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Ryzen 3 2200G Video Memory Size Testing On Linux19 Feb 2018
AMD's Raven Ridge Botchy Linux Support Appears Worse With Some Motherboards/BIOS19 Feb 2018
Ryzen 3 2200G + Ryzen 5 2400G Linux Benchmarks Coming Tomorrow12 Feb 2018
Raven Ridge Desktop APUs Come Out Tomorrow, The Likely Linux Requirements11 Feb 2018
Core i9 7980XE vs. Threadripper 1950X On Linux 4.15 With Ubuntu 18.0410 Feb 2018
AMD AOCC Compiler 1.1 Released For Zen CPUs29 Jan 2018
Ryzen Threadripper 1900X Should Report The Correct Temperature With Linux 4.1628 Jan 2018
Radeon VCN Gets Mesa Patches For HEVC Main Video Encode25 Jan 2018
AMD Retpoline Benchmarks From FX To Threadripper & EPYC16 Jan 2018
AMD CPUs Are Potentially Vulnerable To Spectre / Variant 212 Jan 2018

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Linux KPI-Based DRM Modules Now Working On FreeBSD 1118 Feb 2018
FreeBSD Finally Gets Mitigated For Spectre & Meltdown17 Feb 2018
DragonFlyBSD Adds New "Ptr_Restrict" Security Option14 Feb 2018
NetBSD Has SVS To Mitigate Meltdown, Still Working On Spectre05 Feb 2018
OPNsense 18.1 BSD Firewall/Network OS Released29 Jan 2018
Some FreeBSD Users Are Still Running Into Random Lock-Ups With Ryzen21 Jan 2018
FreeBSD-Powered OPNsense 18.1-RC1 Released11 Jan 2018
DragonFlyBSD Posts Initial Kernel Fix For Spectre10 Jan 2018
OpenBSD & FreeBSD Are Still Formulating Kernel Plans To Address Meltdown+Spectre06 Jan 2018
DragonFlyBSD Lands Fixes For Meltdown Vulnerability05 Jan 2018

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A Cloud/Hosting Provider Is Using Coreboot On Thousands Of Servers04 Feb 2018
New Coreboot Frame-Buffer Driver For The Linux Kernel25 Jan 2018
Coreboot 4.7 Released With 47 More Motherboards Supported, AMD Stoney Ridge15 Jan 2018
A "Newer" ASUS Mini-ITX AMD Motherboard Now Supported By Coreboot14 Jan 2018
Flashrom 1.0 Officially Released For Programming BIOS/EFI/ROM Flash Chips02 Jan 2018
Intel NUC DCP847SKE Now Supported By Coreboot26 Dec 2017
Coreboot Picks Up Support For Some Older ThinkPads21 Dec 2017
Coreboot Conference 2017 Videos Now Available11 Dec 2017
Another Ivy Bridge Era Motherboard Now Supported By Coreboot - ASRock B75 Pro3-M21 Aug 2017
Coreboot Now Has Basic UEFI Support Working With TianoCore12 Aug 2017

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Devuan 2.0 Reaches Beta, Debian Without Systemd & Now Based On Stretch13 Feb 2018
Debian Salsa Is Served Out On A Beta Dish25 Dec 2017
Debian Had A Successful 2017 With The Release Of "Stretch"19 Dec 2017
Debian 9.3 Released With Bug Fixes, Security Updates09 Dec 2017
Debian Installer Buster Alpha 2 Released06 Dec 2017
Sources.Debian.Org Launches To Provide Easy Access To Debian Source Code05 Dec 2017
Debian 9.2 Released07 Oct 2017
Debian 10 "Buster" Switches GNOME Session To Wayland By Default06 Sep 2017
The First Alpha Of Debian 10 "Buster" Installer03 Sep 2017
Debian Celebrates Its 24th Birthday16 Aug 2017

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232 Articles
MATE 1.20 Released With HiDPI Abilities, Global Menu Support07 Feb 2018
MenuLibre 2.1.5 Menu Editor Adds Budgie & KDE Plasma Support06 Feb 2018
Movit 1.6 Released For GPU-Based Video Filter Library25 Jan 2018
MenuLibre 2.1.4 Released For Menu Editing On GNOME/LXDE/Xfce/Unity18 Jan 2018
Lightworks 14.1 Video Editor Steps Closer To Release12 Jan 2018
Arcan 0.5.4 Display Server Released With Durden 0.4 Desktop31 Dec 2017
Schaller On Why The "Year Of The Linux Desktop" Hasn't Happened19 Dec 2017
GIMP 2.9.8 Released With On-Canvas Gradient Editing, Wayland Support12 Dec 2017
Darktable 2.4-RC1 Rolls Out With Windows Support, OpenCL Improvements11 Dec 2017
System76 Rolls Out Its New HiDPI Daemon10 Dec 2017

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VA-API 1.0 Video Acceleration Is Approved For Fedora 2818 Feb 2018
Fedora Might Begin Having A Release Manager15 Feb 2018
Experimenting With Fedora Atomic Workstation, But Still Rough Around The Edges09 Feb 2018
Fedora's Power Tweaks Dropped The Power Use On A ThinkPad By ~30%06 Feb 2018
Fedora 28 Will Hopefully Enable Intel PSR To Further Conserve Laptop Power01 Feb 2018
Fedora 28 Planning For VA-API 1.0 Support30 Jan 2018
FESCo Approves A Big Round Of Fedora 28 Features20 Jan 2018
Fedora Makes Progress On Their New Modularity Concept18 Jan 2018
Fedora Will Land A Free Software But "Crippled" AAC Decoder13 Jan 2018
Fedora 28 Looking To Replace Glibc's libcrypt With libxcrypt10 Jan 2018

