Its i386 Code13 Jan 2019
The New ZFS on FreeBSD Implementation Can Now Be Tested With TrueOS05 Jan 2019

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575 Articles
Clear Linux
Benchmarking The Python Optimizations Of Clear Linux Against Ubuntu, Intel Python14 Feb 2019
How Clear Linux Optimizes Python For Greater Performance13 Feb 2019
Clear Linux Outlines How You Can Build Your Own Linux Distro In 10 Minutes31 Jan 2019
Linux Steam Integration 0.7.3 Released With Annoyance Fixes15 Jan 2019
Clear Linux Exploring "libSuperX11" As Newest Optimization Effort06 Jan 2019
Intel's Clear Linux Ups Their Desktop Offering, Rolling Out New Installer28 Nov 2018
Clear Linux Making Progress With Encrypted Installations20 Nov 2018
Clear Linux Developers Weigh Supporting Snaps07 Nov 2018
Intel To Develop Safety-Critical Linux OS Distribution28 Aug 2018
A Look At The Clear Linux Performance For July 201803 Aug 2018

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51 Articles
Some System76 Hardware Beginning To See Coreboot Support08 Feb 2019
At Just Over One Year Old, LinuxBoot Continues Making Inroads At Facebook & Elsewhere06 Feb 2019
Coreboot 4.9 Released With 2,600+ Changes, Ports To 56 New Motherboards20 Dec 2018
Coreboot Support Taking Shape For Intel Icelake17 Nov 2018
Another Micro-ATX Haswell Era Motherboard Working With Coreboot But Needs Tiny Blob16 Nov 2018
Coreboot's Flashrom Moves On To Flashing AMD GPUs Up Through Polaris22 Oct 2018
Coreboot's Flashrom Working On Radeon GPU Flashing Support17 Oct 2018
OpenBMC Is Aiming For Its Major Debut In Early 201905 Oct 2018
Yabits: A New UEFI Coreboot Payload Alternative To TianoCore & Closed-Source Blobs04 Oct 2018
The State Of LinuxBoot For Replacing Proprietary UEFI Firmware With The Linux Kernel04 Oct 2018

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180 Articles
The Sway Wayland Compositor Is Now Available From Debian Experimental17 Feb 2019
Debian 9.8 Released With Latest Security Fixes16 Feb 2019
Debian Could See Expanded Android SDK Support & Better PHP Packaging Via GSoC 201909 Feb 2019
Debian Installer Buster Alpha 5 Has Initial UEFI Secure Boot Support02 Feb 2019
MATE On Debian Becomes Remote Desktop Aware24 Jan 2019
Debian 9.7 Released To Address APT Security Issue23 Jan 2019
Debian 10 Buster Enters Transition Freeze, New Theme Announced14 Jan 2019
Debian 10 "Buster" Working To Have UEFI SecureBoot In Good Shape07 Jan 2019
Debhelper 12 Released With Meson+Ninja Build System Support04 Jan 2019
Debian CoC Applies To Planet Debian Blog Posts & Other Updated Rules03 Jan 2019

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273 Articles
Compiz 0.9.14 Released As First Update In Over Two Years16 Feb 2019
Electron Apps Are Bad, So Now You Can Create Desktop Apps With HTML5 + Golang09 Feb 2019
Awesome 4.3 Window Manager Brings Better DPI Handling, Widget Improvements28 Jan 2019
Xfce's Catfish Search Now Faster, Better Desktop Integration27 Jan 2019
LXQt 0.14 Brings File Manager Additions, Desktop Icon Improvements26 Jan 2019
Inkscape 1.0 Alpha Released For This Leading Open-Source Vector Graphics Program18 Jan 2019
Entangle 2.0 Released For Taking Control Of Your DSLR Camera From A Linux PC16 Jan 2019
Spotify Tops Ubuntu's Snap Store Downloads While GIMP Tops Flatpak's Flathub05 Jan 2019
Xfce4-Panel 4.13.4 Released As Another Step Towards The Xfce 4.14 Desktop02 Jan 2019
Darktable 2.6 Released With Experimental PPC64LE Support, New Modules & More24 Dec 2018

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330 Articles
Fedora 30 Might Enable DNF's "Best" Mode By Default15 Feb 2019
Fedora 31 Is Already Planning Ahead For Python 3.813 Feb 2019
Fedora 31 Should Be Out Around The End of November12 Feb 2019
Fedora 30 Will Get Bash 5.0 But Yum's Death Sentence Postponed To F3111 Feb 2019
Fedora's FESCo Approves Of A "Sane" Approach For Counting Fedora Users Via DNF05 Feb 2019
Fedora 30 Flips On Intel Graphics Fastboot By Default To Enhance The Boot Experience01 Feb 2019
Fedora Making Progress On New Privacy-Minded System For Counting User Statistics29 Jan 2019
Fedora 30 Might Finish Removing The Old Yum Package Manager28 Jan 2019
Fedora 30 Planning To Use Wayland-Enabled Firefox By Default25 Jan 2019
Fedora 30 Going Through Its Formalities To Ship With & Built By The GCC 9 Compiler21 Jan 2019

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845 Articles
Free Software
Facebook Releases HHVM 4.0 With PHP No Longer Supported11 Feb 2019
PyPy 7.0 Released - The Alternative Python Interpreter Now With Alpha 3.6 Support11 Feb 2019
Pixman 0.38 Released With Meson Build System Support11 Feb 2019
KiCad Open-Source PCB Design Software Keeps Working Towards Its Next Big Release08 Feb 2019
RustPython Is Implementing Python 3 Within Rust05 Feb 2019
GStreamer Has An Exciting 2019 Planned With Some Big Features05 Feb 2019
WireHub Is Building Off WireGuard With Decentralized, P2P Secure Overlay Networks03 Feb 2019
PipeWire Should Be One Of The Exciting Linux Desktop Technologies For 201903 Feb 2019
OpenVPN 3 Linux Client Moving Closer To Release As A Big Update01 Feb 2019
New WireGuard Snapshot Released With Linux 5.0 Support, Other Fixes24 Jan 2019

