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AMD "Smart Trace Buffer" Feature Being Wired Up For Linux21 Oct 2021
Linux To No Longer Enable AMD SME Usage By Default Due To Problems With Some Hardware17 Oct 2021
AMD Publishes New Linux Audio Driver Code For Yellow Carp / ACP6x Audio Co-Processor11 Oct 2021
AMD SEV-SNP Development Continues Towards The Linux Kernel04 Oct 2021
New AMD Linux Audio Driver Patches Posted - Aimed For Enhancing Chromebook Support30 Sep 2021
AMD Aims For 30x Energy Efficiency Improvement For AI Training + HPC By 202529 Sep 2021
Linux 5.16 To Expose AMD PSF Disable Bit To KVM Guests28 Sep 2021
Updated AMD P-State Driver Published For Linux26 Sep 2021
AMD + Valve Focusing On P-State / CPPC Driver With Schedutil For Better Linux Efficiency18 Sep 2021
Still-Pending AMD PSF Control Patch To Be Retailored For KVM13 Sep 2021

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1271 Articles
Linux 5.16 To Support The 2021 Apple Magic Keyboard20 Oct 2021
Apple Silicon PCIe Driver Queued For Linux 5.1620 Oct 2021
Apple Announces The M1 Pro / M1 Max, Asahi Linux Starts Eyeing Their Bring-Up18 Oct 2021
Asahi Linux On The Apple M1: "Usable As A Basic Linux Desktop" Sans GPU Acceleration05 Oct 2021
Apple M1 USB Type-C Linux Support Code Sent Out For Testing18 Sep 2021
Apple M1 IOMMU Driver Merged For Linux 5.15, Intel Scalable Mode By Default04 Sep 2021
Linux On The Apple M1 Can Now Boot To The GNOME Desktop But Lacking Acceleration23 Aug 2021
Apple M1 PCIe Driver Under Review For The Linux Kernel15 Aug 2021
Reverse Engineering & Bring-Up Of Linux On The Apple Silicon M1 Continues14 Aug 2021
Apple Magic Mouse To Support High Resolution Scrolling With Linux 5.1515 Jul 2021

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68 Articles
Arm Begins Adding Armv9 Support To The GNU Compiler Toolchain01 Oct 2021
Ampere Altra Max 128-Core CPU Is Priced Lower Than Flagship Xeon, EPYC CPUs30 Sep 2021
NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX + Other ARM Platforms Now Supported By Linux 5.1502 Sep 2021
Arm Posts New GCC Compiler Patches Due To New Vulnerability Affecting ARMv8-M TrustZone24 Aug 2021
Arm SMCCC TRNG Driver Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.1508 Aug 2021
Arm Mali "Valhall" Reverse-Engineering Started20 Jul 2021
New Arm Hardware Support In Linux 5.14 From Raspberry Pi 400 To Qualcomm Auto Bits10 Jul 2021
ACPI CPPC CPUFreq Will Try Frequency Invariance Again For Linux 5.1408 Jul 2021
Arm Proposes ASF As Their Framework Building Off Linux's CPUFreq + CPUIdle07 Jul 2021
Linux 5.14 ARM64 Preps For When Not All The CPU Cores Support 32-bit Execution02 Jul 2021

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253 Articles
FreeBSD 12.3 Prepares For New Release Ahead Of Christmas, Beta Starts23 Oct 2021
OpenBSD 7.0 Released With RISC-V 64-bit Port, Better Apple Silicon Support14 Oct 2021
DragonFlyBSD 6.0.1 Released With AMD Zen 3 Temperature Monitoring, Fixes13 Oct 2021
helloSystem 0.6 Released For macOS-Inspired FreeBSD02 Oct 2021
MidnightBSD 2.1 Released For This Desktop-Minded BSD24 Sep 2021
GhostBSD 21.09.06 Released For This FreeBSD-Based Desktop OS07 Sep 2021
NetBSD Continues Long Overdue Push To Modernize Their WiFi Drivers26 Aug 2021
OPNsense 21.7 Released With New Installer Offering Better ZFS Support28 Jul 2021
FreeBSD Working On A New Installer, Updates To Their Linux Compatibility Layer24 Jul 2021
Following NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD Now Has "COVID"06 Jul 2021