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Free Software
Performance Co-Pilot Sees First Major Version Bump In Nearly A Decade20 Feb 2018
SuiteCRM 7.10 Released For Open-Source Customer Relationship Management19 Feb 2018
Outreachy Is Now Accepting Applications For Their Summer 2018 Internships17 Feb 2018
The Last Of The MPEG-2 Patents Have Expired14 Feb 2018
A Look Back At Python 3.0 After 10 Years12 Feb 2018
PostgreSQL 10.2 Released With A Ton Of Security & Bug Fixes08 Feb 2018
Nextcloud 13 Released With Better Interface, End-To-End Encryption06 Feb 2018
SQLite 3.22 Brings Zipfile Module For Interacting With Zip Archives23 Jan 2018
Git 2.16 Released18 Jan 2018
HHVM 3.24 Released, The Final Supporting PHP516 Jan 2018

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FP64 Support Finally Lands In Mesa Git For Intel Haswell03 Jan 2017

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GNOME 3.28 Beta Released With Many Improvements14 Feb 2018
GNOME Shell Gets macOS-Like Ability To Close Apps From The Alt-Tab Switcher09 Feb 2018
GTK+ 4.0 Gets More House Cleaning, Dropping Old Version References Saves ~7k L.O.C06 Feb 2018
On-Screen Keyboard Improvements, Thunderbolt UI Land In GNOME Shell06 Feb 2018
WebKitGTK+ 2.19.90 Adds Graphics ARIA Rolls, Horizontal Scroll Shortcut05 Feb 2018
GTK4 Ejects The Mir Backend & Drops The Big GDK Lock05 Feb 2018
GTK+ 4.0 Targeted For Its Initial Release This Fall, GTK+ 5.0 Development To Follow03 Feb 2018
GStreamer Lands A WebRTC Plugin03 Feb 2018
GNOME 3.28 Beta Is Next Week Marking The Feature/UI Freeze02 Feb 2018
GTK+ 4.0 Might Be Ready To Ship This Year With Its Many Toolkit Improvements28 Jan 2018

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GNU's Ring Continues Trying To Be Like Skype/WhatsApp For FLOSS/Privacy-Minded Fans05 Feb 2018
GNU Hurd Hardware Support Remains In Very Rough Shape For 201804 Feb 2018
FreeIPMI 1.6.1 Released With Performance Improvements, Better IPv6 Support04 Feb 2018
GRUB 2.04 Should Be Released Later This Year04 Feb 2018
Intel Icelake Support Lands In GCC 803 Feb 2018
Glibc 2.27 Released With Many Optimizations, Support For Static PIE Executables02 Feb 2018
GDB 8.1 Debugger Brings Better Rust Support, Improved Python Scripting31 Jan 2018
FSF Receives One Million Dollars Worth Of Bitcoin30 Jan 2018
Ncurses 6.1 Released With A Variety Of Improvements & Other Changes29 Jan 2018
GNU Binutils 2.30 Released27 Jan 2018

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X.Org, GNOME & The 200+ Other Organizations For GSoC 201814 Feb 2018
Chrome 65 Now In Beta With The CSS Paint API08 Feb 2018
Google Rolls Out cpu_features Library08 Feb 2018
Libvpx 1.7.0 Released With AVX Optimizations & More27 Jan 2018
Chrome 64 Ships With Spectre/Meltdown Mitigation, CSS Additions24 Jan 2018
Google Makes Disclosure About The CPU Vulnerability Affecting Intel / AMD / ARM03 Jan 2018
Chrome 64 Beta Brings Stronger Pop-Up Blocker, JavaScript Improvements14 Dec 2017
GAPID 1.0 Released As Google's Cross-Platform Vulkan Debugger13 Dec 2017
Chrome 63 Beta Rolls Out With Dynamic Module Imports, Device Memory API27 Oct 2017
Google Even Fear Intel ME, Reduce Their Attack Vector With NERF27 Oct 2017

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Airtop2 Inferno Offers i7-7700K + GeForce GTX 1080 While Being Fanless14 Feb 2018
HDCP Content Protection Support Called For Integration In DRM-Next / Linux 4.1714 Feb 2018
Raspberry Pi VC4 Working On Polishing KMS Support, Continued VC5 Progress13 Feb 2018
EPYC vs. Xeon Gold In Nearly 200 Tests With Ubuntu On Linux 4.1512 Feb 2018
Remember The EOMA68 Computer Card Project? It Hopes To Ship This Year11 Feb 2018
GCC Lands s390 Compiler-Side Changes For Spectre V211 Feb 2018
ARM's Spectre & Meltdown Mitigation Being Backported To Linux 4.1510 Feb 2018
S390 Architecture Gets Spectre Mitigation With "Expoline" & Other Patches09 Feb 2018
New Slimbook KDE Plasma Ultrabook Rolled Out08 Feb 2018
Spectre V1 Mitigation & Other Spectre/Meltdown Updates For 64-bit ARM On Linux 4.1608 Feb 2018