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1517 Articles
The LLVM Codebase Is Moving Past C++11 This Year, Likely To C++1423 Jan 2019
FP64 Support Finally Lands In Mesa Git For Intel Haswell03 Jan 2017

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2 Articles
GNOME's Geary 0.13 Is A Big Step Forward For This Linux Mail Client17 Feb 2019
WebKitGTK 2.23.90 Adds Support For JPEG2000, More Touchpad Gestures14 Feb 2019
GTK+ No More - It's Just GTK As Developers Prepare For This Year's GTK 4.008 Feb 2019
GNOME 3.32 Beta Released With Performance Improvements, Last Minute Features06 Feb 2019
The Latest GNOME Shell/Mutter Performance Work & X11/Wayland Separation31 Jan 2019
Flatpak 1.2 Released For This Widely-Used Linux App Sandboxing & Distribution Tech28 Jan 2019
Purism's PureOS Store To Be Based Around Flatpaks, First App Announced24 Jan 2019
GNOME 3.32 Gets Fixed Up For Buggy Zoom Mode24 Jan 2019
GNOME Is Making Great Progress On Overhauling Their App Icons23 Jan 2019
Libhandy 0.0.7 Released For Building Adaptive/Mobile GTK Applications20 Jan 2019

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976 Articles
GNU's RPG/Adventure Game Updated For SDL2, Defaults To OpenGL Rendering16 Feb 2019
GCC 9 Continues Stabilizing While GCC 8.3 Will Slip In Soon08 Feb 2019
GRUB 2.04 Is On The Way This Year Along With Other New Bootloader Features07 Feb 2019
GCC's Potential GSoC Projects Include Better Parallelizing The Compiler05 Feb 2019
More Benchmarks Of The Improved Linux Performance With Glibc 2.2904 Feb 2019
GNU Hurd Can Build Around 75% Of The Debian Packages, But No 64-bit Or SMP Yet03 Feb 2019
Binutils 2.32 Released With C-SKY Support, Linker Improvements02 Feb 2019
GCC To Begin Implementing MMX Intrinsics With SSE Instructions02 Feb 2019
Glibc 2.29 Released With getcpu() On Linux, New Optimizations31 Jan 2019
GCC Unlikely To Adopt A "-Weverything" For Exposing All Possible Code Warnings23 Jan 2019

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681 Articles
Google's Chrome OS "Wilco" Driver Working Towards Mainline Linux12 Feb 2019
Chrome 73 Rolls Out Into Beta With Linux Improvements & More09 Feb 2019
Libvpx 1.8 Released With VP9 Encode Performance Improvements04 Feb 2019
Chrome 72 Has Some Wayland Improvements, Eyes Deprecating FTP29 Jan 2019
Google Is Hiring More LLVM/Clang Developers16 Jan 2019
Chrome 73 Enabling The Mojo Video Decoders For Linux08 Jan 2019
Faster VP9 Multi-Threaded Video Decoding Patch Lands In Libvpx21 Dec 2018
Chrome 72 Beta Deprecates TLS 1.0/1.1, Steps Towards Deprecating FTP19 Dec 2018
Google's Pixel 3 Is Using The MSM DRM Driver, More Android Phones Moving To DRM/KMS Code17 Nov 2018
Google Open-Sources "Amber" Multi-API Shader Test Framework15 Nov 2018

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363 Articles
Libre RISC-V GPU Aiming For 2.5 Watt Power Draw Continues Being Plotted18 Feb 2019
The Linux Vendor Firmware Service Has Served Up More Than 5 Million Firmware Files15 Feb 2019
Linux 5.1 To Deal With More Quirky Hardware From The Lenovo X1 Tablet To ASUS Transbook15 Feb 2019
PulseAudio Plugin Allows For Better Bluetooth Audio Quality On Linux11 Feb 2019
Linux Might Finally See Mainline Support For The Current Apple MacBook Keyboard/Touchpad10 Feb 2019
FSF Certifies Another New But Old Re-Branded Opteron Board For Its Freedom07 Feb 2019
Qualcomm Vibrator Driver Queued For Linux 5.107 Feb 2019
New System76 Darter Pro Now Shipping At $999+05 Feb 2019
Initial Hands-On & Benchmarking With The Dell XPS 9380 Pre-Loaded With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS02 Feb 2019
Select HP Systems Can Now Update Their Firmware From Linux With Fwupd+LVFS01 Feb 2019

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1328 Articles
SVT-VP9 Is Intel's Latest Open-Source Video Encoder Yielding High Performance VP917 Feb 2019
Improved ETC2 Texture Compression Lands For Older Haswell/Ivybridge GPUs On Linux16 Feb 2019
SVT-AV1 Already Seeing Nice Performance Improvements Since Open-Sourcing15 Feb 2019
Intel's OpenGL Mesa Driver To Better Handle Recovery In Case Of GPU Hangs15 Feb 2019
Intel's Linux DRM Driver To Enable PSR2 Power-Savings By Default14 Feb 2019
Intel Linux Graphics Driver Adding Device Local Memory - Possible Start of dGPU Bring-Up14 Feb 2019
No Surprise But Intel Linux Developers Are Working Towards Adaptive-Sync Support14 Feb 2019
Queued Linux Patches To Better Track AVX-512, Allowing For More Optimal Task Placement12 Feb 2019
Linux Sees Driver Finally For Lighting Up The LEDs With Whiskey Cove PMIC10 Feb 2019
Using AVX2 With Android's Bionic Library Can Yield Much Better Chromebook Performance09 Feb 2019