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Clear Linux
Clear Linux Preparing To Move To GNOME 3.36, Dropping Their Desktop Customizations26 Apr 2020
Intel's Clear Linux To Divest From The Desktop, Focus On Server + Cloud Workloads23 Apr 2020
Chrome, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, VSCode Now Unofficially Available For Clear Linux03 Apr 2020
Is Clear Linux Just A Toy Distribution By Intel?18 Mar 2020
Intel's Clear Linux Has Code In Place To Begin Handling Proprietary Packages Like Chrome & Steam13 Mar 2020
F2FS Root File-System Support For Clear Linux Appears To Be Coming14 Feb 2020
Benchmarks Of Clear Linux's Native Kernel Against Current/Mainline/Preempt-RT Kernels08 Jan 2020
Clear Linux Set To Begin Offering EarlyOOM For Better Dealing With Memory Pressure08 Jan 2020
Clear Linux Saw New Features, New Desktop Installer + Increased Adoption In 201901 Jan 2020
Clear Linux Defined Linux Performance These Past Few Years29 Dec 2019

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89 Articles
Coreboot Making Progress On Running More Of It In 64-bit Mode16 Jul 2021
ASRock Rack Has One Of The Best, Most Open-Source Firmware x86 Server Motherboards15 Jul 2021
Coreboot Is Ridding Its Need For Intel's FSP-T Blob25 Jun 2021
Another Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge Motherboard Now Works For Coreboot (ASUS P8Z77-V)14 Jun 2021
More Intel Alder Lake Enablement Landing For Coreboot06 Jun 2021
Libreboot Sees First New Release In Nearly 5 Years, Supports More Old Motherboards23 May 2021
Coreboot 4.14 Released With 42 New Motherboards Added, AMD Cezanne APU Support10 May 2021
LinuxBoot Pulls In For Easily Booting Different OS Installers05 May 2021
Motherboards + Beer: Virtual Event Addressing Coreboot / Open-Source Firmware Prospects18 Feb 2021
Intel + Microsoft Continue Work On Replacing More SMM "Black Boxes" With PRM06 Dec 2020

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221 Articles
Devuan 4.0 Released As Debian 11 Without Systemd14 Oct 2021
Debian 11.1 Released With Initial Batch Of Fixes09 Oct 2021
Debian 11 "Bullseye" Released14 Aug 2021
Debian GNU/Hurd 2021 Released With Experimental Rump-Based Userland Disk Driver, Go Port14 Aug 2021
Debian 11 Is Releasing This Weekend With Many Improvements14 Aug 2021
Debian Improves Docs To Inform Users Their Systems Might Not Work Without Non-Free Firmware02 Aug 2021
Debian 11.0 "Bullseye" Gets An August Release Date23 Jul 2021
Devuan 4.0 Alpha Builds Updated For Debian 11 Stripped Of systemd19 Jul 2021
Debian 11.0 "Bullseye" Is Very Close To Release - Now Under A Full Freeze17 Jul 2021
Debian 10.10 Released With Many Security/Bug Fixes, Updated FWUPD19 Jun 2021

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365 Articles
Lumina Desktop 1.6.1 Released With Theme Improvements While Bigger Improvements Planned04 Oct 2021
Firefox 92 vs. Chrome 94 Browser Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux26 Sep 2021
HarfBuzz 3.0 Released With Unicode 14.0 Support, More APIs Considered Stable19 Sep 2021
GIMP 2.10.28 Released With More Fixes18 Sep 2021
SixtyFPS 0.1 Released As A Rust-Focused Graphical Toolkit20 Aug 2021
MATE 1.26 Desktop Released With Some Wayland Support, Other Improvements18 Aug 2021
Maui 2 Released For Open-Source UI Framework16 Aug 2021
FreeRDP 2.4 Released With Support For Multi-Threaded Decoding28 Jul 2021
Nearly A Decade Later, UPower Still Working Towards 1.0 Release19 Jun 2021
GNUstep Releases Early Wayland Support, Many Other Improvements Too06 May 2021