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1223 Articles
Google's Octopus Is A Gemini Lake Chromebook18 Feb 2018
Initial Intel Icelake Support Lands In Mesa OpenGL Driver, Vulkan Support Started16 Feb 2018
Intel Open-Sources LLVM Graphics Compiler, Compute Runtime With OpenCL 2.1+16 Feb 2018
Intel's Mesa Driver Gets Patches For New EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch15 Feb 2018
Initial Icelake Support Heading To Linux 4.17, Many Bug Fixes Thanks To CI Testing14 Feb 2018
Intel 2017Q4 Graphics Stack Recipe Released14 Feb 2018
Intel Sends Out Initial Open-Source Mesa 3D Driver Patches For Ice Lake13 Feb 2018
Local Virtual GPU Display Support Is About Ready For Intel Linux Systems13 Feb 2018
Selectable Platform Support Proposed Again For Intel's DRM Driver10 Feb 2018
Intel Launches The Xeon D 2100, Up To 18 Core SoCs07 Feb 2018

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1289 Articles
KDE Amarok Music Player Receives Revived Port To Qt5 / KF515 Feb 2018
KDE Frameworks 5.43 Released With KHolidays Module, glTF/Coillada Highlighting12 Feb 2018
KDE Plasma Had A Silly But Serious Security Bug09 Feb 2018
KMyMoney 5.0 Released, Ported To KDE Frameworks 507 Feb 2018
KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS Released With Much Better Wayland Support, Other Improvements06 Feb 2018
KDE's Elisa Music Player Reaches Its Second Alpha03 Feb 2018
KDE's Calligra 3.1 Officially Released, Gemini Ported To KDE Frameworks 501 Feb 2018
KWin Developer's Response To The GNOME CSD Initiative27 Jan 2018
KDE Plasma Remains Committed To Supporting Icons On The Desktop24 Jan 2018
KDE's Discover Snap Support Is Maturing Too17 Jan 2018

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731 Articles
LibreOffice 6.0 Released With A Ton Of Open-Source Office Suite Improvements31 Jan 2018
LibreOffice Gets "KDE 5" Integration That's A GTK3/KDE5 Hybrid23 Jan 2018
LibreOffice 6.0 Beta Available - Huge Open-Source Office Suite Update For 201825 Nov 2017
LibreOffice Calc Is Finally Being Threaded22 Nov 2017
LibreOffice Lands An Initial Qt5 Interface Plugin06 Nov 2017
LibreOffice Gets Flicker-Free OpenGL Transitions11 Sep 2017
LibreOffice 5.4 Released With New Standard Color Palette, Improved File Handling28 Jul 2017
LibreOffice 6.0 Is In Development12 Jun 2017
LibreOffice 5.4 Beta 1 Tagged, LibreOffice 5.5 On Main18 May 2017
A Look At Some Of The Changes So Far For LibreOffice 5.418 Apr 2017

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95 Articles
Linux Events
A Recap Of The Many Interesting Presentations At FOSDEM 201813 Feb 2018
Jon Masters On Understanding Spectre & Meltdown CPU Vulnerabilities05 Feb 2018
FOSDEM 2018 Is This Weekend In Brussels02 Feb 2018
Linux.Conf.Au 2018 Videos Now Available25 Jan 2018
Audio Recordings Posted For Linux Plumbers Conference 201725 Nov 2017
FOSDEM 2018 Will Be Hosting A Wayland / Mesa / Mir / X.Org Developer Room19 Nov 2017
Embedded Linux Conference Europe & Open-Source Summit Wrap Up In Prague29 Oct 2017
The Graphics Talks Of The 2017 Open-Source Summit NA16 Sep 2017
Phoronix Moscow Meetup - April 201730 Mar 2017
Linaro Connect Budapest '17 Slides & Videos11 Mar 2017

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53 Articles
Linux Gaming
A Total War Saga: THRONES OF BRITANNIA Is Coming To Linux19 Feb 2018
Feral Is Bringing Rise of the Tomb Raider To Linux13 Feb 2018
Godot 3.0 Open-Source Game Engine Released29 Jan 2018
Feral Interactive Wants To Know What Game Ports You'd Like In 201823 Jan 2018
Castle Game Engine 6.4 Brings Rigid-Body Physics, Improved Render Pipeline22 Jan 2018
Unity Game Engine Working On Graphics Rendering Improvements For 201818 Jan 2018
Unreal Engine 4.19 Preview Rolls Out With Renderer Enhancements16 Jan 2018
Godot 3.0 Release Candidate 1 Debuts Ahead Of This Imminent Game Engine Release14 Jan 2018
Game Porter Feral Interactive Is Up To Around 72 Employees11 Jan 2018
Unity 2018.1 Introducing A "Scriptable Render Pipeline"11 Jan 2018

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Linux Kernel
Linux 4.16-rc2 Kernel Released18 Feb 2018
VGA_Switcheroo Is Getting Modernized With Device Link Support18 Feb 2018
Linux 4.15-ck1 Released With MuQSS 0.17018 Feb 2018
Linux 4.14 & 4.15 Get KPTI Protection For 64-bit ARM17 Feb 2018
Spectre & KPTI Get More Fixes In Linux 4.16, Offsets Some KVM Performance Losses15 Feb 2018
Qualcomm Rolls Out ~110k Lines Of New Kernel Code For Snapdragon 845 Display Support13 Feb 2018
Linux 4.16-rc1 Kernel Released With Many Changes11 Feb 2018
RISC-V Changes For Linux 4.16 Aren't As Big As Hoped For07 Feb 2018
Media Subsystem Changes Head Into Linux 4.16: NVIDIA Tegra Decoder, Xbox One TV Tuner07 Feb 2018
Linux Kernel's GCC-Plugins Infrastructure Now Supports GCC 807 Feb 2018