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1452 Articles
KDE Continues Overhauling System Settings, More Discover Improvements17 Feb 2019
KDE Plasma 5.15 Released With Wayland Improvements, Fixes To "Annoying Problems"12 Feb 2019
KDE Frameworks 5.55 Released With Android Notifications, KWayland Fixes11 Feb 2019
KDE Applications 19.04 To Support eBook Thumbnails, Allow Ripping CDs To Opus10 Feb 2019
The Latest NVIDIA EGLStreams Wayland Backend Code Under Review For KDE/KWin30 Jan 2019
KDE Plasma 5.16 Getting Rewritten System Settings' Colors Page27 Jan 2019
KDE Now Has Virtual Desktop Support On Wayland20 Jan 2019
KDE Plasma 5.15 Beta Released With Some Grand Improvements17 Jan 2019
KDE's Okular Will Now Display & Verify PDF Digital Signatures13 Jan 2019
KDE Frameworks 5.54 Released With KWayland Improvements, KIO Supports TLS 1.312 Jan 2019

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840 Articles
LibreOffice 6.2 Shipping Today With User Interface Improvements, Many New Features07 Feb 2019
LibreOffice 6.2 Branched, The Beta Dance Begins & x86 32-bit Builds Are Deprecated18 Nov 2018
LibreOffice Landing New Custom Widgets Theme, Powered By Cairo10 Nov 2018
LibreOffice Lands More Qt5 Integration Improvements, LXQt Support13 Oct 2018
LibreOffice Qt5 Integration Sees Further Improvements04 Oct 2018
LibreOffice 6.1 Shipping Today As A Big Update For This Open-Source Office Suite08 Aug 2018
LibreOffice 6.1 RC2 Released For Testing This Next Open-Source Office Suite Update25 Jul 2018
LibreOffice Picks Up A Native "KDE 5" File Picker18 Jun 2018
PDF Importing Improvements Head Into LibreOffice10 Jun 2018
LibreOffice 6.1 Branches & Now Under Feature Freeze, LibreOffice 6.2 On Master25 May 2018

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109 Articles
Linux Events
FOSS-North Is Coming Up In Two Months As A Leading Scandinavian Linux/Open-Source Event10 Feb 2019
Interesting Linux.Conf.Au 2019 Videos Now Available26 Jan 2019
FOSDEM 19 Is Happening In Just Three Weeks, There Will Once Again Be A Graphics Room13 Jan 2019
Linux Plumbers Conference 2018 Videos Now Online05 Dec 2018
David Airlie's LPC2018 Presentation On An "Open-Source CUDA"03 Dec 2018
Akademy 2018 Videos Posted For KDE's Annual Developer Conference07 Sep 2018
An Activision Developer Is Talking At The Open-Source Summit... About Kafka Tuning29 Aug 2018
Tencent Joins The Linux Foundation, Open-Sources Projects25 Jun 2018
All Systems Go! 2018 Conference Announced For The End Of September21 May 2018
IWOCL OpenCL 2018 Videos Start Appearing Online21 May 2018

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65 Articles
Linux Gaming
Unreal Engine 4.22 Preview 1 Released With Real-Time Ray-Tracing12 Feb 2019
GameMode Sees Patches To Allow For GPU Overclocking When Running Linux Games06 Feb 2019
Lutris 0.5 Released With Much Improved GTK User Interface, GOG Support01 Feb 2019
Unity 2019.1 Beta Deprecates Linux x86, Offers Up Many Vulkan & Linux Improvements31 Jan 2019
The Latest Happenings With Feral's GameMode For Optimized Linux Gaming28 Jan 2019
Godot 3.1 Beta 2 Released With OpenGL ES Performance Fix19 Jan 2019
Quake 2 Gets Real-Time Path Tracing Powered By NVIDIA RTX / VK_NV_ray_tracing18 Jan 2019
Godot 4.0 Game Engine To Work On Vulkan Port, Big Rendering Improvements14 Jan 2019
ET: Legacy 2.76 Released For Letting Enemy Territory Live On In 201914 Jan 2019
SDL Picks Up An Initial OpenSL ES Implementation For Android13 Jan 2019

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1602 Articles
Linux Kernel
The Many Changes Lining Up So Far For The Linux 5.1 Kernel18 Feb 2019
Linux 5.0-rc7 Kernel Released18 Feb 2019
Fedora 31 Planning To Use Cgroups V2 By Default17 Feb 2019
Bitmain SoC Support Coming To Linux 5.1 - Sophon ARMv8 + RISC-V Chip For Deep Learning16 Feb 2019
Linux 5.1 Kernel Bringing New Option For Drivers To Be Async Probed15 Feb 2019
Linux Kernel Getting io_uring To Deliver Fast & Efficient I/O14 Feb 2019
Qualcomm FastRPC Driver Going Mainline For Offloading Tasks To The DSP12 Feb 2019
Linux 5.0-rc6 Released - Still On Track For A Normal Release10 Feb 2019
Intel Sends In Their Last Batch Of Graphics Driver Feature Updates For Linux 5.108 Feb 2019
ARM Mali 400/500 DRM Driver Volleyed Out Again, Trying To Get Into The Mainline Kernel06 Feb 2019

More Linux Kernel News

2147 Articles
Linux Storage
EXT4 Patches Continue Working On Case-Insensitive Filenames & Encoding03 Feb 2019
Configurable Zstd Compression Level Support Is Revived For Btrfs29 Jan 2019
Read-Only Apple File-System Support Is Being Worked On For The Linux Kernel (APFS)22 Jan 2019
ZOL 0.8 Nears With RC3 Release - Big Update For ZFS On Linux14 Jan 2019
ZFS On Linux Runs Into A Snag With Linux 5.010 Jan 2019
Another Attempt At Adding Encryption Support To Btrfs09 Jan 2019
Fscrypt's Adiantum Sent In For Linux 4.21 For Speedy Disk Encryption On Low-End Hardware06 Jan 2019
Reiser4 Patch Released For Linux 4.20 Kernel Support Plus A Few Fixes03 Jan 2019
Reiser4 File-System Port To The Linux 4.20 Kernel01 Jan 2019
F2FS Gets More Fixes In Linux 4.21 With The File-System Now Supported By Google's Pixel28 Dec 2018