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403 Articles
Red Hat Is Making It Easy To Run Bleeding-Edge LLVM/Clang On Fedora10 Oct 2021
Fedora 35 Beta Released With Many New Features, Countless Package Updates28 Sep 2021
Fedora's Java Packages Have Fallen Into Rough Shape28 Sep 2021
Red Hat's Upstream Contributions Are Making For A Great Fedora Workstation 3520 Sep 2021
Fedora 35 Cleared For Golang 1.17, LLVM 1317 Aug 2021
Fedora 35 To Support Restarting User Services On Package Upgrades16 Aug 2021
Fedora Workstation 35 Looks To Use Power Profiles Daemon By Default24 Jul 2021
Fedora 35 Looking To Employ WirePlumber For Managing PipeWire20 Jul 2021
Fedora 35 Approved For Third-Party Repo Changes, More Optimal Encryption Default19 Jul 2021
FESCo Says "Yes" To Fedora 35 Using Yescrypt For Hashing Shadow Passwords28 Jun 2021

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1044 Articles
Free Software
GIMP 2.99.8 Released As Another Step Toward The Long Overdue GIMP 3.020 Oct 2021
Flatpak 1.12 Released - Better Sub-Sandbox Handling To Benefit Steam08 Oct 2021
Apache OpenOffice 4.1.11 Released - Increased Font Size In Help, Other Mundane Changes07 Oct 2021
Sony Has Begun Accelerating Their Contributions To Open-Source / Linux06 Oct 2021
Cycles X Merged Into Blender 3.0 With NVIDIA CUDA/OptiX Support, AMD HIP Pending21 Sep 2021
CUPS 2.4 Coming Next Month, CUPS 2.5 + CUPS 3.0 Already In Planning20 Sep 2021
Orange Publishes An In-Kernel eBPF-Powered Cache - Can Speed Up Memcached By ~18x15 Sep 2021
Apache Software Foundation Saw $3M In Revenue, ~134M Changed Lines Of Code Last Year12 Sep 2021
OpenShot 2.6.1 Released For This Open-Source Video Editor11 Sep 2021
Facebook Opens Up CacheLib As Their New Caching Engine08 Sep 2021

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1707 Articles
The LLVM Codebase Is Moving Past C++11 This Year, Likely To C++1423 Jan 2019
FP64 Support Finally Lands In Mesa Git For Intel Haswell03 Jan 2017

More General News

2 Articles
GNOME's Platform Design Continues Evolving From Dark Mode To Toasts12 Oct 2021
GNOME 41 Released With Wayland Improvements, More Performance Tuning22 Sep 2021
GNOME 41 Release Candidate Arrives With Many Improvements08 Sep 2021
"Apps For GNOME" Launches To Highlight GNOME Apps26 Aug 2021
GNOME 41 Beta Released With "Calls" SIP/VoIP Support, Wayland Improvements23 Aug 2021
GTK 4.4 Released With Continued NGL Improvements, Inspector By Default23 Aug 2021
GNOME's Magnifier Will Now Avoid Double Painting The Desktop20 Aug 2021
GNOME's New Human Interface Guidelines Now Official06 Aug 2021
GNOME 41 Alpha Released With Many Desktop Changes Accumulating19 Jul 2021
GNOME Mutter Lands New Work To Reduce Input Latency13 Jul 2021