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Linux Storage
ZFS On Linux 0.7.6 Brings Linux 4.15 Support, Fixes06 Feb 2018
XFS Feature Used For Online Fsck Graduates From Experimental06 Feb 2018
LizardFS Had A Busy 2017 But This Year They Will Be Even Busier With A Big Rework06 Feb 2018
OverlayFS Adds NFS Export Support In Linux 4.1605 Feb 2018
EXT4 Is Mostly Fixes With Linux 4.1603 Feb 2018
XFS In Linux 4.16 Continues With "Great Scads Of New Stuff"31 Jan 2018
Linux 4.16 Can Be A Lot Faster For Small I/O Activity31 Jan 2018
F2FS Sees An Assortment Of File-System Improvements With Linux 4.1631 Jan 2018
Btrfs Gets More RAID 5/6 Fixes In Linux 4.1629 Jan 2018
Block Updates Land In The Linux 4.16 Kernel29 Jan 2018

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277 Articles
LLVM 6.0 RC2 Released, Retpoline Support Still Settling07 Feb 2018
Initial Retpoline Support Added To LLVM For Spectre v2 Mitigation22 Jan 2018
LLVM 6.0-RC1 Makes Its Belated Debut17 Jan 2018
LLVM Clang Is Moving Closer To Full OpenMP 4.5 Support09 Jan 2018
SPIR-V Support For Upstream LLVM Is Back To Being Discussed09 Jan 2018
LLVM 7.0 / Clang 7.0 Is Now Under Development03 Jan 2018
CIB: Getting The Clang Compiler To Run In A Web Browser01 Jan 2018
Features To Look Forward To With LLVM / Clang 6.031 Dec 2017
LLVM Clang Gets Support For Configuration Files30 Dec 2017
LLVM 6.0 Is Being Branched In One Week, LLVM 7.0 Development To Begin27 Dec 2017

More LLVM News

454 Articles
Mesa 17.3.5 Released To Fix A RADV Bug19 Feb 2018
Libdrm 2.4.90 Released With Meson Build System, AMDGPU & Intel Improvements18 Feb 2018
Mesa Git Lands RadeonSI 32-bit Pointers Support17 Feb 2018
Mesa 17.3.4 Released With 90+ Changes15 Feb 2018
Marek Updates OpenGL 3.1 ARB_compatibility Support For Mesa15 Feb 2018
Freedreno Gallium3D Tackling NIR Optimizations & More In 201812 Feb 2018
Gallium3D Now Supports NIR Shader Disk Cache10 Feb 2018
Mesa 18.0-RC4 Released With More Fixes09 Feb 2018
~80 Patches Are Left For Having Intel i965 SPIR-V Support05 Feb 2018
Some Early Bits Of The "Soft FP64" Infrastructure Will Be Mainlined Soon In Mesa01 Feb 2018

More Mesa News

1360 Articles
Microsoft Hyper-V Guests Get PCID Support With Linux 4.1630 Jan 2018
Microsoft Still Loves Git & Continues Working On Improvements16 Jan 2018
Microsoft Brings AMD EPYC To The Cloud05 Dec 2017
Microsoft's Linux / Open-Source Actions Of 201705 Dec 2017
The Maß Is Empty: Munich Switching Back To Windows After ~14 Years With Linux24 Nov 2017
Microsoft Is Trying To Make Windows Subsystem For Linux Faster (WSL)17 Nov 2017
Mono Developing A New .NET Interpreter13 Nov 2017
Microsoft Adds GCC ARM Cross-Compilation Support To Visual Studio03 Nov 2017
Open ZFS File-System Running On Windows24 Oct 2017
Microsoft Rolls Out A Preview Of The New Skype For Linux29 Sep 2017

More Microsoft News

137 Articles
Rust 1.24 Released With "rustfmt" Preview & Incremental Compilation By Default15 Feb 2018
GFX-RS Continues Advancing For High-Performance, Portable Graphics In Rust04 Feb 2018
Firefox 59 Might Ship With Working Wayland Support25 Jan 2018
Firefox 58 Arrives With Continued Speed Optimizations23 Jan 2018
Firefox 58 Bringing Faster WebAssembly Compilation With Two-Tiered Compiler17 Jan 2018
Firefox 59 Is Dropping GTK2 Support13 Jan 2018
Firefox 60 Is The Next ESR Release, Introducing Policy Engine12 Jan 2018
Mozilla's WebRender Making Good Progress, Can Be Tested On Firefox Nightly27 Nov 2017
Pale Moon Project Rolls Out The Basilisk Browser Project17 Nov 2017
Mozilla Still Isn't Ready To Enable OpenGL By Default In Firefox For Linux16 Nov 2017

More Mozilla News

260 Articles
The Current State Of Kodi 18 Development11 Feb 2018
VLC 3.0 Released09 Feb 2018
VLC 3.0 Should Be Out By The End Of The Week08 Feb 2018
GStreamer 1.14 Working On AV1 & RTSP 2.0 Support, Promote MP3 Encoder/Decoder07 Feb 2018
A 2018 Status Update On The Royalty-Free AV1 Video Codec05 Feb 2018
Kodi 18 Is Coming But They Are Already Thinking About Kodi 1904 Feb 2018
MythTV 29.1 Released01 Feb 2018
OpenShot Video Editor Planning For Many Improvements In 201801 Jan 2018
The Next MPV Player Release Will Offer Much Better Vulkan Support26 Dec 2017
MPV Player 0.28 Adds Initial Vulkan Support25 Dec 2017