More Linux Storage News

343 Articles
IBM Is Looking At Adding AIX Support To LLVM / Clang12 Feb 2019
Asm-goto Support Added To LLVM, Helping Out Clang'ing Kernel Efforts11 Feb 2019
A Detailed Look At The Speed Advantages To LLVM's LLD Linker06 Feb 2019
Using LLVM Clang To Compile The Linux Kernel Is Heating Up Again Thanks To Google04 Feb 2019
LLVM 8.0-RC1 Tagged Ahead Of Release Next Month23 Jan 2019
NetBSD Exploring LLVM's LLD Linker For Lower Memory Footprint19 Jan 2019
LLVM 9.0 Is Now Open For Development, Releasing In Late 201916 Jan 2019
Apple Opens Up Swift/C LSP Based On Clangd15 Jan 2019
The New LLVM Repository Is Now Officially Available Via Git On GitHub11 Jan 2019
LLVM Clang 8.0 Is Branching In A Week With Intel Cascade Lake Tuning & More09 Jan 2019

More LLVM News

518 Articles
Freedreno Picks Up OpenGL Compute Support For Adreno A6xx Hardware17 Feb 2019
RADV Driver Gets Big Patch Series For 8-bit & 16-bit Arithmetic, 8-bit Storage16 Feb 2019
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Gets Mali T600/T700 Midgard Update14 Feb 2019
Mesa 19.0-RC4 Released With More Fixes13 Feb 2019
RadeonSI Picks Up Primitive Culling With Async Compute For Performance Wins13 Feb 2019
Mesa 19.0-RC3 Released But It's A Dud12 Feb 2019
Gallium Nine Is Working On NIR Support So It Can Be Used With Intel Iris, Zink Vulkan08 Feb 2019
Zink Is Moving Ahead In 2019 As Mesa-Based OpenGL-Over-Vulkan06 Feb 2019
Mesa 19.0-RC2 Released With Intel Transform Feedback Fix, Freedreno & VC4/V3D Fixes05 Feb 2019
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Merged Into Mesa 19.1 For Open-Source ARM Mali Graphics04 Feb 2019

More Mesa News

1593 Articles
Windows 10 Will Soon Let You Access WSL Linux Files From Explorer, Other Improvements16 Feb 2019
Microsoft Developer: You Still Should Have Anti-Virus With Windows Subsystem For Linux14 Feb 2019
FAudio Sees Its Initial Release As Microsoft XAudio Reimplementation01 Jan 2019
Microsoft Had Another Year Of Big Open-Source Surprises25 Dec 2018
Microsoft Announces "Project Mu" For Open-Source UEFI Alternative To TianoCore19 Dec 2018
Microsoft Is Going Ahead And Rebuilding Edge Browser Atop Chromium06 Dec 2018
Microsoft Makes Open-Source Windows Forms, WinUI, WPF04 Dec 2018
Microsoft's New Open-Source Project Is "Shader Conductor" For Cross-Compiling HLSL13 Nov 2018
Linux Getting Two-Line Patch To Finally Deal With The Quirky Microsoft OEM Mouse12 Nov 2018
The WSL Improvements In The Windows 10 October 2018 Update05 Nov 2018

More Microsoft News

171 Articles
Firefox 65.0 Released With WebP Support, Better Security29 Jan 2019
Thunderbird In 2019 To Focus On Performance & UI/UX Improvements02 Jan 2019
Firefox 64.0 Released11 Dec 2018
Mozilla Now Ships Firefox Nightly Builds With Wayland Enabled16 Nov 2018
WebP Image Support Appears Ready For Firefox 6501 Nov 2018
WebRender Reaches Beta For GPU-Accelerated Web Rendering In Firefox26 Oct 2018
Firefox 63.0 Available With WebExtensions On Linux Now Run In Their Own Process22 Oct 2018
Mozilla Begins Slowly Enabling WebRender For Some Users13 Sep 2018
Firefox Is Now Built With Clang+LTO Everywhere, Sizable Performance Wins For Linux12 Sep 2018
Firefox 63 Beta On Linux Finally Runs WebExtensions In Their Own Process05 Sep 2018

More Mozilla News

284 Articles
Flowblade 2.0 GTK3-Based Linux Video Editor Now Available05 Feb 2019
VLC 4.0 Media Player Eyeing New User Interface, Better Wayland Support & VR/3D05 Feb 2019
Kodi 18.0 Released With Reworked Wayland Platform, Retroplayer Gaming Support29 Jan 2019
Initial Allwinner H6 Video Decode Support Posted For The Cedrus VPU Driver29 Jan 2019
MythTV 30.0 Released With Front-End Support For Select Android TV Devices25 Jan 2019
GStreamer 1.15.1 Released With Work On AV1, V4L HEVC Encode/Decode19 Jan 2019
Kodi 18 Leia Nearly Released, But For Now An RC513 Jan 2019
VLC 3.0.6 Released While The Project Celebrates Three Billion Downloads11 Jan 2019
PulseEffects: A System-Wide Equalizer For PulseAudio29 Dec 2018
LibreELEC 9.0 Beta Pulls In Kodi 18, Core OS Improvements & New ARM Board Support24 Dec 2018

More Multimedia News

327 Articles
Nouveau Changes Sent In To DRM-Next For Linux 5.1 - Biggest Update In Several Releases18 Feb 2019
Nouveau Driver Picks Up SVM Support Via HMM15 Feb 2019
Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" DRM Changes Begin Queuing Ahead Of Linux 5.113 Feb 2019
Open-Source NVIDIA X.Org Driver Updated With DP MST, DRI3 Improvements29 Jan 2019
Nouveau Open-Source Driver Will Now Work With NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti On Linux 5.018 Jan 2019
Google Devs Call Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Unstable, Nouveau Blacklisted By Chrome05 Jan 2019
Nouveau Picks Up NV_shader_atomic_float For Fermi/Kepler GPUs27 Dec 2018
Nouveau Lands Initial Open-Source NVIDIA Turing Support - But No GPU Acceleration11 Dec 2018
It Looks Like We Won't See An Open-Source NVIDIA Vulkan Driver This Year (Nouveau)06 Dec 2018
Initial HDMI 2.0 Support With Nouveau Slated For The Next Linux Kernel10 Oct 2018