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1153 Articles
An Early Look At The GCC 12 Compiler Performance On AMD Zen 322 Oct 2021
Glibc 2.35 Removes The Long-Deprecated Intel MPX Support12 Oct 2021
GCC 12 Enables Auto-Vectorization For -O2 Optimization Level08 Oct 2021
GCC 12 Compiler Squaring Away Its AVX-512 FP16 Support04 Oct 2021
GNU Wget2 2.0 Released With HTTP2 & SSL Improvements26 Sep 2021
IBM Engineer Has Been Exploring Possible Rust Modules For GRUB24 Sep 2021
GNU Coreutils 9.0: cp Now Enables CoW By Default + Copy Offload, wc Now Uses AVX224 Sep 2021
GCC 12 Adds Stack Variable Auto-Initialization, Other Security Improvements Forthcoming23 Sep 2021
Better Support & Performance For OpenACC Kernels Is Coming To GCC22 Sep 2021
Oracle's Next-Generation GNU Profiler "gprofng" Is Looking Great For Developers21 Sep 2021

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919 Articles
Google Continues Work On User-Managed Concurrency Groups For Linux24 Oct 2021
Chrome 96 Beta Begins Preparing For Chrome 100, Adds Priority Hints Feature21 Oct 2021
Chrome 95 Released With FTP Support Completely Removed, New Developer Additions19 Oct 2021
Google Developing "SiliFuzz" For Fuzzing CPUs To Uncover Electrical Defects19 Oct 2021
Google Trumpets The Success Of Their Chrome "RenderingNG" Performance Initiative07 Oct 2021
Chrome 96 To Feature Improved WebRTC Code, Better Wayland Screensharing06 Oct 2021
Android 12 Now Available From The Android Open-Source Project04 Oct 2021
Chrome 95 Beta Completely Removes Deprecated FTP Support, Reduced User Agent Info Trial24 Sep 2021
Google Finally Shifting To "Upstream First" Linux Kernel Approach For Android Features22 Sep 2021
Chrome 94 Released With WebGPU For Testing, WebCodecs API Now Official21 Sep 2021

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484 Articles
GNU Toolchain Begins Landing LoongArch Support24 Oct 2021
Mediatek Posts 8k Lines Of New Linux Kernel Driver Code For AI Processing Unit Support23 Oct 2021
Vortex86 Processor Detection Landing For Linux 5.1623 Oct 2021
System76 Laptops To See Some Useful Improvements With Linux 5.1622 Oct 2021
Raspberry Pi Sees Their First Price Increase Due To Supply Chain issues21 Oct 2021
Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Linux Driver Support Still Pursuing Mainline20 Oct 2021
PinePhone Pro Announced As New Linux Smartphone15 Oct 2021
Loongson Volleys Latest Patches For LoongArch Linux Support13 Oct 2021
FWUPD 1.7 Released With Supporting More Hardware For Firmware Updates On Linux06 Oct 2021
Ampere Computing Steps Up With Monthly Open-Source Firmware Releases06 Oct 2021

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1839 Articles
Pat Gelsinger's Open-Source Bias, Intel's Pledge To Openness25 Oct 2021
Intel Posts The "Last Part" To Their AMX Bring-Up For Linux22 Oct 2021
Intel Graphics Driver's New Parallel Submission uAPI Landing For Linux 5.1622 Oct 2021
Intel Makes ControlFlag Open-Source For Helping To Detect Bugs In Code20 Oct 2021
Habana Labs For Linux 5.16 To Bring Peer-To-Peer Support With DMA-BUF18 Oct 2021
Intel Compute-Runtime 21.41.21220 Ships Updated DG1 Support15 Oct 2021
Intel Linux Driver Lands Tessellation/Geometry Distribution Feature For Xe-HPG14 Oct 2021
Intel Contributes AVX-512 Optimizations To Numpy, Yields Massive Speedups12 Oct 2021
Linux x86 FPU Code Getting Reworked In Preparation For Intel AMX12 Oct 2021
Intel Posts Latest DG2/Alchemist Linux Patches In Requiring 64K Page Size Handling11 Oct 2021