More Multimedia News

275 Articles
Nouveau Gets ARB_bindless_texture Support For Maxwell & Newer18 Feb 2018
Nouveau Updates Submitted For Linux 4.16, Bringing GP108 & Kepler Clock Gating09 Feb 2018
Kepler Clock Gating Queued In Nouveau DRM, Lowering Power Use04 Feb 2018
Nouveau Hopes For Basic Vulkan Driver This Year, NVIDIA To Release Some New Docs Soon03 Feb 2018
Updated Clock-Gating Comes For NVIDIA Kepler GPUs On Nouveau26 Jan 2018
Red Hat Developer Manages Full Clock-Gating For Kepler With Nouveau15 Jan 2018
NVIDIA Contributes Some New Tegra/Nouveau Patches11 Jan 2018
Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D Lands OpenGL Bindless Texture Support07 Jan 2018
Red Hat's Latest Nouveau Developer Posts Updated NIR Code05 Jan 2018
Nouveau Persevered In 2017 For Open-Source NVIDIA But 2018 Could Be Much Better31 Dec 2017

More Nouveau News

379 Articles
NVIDIA Preparing Upstream Linux Kernel Support For The Tegra Xavier SoC15 Feb 2018
NVIDIA 390.25 Linux Driver Released With GTX 1060 5GB & Quadro P620 Support29 Jan 2018
NVIDIA 340.106 Legacy Driver Released For KPTI Compatibility16 Jan 2018
The NVIDIA 390 Driver Is Playing Nicely With Linux 4.15 Kernel10 Jan 2018
NVIDIA Confirms GPU Driver Fixes For Spectre09 Jan 2018
NVIDIA Rolls Out New Vulkan Beta Driver With Conservative Rasterization Support08 Jan 2018
NVIDIA Mainlining Tegra186 DRM Support For Linux 4.1605 Jan 2018
NVIDIA 390.12 Linux Driver Reaches Beta04 Jan 2018
NVIDIA's New Allocator Library Will Need A Lot Of Work In 201829 Dec 2017
NVIDIA May Be Trying To Prevent GeForce GPUs From Being Used In Data Centers25 Dec 2017

More NVIDIA News

681 Articles
Operating Systems
Jolla Pushes Out Sailfish OS 2.1.4 Into Early Access20 Feb 2018
Solus 4 To Offer Experimental GNOME Wayland Session, MATE UI Refresh16 Feb 2018
System76's Pop!_OS Switching From GRUB To Systemd-Boot05 Feb 2018
Genode Is Developing A GPU Multiplexer For Intel Graphics Hardware05 Feb 2018
Sailfish X Working On File-System Encryption, Btrfs, Dual SIM Support31 Jan 2018
Solus Releases Linux Driver Management 1.028 Jan 2018
KDE-Focused Netrunner Rolling 2018.01 Released27 Jan 2018
Purism Begins Work On Unified Themes For Convergent PureOS Devices24 Jan 2018
Genode OS Framework Making Plans For 201820 Jan 2018
Flapjack Helps Developers Work On Components Inside Flatpak17 Jan 2018

More Operating Systems News

580 Articles
OpenIndiana Has Upgraded To The GCC 6 Compiler17 Feb 2018
Oracle Still Working On DTrace For Linux In 201812 Feb 2018
The State of OpenJDK In Early 201808 Feb 2018
Developers Start Getting Excited For MySQL 8.0, Several Talks From FOSDEM07 Feb 2018
Oracle Releases Solaris 11.4 Public Beta With GNOME 3 Desktop, Secure UEFI Boot30 Jan 2018
Solaris 11.4 To Move From GNOME 2 Desktop To GNOME Shell06 Jan 2018
Oracle Pushes Out Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R4U614 Dec 2017
VirtualBox DDX Released As xf86-video-vboxvideo 1.029 Nov 2017
Following RHEL, Oracle Linux 7 Brought To ARM29 Nov 2017
Longtime GNOME Contributor & Oracle Principal UX Designer Leaves The Company06 Nov 2017

More Oracle News

187 Articles
Spectre & Meltdown Defined January 201801 Feb 2018
Open-Source Driver Progress & Vulkan Dominated December01 Jan 2018
The Most Popular Articles On Phoronix In 201731 Dec 2017
Happy New Year's From Phoronix & Here's To An Awesome 201831 Dec 2017
A Decade Of Phoronix Article Statistics From 2007 To 201726 Dec 2017
Happy Holidays & Here's Our Offering As We End Out 201724 Dec 2017
Linux 4.15, Distro Performance & Open-Source Radeon Excitement Ends November30 Nov 2017
Coffee Lake, AMD EPYC & AMDGPU Dominated October01 Nov 2017
AMD EPYC, Linux 4.14, Librem 5, RX Vega & The Other Linux Highlights Of September01 Oct 2017
HTTPS By Default For Everyone23 Sep 2017

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Phoronix Test Suite
Phoronix Test Suite 7.8 Officially Released For Open-Source, Cross-OS Benchmarking14 Feb 2018 Serves Up Its 29 Millionth Test/Suite Benchmark Download11 Feb 2018
Phoronix Test Suite 7.8 Milestone 3 Brings More Benchmarking Improvements06 Feb 2018
Phoronix Test Suite 7.8 M2 Released As "Folldal" Development Heats Up14 Jan 2018
Phoronix Test Suite 7.8 Milestone 1 Released08 Jan 2018 Crosses 28,000,000 Test/Suite Benchmark Downloads07 Jan 2018
Phoronix Test Suite 7.6 Released07 Dec 2017
Phoronix Test Suite 7.6 M4 Available For Last Minute Testing03 Dec 2017
Phoronix Test Suite 7.6 M3 Is The Last Ahead Of The Stable "Alvdal"21 Nov 2017 Crosses 27 Million Test/Suite Downloads19 Nov 2017