More Nouveau News

407 Articles
Linux-Firmware Adds Signed NVIDIA Firmware Binaries For Turing's Type-C Controller13 Feb 2019
NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 9.0 Officially Released12 Feb 2019
NVIDIA's VDPAU Picks Up HEVC 4:4:4 Support11 Feb 2019
GreenWithEnvy 0.11 Released For More Overclocking Potential Of NVIDIA GPUs On Linux10 Feb 2019
NVIDIA Opens Up The Code To StyleGAN - Create Your Own AI Family Portraits10 Feb 2019
NVIDIA 418.30 Linux Driver Adds Video Codec SDK 9.0, Optical Flow Support30 Jan 2019
NVIDIA Linux Beta Rolling Out "G-SYNC Compatible" FreeSync Monitor Support30 Jan 2019
NVIDIA 415.27 Linux Driver Released With GeForce RTX 2060 Support15 Jan 2019
LCZero Chess Engine Performance With OpenCL vs. CUDA + cuDNN vs. FP16 With Tensor Cores14 Jan 2019
GeForce RTX 2060 Launches For Turing GPU At $349 USD, NVIDIA To Support Adaptive-Sync07 Jan 2019

More NVIDIA News

775 Articles
Operating Systems
The State Of Debian & Fedora On The RISC-V Architecture09 Feb 2019
OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 Beta Brings Installer Improvements, Dnfdragora GUI Package Manager09 Feb 2019
FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate Available For Retaining MS-DOS Compatibility In 201906 Feb 2019
LibreELEC 9.0 Released - Linux Distribution Built Around Kodi 18.002 Feb 2019
Haiku OS Ports More Networking Drivers From FreeBSD, Other Kernel Progress02 Feb 2019
Linux Mint Begins Plotting Their 2019 Improvements With Fresh Funding31 Jan 2019
Slax 9.7.0 Released With This Desktop Linux Distribution Down To 255MB30 Jan 2019
Alpine 3.9 Brings ARMv7 Support, Switches Back To OpenSSL, Improves GRUB29 Jan 2019
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Now Rolling With Linux 4.20, KDE Updates25 Jan 2019
Sailfish OS "Sipoonkorpi" Brings Firewall Improvements, Redesigned Image Editing17 Jan 2019

More Operating Systems News

686 Articles
Oracle's Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 5 Update 1 Released - Improves AArch64, DTrace19 Dec 2018
VirtualBox 6.0 Released With Better HiDPI Support, VMSVGA 3D Graphics On Linux18 Dec 2018
VirtualBox 6.0 Beta 3 Released: Enables VMSVGA Device By Default, OCI Improvements01 Dec 2018
Oracle Exploring DTrace With eBPF21 Nov 2018
VirtualBox 6.0 Beta 2 Adds File Manager For Host/Guest File Copies, OS/2 Shared Folder15 Nov 2018
Oracles Pushes VirtualBox 6.0 Into Public Beta23 Oct 2018
VirtualBox DRM Driver Gets Patches To Go Atomic, Promote Out Of Staging27 Sep 2018
Java 11 Released As The First Java LTS Release25 Sep 2018
Oracle Solaris 11.4 SRU1 Released24 Sep 2018
Oracle Solaris 11.4 Officially Released28 Aug 2018

More Oracle News

217 Articles
Linux 5.0, RTX 2060, ZoL & Other Topics Dominating Discussions For January01 Feb 2019
Linux 4.20, Debian, Intel, x32, Microsft's Actions & STIBP Topics Rounded Out 201801 Jan 2019
That's A Wrap For 2018 With 3,693 News Articles, 314 Linux Hardware Reviews/Benchmarks31 Dec 2018
Happy Holidays As We Wrap Up 2018, Looking Ahead To An Exciting 201925 Dec 2018
Linux's Slowdown, Raptor's Talos II, Clear Linux & Other Dominating Topics This Month30 Nov 2018
NVIDIA RTX, AMD On Linux & Distro Performance Dominated Linux Discussions In October01 Nov 2018
Speck, Steam Play, RTX 2080 & Linux Kernel Activity Dominated The Scene In September01 Oct 2018
Q3 Was Exciting For Linux Enthusiasts With Threadripper, Mesa, Steam Play & Kernel Drama28 Sep 2018
Threadripper 2, Spectre, Steam Play / Proton & Linux 4.19 Made August Super Exciting31 Aug 2018
Fresh GPU Benchmarks, Fedora Features & More Spectre Were Popular In July31 Jul 2018

More Phoronix News

583 Articles
Phoronix Test Suite
Phoronix Test Suite 8.6 Released For The Latest Open-Source, Cross-Platform Benchmarking05 Feb 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 8.6 M3 Released With More Benchmark Analytics From The CLI28 Jan 2019
Making It Even Easier To Gauge Your System's Performance21 Jan 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 8.6 Milestone 2 Released For Open-Source Benchmarking20 Jan 2019
Recently Added Benchmarks From DAV1D To Microsoft Ethr To More Machine Learning11 Jan 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 8.6 Milestone 1 Released07 Jan 2019
The Many Phoronix Test Suite Improvements In 2018 For Open-Source Benchmarking02 Jan 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 8.4.1 Released For Better BSD Support, RHEL7 Bug Workaround09 Dec 2018
Phoronix Test Suite 8.4 Released For Advancing Open-Source Automated Benchmarking26 Nov 2018
Phoronix Test Suite 8.4 M3 Brings Improvements For POWER9, Colorful Text Graphs20 Nov 2018