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2183 Articles
KDE Plasma Readies Its NVIDIA GBM Support, Fingerprint Authentication Added23 Oct 2021
KDE's Plasma Wayland Session Continues Seeing More Crash Fixes16 Oct 2021
KDE Plasma 5.23 Released In Marking 25 Years Of KDE14 Oct 2021
Krita 5.0 Beta 2 Reworks Its GPU Accelerated Canvas11 Oct 2021
KDE Moves To GitLab-Based CI, Lands More Plasma Wayland Fixes09 Oct 2021
Plasma 5.23 Lands More Last-Minute Fixes To Avoid Wayland Crashes02 Oct 2021
KDE Plasma 5.24 On Wayland To Support DRM Leasing For VR Headsets25 Sep 2021
KDE Sees Another Big Batch Of Plasma Wayland Improvements18 Sep 2021
KDE Plasma 5.23 Beta Released As The 25th Anniversary Edition16 Sep 2021
KDE Sees More Plasma Wayland Fixes As Plasma 5.23 Hits Its Soft Feature Freeze11 Sep 2021

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1096 Articles
LibreOffice Lands Initial Code For Qt6 Toolkit Support29 Sep 2021
LibreOffice 7.2 Community Released For This Leading Open-Source Office Suite19 Aug 2021
LibreOffice 7.2 RC1 Released Ahead Of Official Debut Next Month13 Jul 2021
OpenDocument Format 1.3 Approved As OASIS Standard24 Jun 2021
LibreOffice 7.2 Beta Arrives With Initial Command Pop-Up HUD, Better Performance18 Jun 2021
LibreOffice 7.2 Alpha 1 Released For This Open-Source Office Suite25 May 2021
LibreOffice Adds A Command Popup / HUD, Inspired By Half-Decade Old Microsoft Office Feature12 May 2021
LibreOffice Begins Landing GTK4 Support Code11 May 2021
LibreOffice Merges Initial Support For Compiling To WebAssembly06 May 2021
Developers Continue New Push With LibreOffice In The Web Browser Via WebAssembly10 Feb 2021

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152 Articles
Linux Events
DebConf21 Kicks Off Online For Annual Debian Conference24 Aug 2021
IWOCL + SYCLcon 2021 Slides/Videos Published For Lots Of OpenCL, SYCL Technical Talks29 Apr 2021
FOSDEM Online 2021 Is Happening This Weekend06 Feb 2021
Linux App Summit 2020 Videos Now Available From Steam/Valve To GNOME Circle14 Nov 2020
OpenPOWER Summit 2020 Was This Week With Many Interesting Hardware/Software Talks20 Sep 2020
Automotive Grade Linux Has Large Presence At CES 202008 Jan 2020
Some Of The Interesting Open-Source Projects For Outreachy's Winter 2019 Round07 Dec 2019
Open Source Firmware Conference 2019 Videos Posted04 Dec 2019
OpenZFS Developer Summit 2019 Videos + Slides For The Latest On Open-Source ZFS10 Nov 2019
The Hardware FOSDEM Uses To Carry Out Linux Video Recordings Of Their Event22 Sep 2019

More Linux Events News

77 Articles
Linux Gaming
Lutris 0.5.9 Released With Support For The Epic Games Store, New Options11 Oct 2021
ET: Legacy 2.78 Released With Better OpenAL Sound, Android Support Materializing06 Oct 2021
BattlEye To Support Valve's Steam Deck / Proton24 Sep 2021
Epic Games Announces Easy Anti-Cheat For Linux - Including Wine/Proton23 Sep 2021
DXVK 1.9.2 Released With More Games In Better Shape20 Sep 2021
SDL Still Has A Number Of Issues To Address Before Defaulting To Wayland19 Sep 2021
FUTEX2 System Call Updated To Work On ARM13 Sep 2021
FUTEX2 Revised Again For Helping Steam Play But Will Miss Out On Linux 5.1505 Sep 2021
SDL2 Lands Long-Sought Geometry Render API19 Aug 2021
Zink Now Supports OpenGL Compatibility Contexts - Allowing More Games/Apps To Work18 Aug 2021