More Phoronix Test Suite News

127 Articles
Show Your Love For Linux Hardware & Benchmarking This Valentine's Day14 Feb 2018
Phoronix Premium, Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Winter Shopping Reminders23 Nov 2017
Just A Few Days Left To The Phoronix Fest Deal11 Oct 2017
2017 "Oktoberfest" Premium: Snag A Great Deal While Supporting Our Work07 Oct 2017
Your Last Chance To Take Advantage Of Our Birthday Bargain07 Jun 2017
Celebrate Phoronix's 13th Birthday By Going Ad-Free Premium At A Great Discount01 Jun 2017
Today's The Last Day For Our Ad-Free Site Deal For Thanksgiving 201628 Nov 2016
It's Time For The Annual Thanksgiving Event To Support Our Linux Testing, Benchmarking23 Nov 2016
Today Marks Amazon's Second Prime Day12 Jul 2016
Phoronix Turns 12 Years Old This Week: Here's A Birthday Special For You30 May 2016

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20 Articles
C++17 Is Now Official04 Dec 2017
PHP 7.2 Is One Step Away From Release12 Nov 2017
uClibc Is Still Around As A Lightweight C Standard Library29 Oct 2017
Rust 1.21 Released With Minor Updates12 Oct 2017
PyPy 5.9 Released With Faster JSON Parser, Greater Compatibility05 Oct 2017
HHVM 3.21 Released With Better PHP7 Compatibility, Sodium Support03 Aug 2017
Haswell-Tuned Binaries Are Still Sometimes Faster On AMD Ryzen Than Znver1 Tuning21 Jul 2017
Valgrind 3.13 Memory Debugger Supports Larger Programs, Many Refinements18 Jun 2017
Rust 1.18 Released08 Jun 2017
HHVM 3.20 Released With Performance Improvements, Better PHP7 Compatibility07 Jun 2017

More Programming News

216 Articles
Proprietary Software
Vivaldi Web Browser Now Available For Linux ARM / Raspberry Pi05 Dec 2017
TeamViewer 13 Now Available For Linux As A Native 64-bit Port04 Dec 2017
Adobe Is Finally Ending Flash Support... In 202025 Jul 2017
Apple Unveils "Metal 2" Graphics API, Better Performance & Capabilities For VR05 Jun 2017
Opera 43 Lands With "Instant Page Loading"07 Feb 2017
Lightworks 14 Steps Closer To Release, UI Updates & More15 Dec 2016
WSL-Distribution-Switcher Swaps Out Ubuntu For Other Distros On Windows20 Nov 2016
Adobe Rolls Out Flash Player 24 Beta For Linux31 Oct 2016
Opera 41 Browser Brings Performance Improvements25 Oct 2016
KernelCare Is Another Alternative To Canonical's Ubuntu Live Kernel Patching21 Oct 2016

More Proprietary Software News

124 Articles
Qt 5.11 Alpha Released With Many Toolkit Additions20 Feb 2018
Qt 5.10.1 Ships With More Than 300 Bug Fixes13 Feb 2018
GammaRay 2.9 Released For Inspecting Qt Applications09 Feb 2018
Qt Creator 4.6 Beta Rolls Out With C++17 Features, Navigation Improvements07 Feb 2018
The Qt 5.11 Feature Freeze Is Imminent25 Jan 2018
Qt 5.9.4 Released With Close To 200 Bug Fixes23 Jan 2018
PackageKit-Qt Updated With Qt5 Port, Offline Updates & Performance Improvement12 Jan 2018
With Qt 6.0 Development To Heat Up, 2018 Should Be Exciting For Qt02 Jan 2018
Qt 5.10 Released Along With Qt Creator 4.507 Dec 2017
Otter RC3 Released As The Browser Inspired By Opera 12 & Implemented Using Qt506 Dec 2017

More Qt News

309 Articles
Vega Gets Its Last Fix For Dawn of War III On Linux With Vulkan20 Feb 2018
RadeonSI Now Offers NIR Shader Cache Support20 Feb 2018
Marek Working Towards Even Lower SGPR Register Usage18 Feb 2018
AMD May Have Accidentally Outed Vulkan 1.115 Feb 2018
AMDVLK/XGL Gets Vega Enhancements, LLPC Optimizations14 Feb 2018
34 More Patches Roll Out For AMDGPU DC With Raven Ridge Fixes Plus Color Management12 Feb 2018
AMDVLK Driver Updated With New Extension, Better Geometry Shader Support11 Feb 2018
AMDKFD GPUVM Support Updated For Radeon Discrete GPUs08 Feb 2018
WattMan Support Coming For Radeon Polaris GPUs On Linux08 Feb 2018
RADV Vulkan Driver Now Exposes VK_EXT_external_memory_host07 Feb 2018