More Phoronix Test Suite News

159 Articles
Celebrate Valentine's Day By Going Premium To Support Linux Benchmarking14 Feb 2019
It's Time For The Premium 2018 Winter Sale To Show Your Linux Benchmarking Support22 Dec 2018
Black Friday Deal: Go Premium While Supporting Linux Hardware Reviews & Open-Source News22 Nov 2018
Phoronix Is Now On The Open-Source-Friendly Liberapay23 Jun 2018
Yes, We Like Bitcoin & Other Crypto Currencies13 May 2018
Show Your Love For Linux Hardware & Benchmarking This Valentine's Day14 Feb 2018
Phoronix Premium, Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Winter Shopping Reminders23 Nov 2017
Just A Few Days Left To The Phoronix Fest Deal11 Oct 2017
2017 "Oktoberfest" Premium: Snag A Great Deal While Supporting Our Work07 Oct 2017
Your Last Chance To Take Advantage Of Our Birthday Bargain07 Jun 2017

More Premium News

25 Articles
Compiler Fuzzing With Prog-Fuzz Is Turning Up Bugs In GCC, Clang24 Jun 2018
Python 3.7 Release Candidate Arrives, Final Expected At The End Of June13 Jun 2018
Rust 1.26 Continues With Speed Improvements, Adds Support For 128-Bit Integers10 May 2018
HHVM 3.25 Released, Now Defaults To PHP7 Mode16 Mar 2018
Rust Gets A 2018 Roadmap, Big "Productivity" Edition Planned This Year12 Mar 2018
C++17 Is Now Official04 Dec 2017
PHP 7.2 Is One Step Away From Release12 Nov 2017
uClibc Is Still Around As A Lightweight C Standard Library29 Oct 2017
Rust 1.21 Released With Minor Updates12 Oct 2017
PyPy 5.9 Released With Faster JSON Parser, Greater Compatibility05 Oct 2017

More Programming News

221 Articles
Proprietary Software
Lightworks Video Editor Plans For A Busy 2019 But No Signs Of The Open-Source Version10 Jan 2019
Adobe Customer Care: There Hasn't Been Enough Demand For Linux10 Dec 2018
Lightworks 14.5 Video Editor Released With Same-Day Linux Support But Still No Source17 Oct 2018
DaVinci Resolve 15 Video/Effects Editor Released With Linux Support13 Aug 2018
A VR Developer's Thoughts On The Current Mess Of APIs & Hardware27 May 2018
Keeper Password Manager Launches New Linux Version26 Apr 2018
Vivaldi Web Browser Now Available For Linux ARM / Raspberry Pi05 Dec 2017
TeamViewer 13 Now Available For Linux As A Native 64-bit Port04 Dec 2017
Adobe Is Finally Ending Flash Support... In 202025 Jul 2017
Apple Unveils "Metal 2" Graphics API, Better Performance & Capabilities For VR05 Jun 2017

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130 Articles
Qt 5.13 Alpha Released With WebAssembly Preview, Qt Lottie Technical Preview13 Feb 2019
Qt 5.12.1 LTS Released With Around 300 Bug Fixes01 Feb 2019
Qt Design Studio 1.1 Beta Released - Now Includes Linux Packages01 Feb 2019
Qt Is Working On An HTTP Web Server Module25 Jan 2019
Qt 5.13 Slated To Deliver Many WebAssembly Improvements22 Jan 2019
Qt 5.13 Might Add QTelemetry For Opt-In Anonymous Data Collection17 Jan 2019
Qt 6 To Begin Early Stages Of Development In Git15 Jan 2019
Qt May Soon Be Appearing In More Vehicles With Qt Automotive Suite 5.1209 Jan 2019
Qt For Python 5.12 Now Available18 Dec 2018
Qt 3D Studio 2.2 Released With New Material System, Stereoscopic Rendering Preview14 Dec 2018

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369 Articles
BACO Power Savings Support Comes To AMD's Vega 1216 Feb 2019
RadeonSI Primitive Culling Yields Mixed Benchmark Results14 Feb 2019
AMDGPU DC Gets Fixes For Seamless Boot, Disappearing Cursor On Raven Ridge13 Feb 2019
AMD_DEBUG Can Now Be Used In Place Of R600_DEBUG For RadeonSI Options13 Feb 2019
Radeon VII (Vega 20) Firmware Support Lands In Linux-Firmware.Git12 Feb 2019
AMDGPU Sends In More Linux 5.1 Updates With Seamless Boot Bits, FreeSync Fixes08 Feb 2019
Updated Radeon Software 18.50 Linux Driver Tacks On Radeon VII Support07 Feb 2019
AMDGPU DC Seeing Work On "Seamless Boot" Functionality07 Feb 2019
Starcraft 2 In Wine & Select Games Could See Nice Performance Win With RadeonSI Patches07 Feb 2019
RADV Vulkan Driver Wires In EXT_buffer_device_address Support For Mesa 19.107 Feb 2019

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961 Articles
Red Hat
Plymouth Lands Its Tighter Integration With UEFI Flicker-Free Boot Experience05 Dec 2018
Red Hat Developers Working Towards A Vendor-Neutral Compute Stack To Take On NVIDIA's CUDA17 Nov 2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta Released With Stratis, Yum 4, Application Streams15 Nov 2018
Plymouth 0.9.4 Boot Splash Released, First Update In A Year & Adds DRM Preferred Mode06 Nov 2018
IBM Announces Deal To Acquire Red Hat At $34 Billion28 Oct 2018
Red Hat Continues Advancing GFS2 File-System Capabilities26 Oct 2018
Red Hat & NVIDIA To Collaborate On Some Open-Source Efforts23 Oct 2018
Red Hat's Stratis Storage Project Reaches Its 1.0 Stable Milestone02 Oct 2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 Beta Updates Cockpit, Adds Podman22 Aug 2018
Silverblue Still Aiming To Be In Great Shape By Fedora 30 Next Spring18 Aug 2018