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1807 Articles
Linux Kernel
Linux 5.15-rc7 Released A Day Late Due To Travels25 Oct 2021
Linux 5.16 Will Be A Great Christmas Gift For Open-Source Fans With Many New Features25 Oct 2021
Linux 5.15-rc6 Ticks Up In Size, Stops Using AMD SME By Default18 Oct 2021
Cluster Scheduler Support Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.1615 Oct 2021
DAMON Extended To Offer Physical Memory Address Space Monitoring13 Oct 2021
Linux 5.15-rc5 Released With This Cycle Running Smoothly10 Oct 2021
IBM Proposing A CPU Namespace For The Linux Kernel09 Oct 2021
It Appears FUTEX2 Will Land For Linux 5.1609 Oct 2021
Raspberry Pi "V3D" Driver Landing Support For Multiple Sync Objects06 Oct 2021
Updated Zstd Planned For Linux 5.16 With Better Performance05 Oct 2021

More Linux Kernel News

2823 Articles
Linux Networking
Realtek 802.11ax WiFi Driver "rtw89" Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.1616 Oct 2021
Walmart Pushes Open-Source L3AF To Help Out eBPF Ecosystem11 Oct 2021
BPF-Based Linux Firewall "bpfilter" Shows Impressive Performance Potential23 Sep 2021
Aya Makes It Easy To Write Rust-Based eBPF Programs For The Linux Kernel22 Sep 2021
OpenVPN DCO Linux Kernel Module Aims To Offer Faster VPN Performance20 Sep 2021
Linux 5.15 Staging Replaces Its Realtek RTL8188EU WiFi Driver01 Sep 2021
BPF Timers To Intel Additions Lead The Networking Changes With Linux 5.1501 Sep 2021
Netfilter Releases Nftables 1.019 Aug 2021
ExpressVPN Opens Up Its Lightway VPN Protocol10 Aug 2021
Samsung Revs Its In-Kernel SMB3 Server Focused On Fast Performance, New Features05 Aug 2021

More Linux Networking News

195 Articles
Linux Security
Linux Patches Rewrite The Retpoline Rewrite Code - Possible Performance Benefit13 Oct 2021
That Didn't Take Long: KSMBD In-Kernel File Server Already Needs Important Security Fix19 Sep 2021
Linux Preparing To Slightly Loosen Its Spectre Defaults12 Sep 2021
OpenSSL 3.0 Officially Released07 Sep 2021
Finer Grained KASLR Patches Revived For The Linux Kernel To Enhance Security07 Sep 2021
Linux 5.15 Working Towards Comprehensive Compile-Time & Run-Time Detection Of Buffer Overflows03 Sep 2021
Linux 5.15 Adds Another Knob To Harden Against Side Channel Attacks31 Aug 2021
Opt-In L1 Cache Flushing To Try For Linux 5.15 To Help With The Paranoid, Future CPU Vulnerabilities30 Aug 2021
"NAX" Linux Security Being Worked On For Helping Fend Off Fileless Malware Attacks21 Aug 2021
"Beyond Stupid" Paranoid L1d Cache Flushing Looks Like It Will Try Again For Linux 5.1528 Jul 2021

More Linux Security News

204 Articles
Linux Storage
Newest Linux Optimizations Can Achieve 10M IOPS Per-Core With IO_uring25 Oct 2021
Axboe Achieves 8M IOPS Per-Core With Newest Linux Optimization Patches17 Oct 2021
7.4M IOPS Achieved Per-Core With Newest Linux Patches12 Oct 2021
More Optimizations Has Linux Approaching 7M IOPS Per Core11 Oct 2021
EROFS File-System Adding LZMA Compression Support Via New MicroLZMA11 Oct 2021
Micron's HSE Storage Engine 2.0 Debuts - No Longer Relies On Linux Kernel Modifications05 Oct 2021
Linux Achieves 5.1M IOPS Per-Core With AMD Zen 3 + Intel Optane30 Sep 2021
Bcachefs Merges Support For Btrfs-Like Snapshots27 Sep 2021
Linux IO_uring Can Now Achieve Up To ~3.8M IOPS Per-Core26 Sep 2021
OpenZFS 2.0.6 Released With Support For Newer Kernels25 Sep 2021