More Radeon News

724 Articles
Red Hat
Red Hat Is Acquiring CoreOS30 Jan 2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Offers Wayland In Tech Preview Form24 Jan 2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Reaches Public Beta24 Jan 2018
Red Hat's Latest Project: "Bolt" To Deal With Linux Thunderbolt Security14 Dec 2017
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM Hits General Availability13 Nov 2017
NetworkManager Adds In Open vSwitch Support31 Oct 2017
Fleet Commander Now Ready To Deploy Fedora & RHEL Desktops At Scale18 Oct 2017
Red Hat Planning For A Wayland Tech Preview In RHEL 7.529 Sep 2017
oVirt 4.2 Features Redesigned Admin Portal29 Sep 2017
Red Hat Formally Rolls Out Pipewire For Being The "Video Equivalent of PulseAudio"19 Sep 2017

More Red Hat News

161 Articles
Golang 1.10 Offers Many Smaller Changes, Restores NetBSD Support16 Feb 2018
Khronos Adds Draco Geometry Compression To glTF 2.016 Feb 2018
Khronos Announces OpenGL 4.6 Adopters Program, Improved CTS31 Jan 2018
Khronos Announces NNEF 1.0 Standard For Neural Networks20 Dec 2017
Unity Continues Crunching More Out Of Crunch Texture Compression16 Dec 2017
VESA Rolls Out DisplayHDR As Its Latest Standard12 Dec 2017
Khronos Releases SYCL 1.2.1 With TensorFlow Acceleration, C++17 Alignment06 Dec 2017
VC4CL: Bringing OpenCL To The Raspberry Pi04 Dec 2017
VESA Pushes Out DisplayID 2.0 As The Successor To EDID For Monitors & Electronics14 Nov 2017
Lizard: Yet Another Compression Algorithm Joins The Party10 Nov 2017

More Standards News

178 Articles
OpenSUSE Leap 15 Will Ship With Plasma Wayland Option08 Feb 2018
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Already Shipping KDE Plasma 5.12, Mesa 18.008 Feb 2018
OpenSUSE Leap 15 Beta Snapshots Begin, Powered By Linux 4.14 + Plasma 5.1231 Jan 2018
OpenSUSE Rolling Out Retpoline Support, Xen Spectre/Meltdown Mitigation28 Jan 2018
Storage-NG Now Active In openSUSE Tumbleweed25 Jan 2018
openSUSE Tumbleweed Rolls To Mesa 17.3, Linux 4.14.1319 Jan 2018
Libstorage-NG Landing Soon In openSUSE Tumbleweed For Improving The Installer09 Jan 2018
OpenSUSE In 2017 Continued Rolling With Btrfs, Worked On New Boot Splash, GCC Hacking20 Dec 2017
Why SUSE Is Using FBCON Rather Than DRM/KMS For Their In-Kernel Boot Splash18 Dec 2017
SUSE Rolls Out New Version Of Their In-Kernel Boot Splash Screen14 Dec 2017

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Systemd 237 Released With WireGuard Support, Keyboard See-Saw/Rocker Changes28 Jan 2018
Systemd 237 Is Being Prepared For Release25 Jan 2018
Systemd 237 Will Have Support For WireGuard12 Jan 2018
systemd Breached One Million Lines Of Code In 201702 Jan 2018
Systemd 236 Brings Support For LUKS2 Encrypted Partitions, New Options14 Dec 2017
Systemd 236 Is Being Prepped For Release This Month With Many Changes01 Dec 2017
systemd's "All Systems Go" 2017 Conference Videos Now Available23 Oct 2017
systemd 235 Released06 Oct 2017
Systemd 234 Released: Meson Build System, Networkd Improvements13 Jul 2017
CVE-2017-9445: systemd Hit By New Security Vulnerability28 Jun 2017

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UBports Continues Working On Unity 8, Developer ISO Coming18 Feb 2018
Snapd 2.31 Better Supports Wayland Via Mir, Canonical Hires Another Mir Developer18 Feb 2018
Mir 0.30 Released With Improved Wayland Support15 Feb 2018
Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS Planned For Release 1 March14 Feb 2018
Canonical Pursuing A Hardware/Software Survey For Ubuntu Installations14 Feb 2018
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Landing Mesa 18.0, Enabling GLVND14 Feb 2018
X.Org Server 1.19.7 Is Being Prepared For Ubuntu With OutputClass Improvements13 Feb 2018
Mir 0.30 Is Getting Buttoned Up For Release10 Feb 2018
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Policy Forming For Allowing Snaps By Default08 Feb 2018
Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal Spin Down To ~30MB Compressed / ~81MB On Disk02 Feb 2018

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Steam Updated With Improved Joystick/Controller Support13 Feb 2018
Keith Packard Plumbs Direct Display Extensions Into RADV & ANV10 Feb 2018
Steam Audio 2.0 Adds AMD TrueAudio Next Support09 Feb 2018
Valve Has Hired Another Open-Source Linux GPU Driver Developer08 Feb 2018
Steam On Linux Starts 2018 With A Slight Increase In Gamers01 Feb 2018
RadeonSI Semaphore Begins Hitting Mesa Git, Needed By SteamVR On Linux30 Jan 2018
Steam UI Finally Has A Scaling Mode For HiDPI Monitors26 Jan 2018
SteamOS Beta Switches To Linux 4.14.13 For KPTI To Mitigate Meltdown16 Jan 2018
Valve Ships Its First SteamOS Brewmaster Beta Of 201805 Jan 2018
Steam On Linux Ended 2017 With A Slight Increase In Marketshare01 Jan 2018