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180 Articles
WireGuard Released For macOS, WireGuard Windows Coming & Linux Kernel Bits Still Pending17 Feb 2019
Google Details Their New Adiantum Encryption For Low-End Android Devices07 Feb 2019
Linux Kernel Getting New Option So SSBD Isn't Over-Protective - Helping Performance31 Jan 2019
Benchmarking The Current Spectre + Meltdown Performance Overhead For 10 GbE Networking26 Jan 2019
Livepatching With Linux 5.1 To Support Atomic Replace & Cumulative Patches20 Jan 2019
OPTPOLINES - Formerly Relpolines, Lower Overhead To Retpolines For Spectre Mitigation31 Dec 2018
NXP PowerPC Processors Finally Being Mitigated Against Spectre V2 With Linux 4.2127 Dec 2018
University Researchers Publish Paper On GPU Side-Channel Attacks15 Nov 2018
WireGuard Is Now Available On Apple iOS06 Nov 2018
PortSmash: A New Side-Channel Vulnerability Affecting SMT/HT Processors (CVE-2018-5407)02 Nov 2018

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108 Articles
Khronos Gears Up For A Busy GDC 2019 With Vulkan, OpenXR24 Jan 2019
PortableCL Continues Marching Towards The POCL 1.3 Release20 Jan 2019
Khronos Exploring New Industry Standard For Heterogeneous Communications16 Jan 2019
Vulkan/OpenCL Interop Extension In Development, OpenCL-Next Continues02 Jan 2019
Khronos Seeking Feedback On KTX2 Specification For Storing Textures For OpenGL/Vulkan15 Dec 2018
RenderDoc 1.2 Released For This Powerful Open-Source Graphics Debugging Tool01 Dec 2018
Linux 4.21 Positioned To Pickup Streebog Crypto Support Developed By Russia's FSB30 Nov 2018
The Linux Foundation Is Teaming Up With RISC-V To Promote The Open-Source CPU ISA27 Nov 2018
C++20 Making Progress On Modules, Memory Model Updates13 Nov 2018
OpenMP 5.0 Specification Released, GCC 9.0 Lands Initial Support08 Nov 2018

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197 Articles
OpenSUSE Looking At Blacklisting Legacy & Less Secure File-Systems09 Feb 2019
SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP1 Beta Bringing Java 11, LLVM 7, BCache Installer Support20 Dec 2018
OpenSUSE Begins Preparing For Leap 15.1 (15 Service Pack 1)17 Oct 2018
SUSE Continues Working On Transactional Updates With Btrfs02 Sep 2018
OpenSUSE Kubic Shifts Focus Following Self-Reflection09 Aug 2018
SUSE Sold Off To Swedish Private Equity Fund02 Jul 2018
SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Officially Released26 Jun 2018
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Jumps On Linux 4.17, KDE Plasma 5.13 Riding Well20 Jun 2018
OpenSUSE Community Forks Red Hat's Spacewalk, Now Calls It Uyuni26 May 2018
OpenSUSE Leap 15 Released, Based On SUSE Linux Enterprise 1525 May 2018

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217 Articles
Systemd 241 Released With Security Fixes & Other Changes14 Feb 2019
Systemd 241 RC2 Released With Its Beefed Up Security30 Jan 2019
Systemd 241 Release Candidate Now Available For Testing26 Jan 2019
Systemd 241 Paired With Linux 4.19+ To Enable New Regular File & FIFO Protection17 Jan 2019
Systemd 241 Being Prepared With "System Down" Security Fixes13 Jan 2019
Dbus Broker 17 Released - No Longer Depends On Glib, Better Isolation With Systemd01 Jan 2019
Systemd Hits A High Point For Number Of New Commits & Contributors During 201828 Dec 2018
Systemd 240 Released To End 2018 On A High Note22 Dec 2018
Systemd 240 Continues Picking Up New Features Ahead Of The Holidays01 Dec 2018
Systemd Adds Feature To Fallback Automatically To Older Kernels On Failure20 Oct 2018

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150 Articles
Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Now Available With The New HWE Stack14 Feb 2019
Ubuntu Developers Seem To Be Really Pursuing ZFS Root Partition Support On The Desktop12 Feb 2019
Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Working To Be Released This Week With New Hardware Enablement Stack11 Feb 2019
Ubuntu's Work On New Desktop Installer Continues, Evaluating ZFS Desktop Support05 Feb 2019
Ubuntu Core 18 Released By Canonical For IoT/Embedded With 10 Year Support Strategy22 Jan 2019
Ubuntu Gets Snappier Video Playback With Chromium Snap For VA-API Acceleration22 Jan 2019
Mir Made Good Progress Over The Holidays With Porting To Debian & Alpine, ARM Mali11 Jan 2019
It's Still A Slow Process For Ubuntu Touch Moving To Mir 1.x / Wayland09 Jan 2019
Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 Rolls Out With Keyboard Improvements, Browser Fixes08 Jan 2019
Canonical Pulled In $110 Million, Down To ~440 Employees During Their Last Fiscal Year04 Jan 2019

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1249 Articles
Proton 3.16-7 Updates Against DXVK 0.96, New FAudio15 Feb 2019
Valve Publishes Initial Steam Linux Figures For 201901 Feb 2019
Steam Beta Update Now Allows Per-Game Enabling Of Steam Play, Other Improvements17 Jan 2019
Steam Client Beta Updated With Many Linux Fixes, Vulkan Caching Updates16 Jan 2019
Steam On Linux Usage Ended 2018 At Around 0.82%01 Jan 2019
Proton 3.16-6 Beta Improves Several Windows Games On Linux During Steam's Winter Sale21 Dec 2018
Valve's Steam Link For Raspberry Pi Now Available13 Dec 2018
Valve Rolls Out New Steam Play Proton 3.16 Beta, 29 More Games Supported11 Dec 2018
Counter-Strike: GO Goes Battle Royale With Danger Zone06 Dec 2018
Steam Linux Usage Hit 0.80% During November01 Dec 2018