More Linux Storage News

675 Articles
LLVM 13.0 Released With Official Flang Binary Packages, Improved OpenCL Clang Support01 Oct 2021
LLVM Clang 14 Begins Landing Intel AVX-512 FP16 Support16 Aug 2021
Arm Working On Clang C++ For OpenCL 2021 (OpenCL 3.0 Compatible)13 Aug 2021
LLVM 13 Feature Development Is Over, LLVM 14 Enters Development03 Aug 2021
LLVM 12.0.1 Released For This Open-Source Compiler Stack09 Jul 2021
Clang PGO Shot Down For Now From The Linux Kernel01 Jul 2021
Clang Profile Guided Optimizations Support Sent In For Linux 5.1429 Jun 2021
GFX1013 Target Added To LLVM 13.0 For RDNA2 APUs19 Jun 2021
Clang CFI Support Upstreamed For Linux 5.13 - But Only On ARM64 For Now30 Apr 2021
LLVM 12.0 Released With Alder Lake + Sapphire Rapids Support, More C++2015 Apr 2021

More LLVM News

653 Articles
V3DV Raspberry Pi Driver Now Exposes Vulkan 1.121 Oct 2021
Mesa 22.0 Lands Some Patches Toward OpenCL Image Support18 Oct 2021
Mesa 21.3-rc1 Released With Improved Zink, Radeon Ray-Tracing, RADV NGG Culling13 Oct 2021
Mesa 21.3 Fixes Issue Of Some Games Having Transparency Issues Under Wayland13 Oct 2021
RadeonSI Lands Another Big Overhead Optimization - "Substantially" Helps In Some Cases04 Oct 2021
Mesa 21.2.3 Released As A Small Update To This Graphics Driver Stack29 Sep 2021
Lavapipe Mesa Software Driver Enables Vulkan 1.2 Support27 Sep 2021
Microsoft's "CLOn12" Mesa Code Adds SPIR/SPIR-V Support23 Sep 2021
Mesa Merge Pending For Vulkan Ray-Tracing On Older AMD GPUs22 Sep 2021
Mesa 21.2.2 Released "Late & Very Large"22 Sep 2021

More Mesa News

2029 Articles
Microsoft Publishes WSL Preview Inside the Windows 11 Store11 Oct 2021
Microsoft Releases September Update To CBL-Mariner Linux Distribution05 Oct 2021
Microsoft Releases Its August Update For The CBL-Mariner Linux Distribution09 Sep 2021
Windows Server 2022 Reaches General Availability With Focusing On Hybrid Clouds, Containers01 Sep 2021
Microsoft Releases Updated Version Of Its CBL-Mariner Linux Distribution17 Aug 2021
Microsoft's Internal Linux Distribution "CBL-Mariner" Continues Maturing12 Jul 2021
Microsoft Announces Windows 11 - Benchmarks Against Linux To Begin Soon24 Jun 2021
Microsoft's Hyper-V DRM Display Driver Will Land For Linux 5.1409 Jun 2021
Microsoft Bringing eBPF Support To Windows11 May 2021
Microsoft Prepping Linux For Running As 64-bit ARM Hyper-V Guest03 May 2021

More Microsoft News

249 Articles
Firefox 93 Primed For Release With AVIF Image Support, Canonical Managing Official Snap05 Oct 2021
Firefox 92 Beta Takes Flight With AVIF Image Support12 Aug 2021
Thunderbird 91 Released With Big Improvements For This Open-Source Mail Client11 Aug 2021
Firefox 91 Released As New ESR Base, HTTPS First Policy For Private Mode10 Aug 2021
Thunderbird 91 Is Flying Soon As First Major Mail Client Update In A Year08 Aug 2021
Firefox 92 To Try Again With AVIF Image Support By Default06 Aug 2021
Firefox 90 Released With FTP Support Removed, Better WebRender Software Performance13 Jul 2021
Firefox 89 Released With UI/UX Changes01 Jun 2021
Firefox Making Strides On Improved Linux Stability Thanks To Better Crash Reports19 May 2021
Firefox 89 Beta Released With UI Changes20 Apr 2021