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OpenChrome DRM Continues To Be Developed, But It Didn't Make It Mainline This Year26 Dec 2017
OpenChrome DRM Still Being Ported To Newer Kernel, Lengthy Process25 Aug 2017
OpenChrome Still Pushing For DRM Kernel Driver, Updated DDX04 Aug 2017
OpenChrome Maintainer Making Some Progress On VIA DRM Driver25 Sep 2016
OpenChrome Driver Continues To Get Fixed Up, New Version Next Month10 Aug 2016
OpenChrome 0.5 Has Working Support For Multiple Monitors06 Jul 2016
VIA OpenChrome Driver Has A Roadmap, But Only One Developer27 May 2016
OpenChrome 0.4.0 DDX Driver Revives VIA Open-Source x86 Graphics01 Apr 2016
OpenChrome 0.4 Coming For Letting Open-Source VIA Support Live On29 Mar 2016
VIA OpenChrome X.Org Driver Getting Ready For First Release In Over Two Years14 Feb 2016

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Google & Collabora Working On OpenGL ES 2.0 Virtualized GPU Access For Containers12 Feb 2018
KVM For Linux 4.16 Brings AMD SEV, Exposing More AVX-512 Features To Guests10 Feb 2018
AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization Is Ready To Roll With Linux 4.1619 Jan 2018
Jailhouse Guest Support Queued For Linux 4.1616 Jan 2018
Jailhouse v0.8 Linux Hypervisor Released28 Dec 2017
oVirt 4.2 Brings A New Admin Panel, NVIDIA vGPU Support20 Dec 2017
Intel Introduces "Hyper DMA-BUF" To Exchange Buffers Between VMs20 Dec 2017
Xen Hypervisor 4.10 Released With Centriq and ThunderX Support, New Intel Features14 Dec 2017
Looking Glass Released For KVM Frame Relay, High Performance Windows VM Gaming14 Dec 2017
VirtualBox Guest Drivers Still Working Their Way To The Mainline Linux Kernel26 Nov 2017

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Vulkan 1.0.69 Released With Fixes & New AMD Buffer Marker Extension20 Feb 2018
LunarG's Vulkan Layer Factory Aims To Make Writing Vulkan Layers Easier16 Feb 2018
LunarG's Vulkan SDK 1.0.68 Released09 Feb 2018
Khronos GDC Developer Day Set For 19 March30 Jan 2018
Open-Source Project Trying To Map Vulkan Onto Direct3D 12 & Metal28 Jan 2018
DXVK Begins Working For Even More D3D11-Over-Vulkan Games On Wine25 Jan 2018
LunarG Rolls Out Vulkan "DevSim" Device Simulator23 Jan 2018
DXVK Is Making Significant Progress In Implementing Direct3D 11 Over Vulkan21 Jan 2018
Vulkan 1.0.68 Published15 Jan 2018
Vulkan 1.0.67 Released With Conservative Rasterization Extension06 Jan 2018

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Wayland Protocols 1.13 Introduces New Input Timestamp Protocol15 Feb 2018
Libinput 1.10 Released With Better Palm Detection, Drops Touchpad Hysteresis13 Feb 2018
Wayland 1.15 & Weston 4.0 Now Planned For Release In April12 Feb 2018
SDL Now Supports Wayland's XDG-Shell07 Feb 2018
Atomic Mode-Setting Finally Landing For Wayland's Weston Compositor06 Feb 2018
Igalia's Battle Getting Chromium Running Nicely On Wayland04 Feb 2018
Purism Might Develop An X11-Free Wayland Compositor Aligned With GNOME02 Feb 2018
Libinput 1.10 Is On The Way To Remove Touchpad Hysteresis22 Jan 2018
Some Of What's Coming For Wayland's Weston 4.0 Compositor14 Jan 2018
Wayland 1.15 & Weston 4.0 Planning For Release Next Month11 Jan 2018

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New Wine-Vulkan Patches Are Under Review20 Feb 2018
Wine-Staging Will No Longer Be Putting Out New Releases17 Feb 2018
Wine 3.2 Released With HID Gamepad Support, D3D Multi-Sample Textures16 Feb 2018
The First Stubs For Direct3D 12 Are Now In Wine Git14 Feb 2018
Wine 3.1 Released As The First Step Towards Wine 4.002 Feb 2018
Wine 3.0 Development By The Numbers19 Jan 2018
Wine 3.0 Released With Initial Direct3D 11 Support, D3D Command Stream18 Jan 2018
Wine 3.0-RC6 Released While Wine 3.0.0 Should Be Near12 Jan 2018
Wine 3.0-RC5 Released With More Bug Fixes05 Jan 2018
Wine 2.0.4 Released While Wine 3.0 Is Just Around The Corner02 Jan 2018

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VESA X.Org Driver Sees First Update In Three Years17 Feb 2018
DRI3 v1.1 Updated by Collabora For Modifiers & Multi-Plane Support16 Feb 2018
GLXVND Support Lands In Git For X.Org Server 1.2015 Feb 2018
X.Org Server Patches Updated For Non-Desktop & Lease Handling12 Feb 2018
Xorgproto 2018.2 Released To Fix The Fallout Of This New X.Org Package12 Feb 2018
XWayland Gets Initial Support For EGLStreams To Support NVIDIA's Driver07 Feb 2018
Xorgproto Debuts, Reflecting X.Org Server Development Slowing Down05 Feb 2018
GLXVND Server Module / Server-Side GLVND Updated For X.Org Server03 Feb 2018
Keith Packard Exploring "Semi-Automatic Compositing" For The X.Org Server03 Feb 2018
GLAMOR Acceleration Should Now Work With 30-Bit Deep Color Support26 Jan 2018

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