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427 Articles
Even In 2019, A Long Road Still For Getting The VIA OpenChrome Driver In Linux09 Jan 2019
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Go Through A GEM/TTM Code Rewrite05 Aug 2018
It's Still Going To Be Tough Getting The OpenChrome VIA KMS Driver In The Linux Kernel28 May 2018
VIA Joins In The AI Race, Linux/Android Support For Their New Developer Kit10 May 2018
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Work On New GEM/TTM Code, Regression Fixes12 Mar 2018
OpenChrome KMS Can Now Do Runtime Resolution Changes, Hopes To Go Mainline In 201811 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Still Aiming For Mainline Kernel, But Initially Will Lack 2D Acceleration02 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Continues To Be Developed, But It Didn't Make It Mainline This Year26 Dec 2017
OpenChrome DRM Still Being Ported To Newer Kernel, Lengthy Process25 Aug 2017
OpenChrome Still Pushing For DRM Kernel Driver, Updated DDX04 Aug 2017

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99 Articles
Virgl Lands A Number Of Performance Optimizations In Mesa 19.115 Feb 2019
LXD For Linux Containers Had A Very Fruitful 201804 Feb 2019
VIRTIO 1.1 Standard Moving Closer To Release With GPU Device, Better Performance26 Jan 2019
Many Linux x86_64 KVM Changes Ready To Go For Linux 4.2124 Dec 2018
QEMU 3.1 Released For Advancing The Linux Open-Source Virtualization Stack13 Dec 2018
VirtIO-FS: A Proposed Better Approach For Sharing Folders/Files With Guest VMs11 Dec 2018
ROE Kernel Hardening Continues To Restrict KVM VMs To Only Its Own Memory08 Dec 2018
QEMU 3.1 Is Almost Ready For Release With Multi-Threaded TCG, Many Other Changes29 Nov 2018
oVirt 4.3 Reaches Alpha With Intel Skylake Server & AMD EPYC Support27 Nov 2018
VirtualBox 5.2.22 Released, Disables 3D For Wayland & Brings Linux 4.19 Fixes09 Nov 2018

More Virtualization News

353 Articles
VK9 Project Stalls As Developer Leaves To Pursue Other Interests13 Feb 2019
Vulkan 1.1.100 Released Ahead Of Vulkan's Third Birthday11 Feb 2019
The Rust Vulkan Gfx-rs Portability Initiative Reaches New Milestone10 Feb 2019
Vulkan 1.1.99 Is Out With Two New Extensions04 Feb 2019
Igalia's VkRunner Is Helping To Check The Quality Of Vulkan Drivers02 Feb 2019
Vulkan's Portability Extension Coming Along, MoltenVK Now Boasts EXTX_portability_subset28 Jan 2019
DXVK 0.96 Released With More Optimizations, Game Fixes26 Jan 2019
The-Forge Taking Open-Source TressFX Further With Vulkan, Other Framework Improvements23 Jan 2019
MoltenVK Sees Big Update To Jump-Start Vulkan On macOS In 201918 Jan 2019
Vulkan 1.1.98 Brings A Dozen Fixes13 Jan 2019

More Vulkan News

372 Articles
Wayland's Weston 6.0 To Support XDG-Shell Stable, Helping Apps Like MPV Video Player16 Feb 2019
Mir 1.1.1 RC1 Has Fixes For PostmarketOS, Demo Shells Using Wayland15 Feb 2019
Sway 1.0 Close To Release For This Very Promising Wayland Compositor11 Feb 2019
Sway 1.0 RC1 Rolls Out With Wayland Clipboard Managers, Swayidle/Swaylock Changes05 Feb 2019
Greenfield Is Still Progressing As An HTML5 In-Browser Wayland Compositor03 Feb 2019
Weston Adds Pixman Renderer Config Option02 Feb 2019
Sway Adds Relative Pointer Support To Its 1.0 Feature List31 Jan 2019
The Latest Proposal For Wayland Content Protection Protocol (HDCP)28 Jan 2019
Wayland & Weston To See New Releases In Early March27 Jan 2019
Wayland's Weston Moving Towards Its Next Release Soon20 Jan 2019

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679 Articles
Wine Developers Release Hangover Alpha To Run Windows x86_64 Programs On 64-Bit ARM17 Feb 2019
Wine-Staging 4.2 Released - Now Less Than 800 Patches Atop Upstream Wine17 Feb 2019
Wine 4.2 Released With Unicode String Normalization & ECC Crypto Key Support15 Feb 2019
Wine Could Use Student Developers For VKD3D, Other Direct3D Enhancements10 Feb 2019
Wine-Staging 4.1 With Some Patches Upstreamed While More Fixes Introduced06 Feb 2019
Wine 4.1 Released As The First Development Step Towards Wine 5.004 Feb 2019
Wine-Nine-Standalone Offers Up New Release For Making Use Of Gallium D3D9 On Wine03 Feb 2019
More Details On The WineD3D Vulkan Plans & Why DXVK Isn't Being Used25 Jan 2019
Wine-Staging 4.0 Released25 Jan 2019
Wine Developers Are Exploring A Vulkan Backend To WineD3D24 Jan 2019

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608 Articles
Waffle Is Still Cooking For X11/Wayland Agnostic OpenGL/GLES Apps04 Feb 2019
Libinput Working On User-Space Support For High Resolution Scroll Wheels25 Jan 2019
Is It Worth Releasing X.Org Server Updates For Old Branches To Help Vintage Hardware?03 Jan 2019
The X.Org Server Continues Cruising Along As We Approach 201928 Dec 2018
Imagine 128 & Matrox Linux X.Org Display Drivers See Updates For The 2018 Holidays08 Dec 2018
i3 Window Manager v4.16 Released05 Nov 2018
X.Org Server 1.20.3 Released To Fix New Security Issue25 Oct 2018
Arcan Display Server Is Nearing Feature Parity With The X.Org Server20 Oct 2018
X.Org Server 1.20.2 Released With A Bunch Of Bug Fixes15 Oct 2018 Might Formally Join Forces With The X.Org Foundation15 Oct 2018

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975 Articles