More Mozilla News

359 Articles
PipeWire 0.3.39 Brings Libcamera Plugin Improvements, Better Compatibility For JACK Apps22 Oct 2021
AV1 Codec Library libaom v3.2 Brings More Performance Optimizations15 Oct 2021
SALSA Back In Development As A Small ALSA Library For Linux Systems15 Oct 2021
Linux 5.16 Aims For Better USB Low-Latency Audio Playback03 Oct 2021
Red Hat / Fedora To Focus On Driving New Linux Video Improvements Around PipeWire01 Oct 2021
Dav1d 0.9.2 Released With More SSSE3, SSE4, AVX2, NEON Optimizations05 Sep 2021
AMD Van Gogh Audio Driver Lands For Linux 5.1502 Sep 2021
PipeWire 0.3.34 Released With Yet More Improvements, Fixes26 Aug 2021
OpenShot 2.6 Video Editor Released With Computer Vision + AI Effects25 Aug 2021
Ardour 6.9 Digital Audio Workstation Released14 Aug 2021

More Multimedia News

488 Articles
Open-Source Driver Flips On OpenGL ES 3.1 For Select NVIDIA GeForce 200 Series GPUs07 Jun 2021
Nouveau Working On Bringing Up Some OpenGL Compute Shader Support For NV50 Era GPUs01 May 2021
Nouveau With Linux 5.12 Has ~5k L.O.C. Change In Preparing For Ampere12 Feb 2021
Open-Source NVIDIA Changes Sent In For Linux 5.1229 Jan 2021
Open-Source "Nouveau" Driver Now Supports NVIDIA Ampere - But Without 3D Acceleration14 Jan 2021
Open-Source NVIDIA Support For Recent GPUs Is Poor But Now You Can Fake It For Testing12 Jan 2021
Nouveau Sees Fix To Properly Handle Mini DP Connectors - Avoids GNOME Mutter Crashing30 Dec 2020
Nouveau NVC0 Shader Disk Cache Lands For Speeding Up Game Load Times25 Aug 2020
Nouveau Changes For Linux 5.9 Bring Fixes, Prep For Future Improvements24 Jul 2020
Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" CRC Support Ready For Linux 5.922 Jul 2020

More Nouveau News

442 Articles
CUDA-Python Reaches "GA" With NVIDIA CUDA 11.5 Release, __int128 Preview20 Oct 2021
NVIDIA 495 Linux Beta Driver Released With GBM Support14 Oct 2021
NVIDIA Contributing Tegra NVDEC Support To Linux 5.1610 Oct 2021
NVIDIA 470.62.05 Beta Brings Vulkan Video Updates06 Oct 2021
NVIDIA 470.74 Linux Driver Released With Several Fixes20 Sep 2021
NVIDIA Prepares The Linux Kernel For Future Laptops With EC-Driven Backlights20 Sep 2021
NVIDIA Confirms Sway Wayland Compositor Works Fine With Their New GBM Driver Support04 Sep 2021
NVIDIA Tegra Open-Source Graphics Driver Introducing New User-Space ABI13 Aug 2021
NVIDIA 470.63.01 Linux Driver Brings RTX A2000, Vulkan Wayland Surface Support10 Aug 2021
NVIDIA Releases TensorRT 8.0 With Big Performance Improvements20 Jul 2021

More NVIDIA News

955 Articles
Operating Systems
CentOS Project Chair Karanbir Singh Steps Down19 Oct 2021
Early Progress Made On Porting Radeon Vulkan Driver To BeOS-Inspired Haiku OS19 Oct 2021
Vortex86 Processors Finally Seeing Work In 2021 For Proper Handling Under Linux17 Oct 2021
Genode-Based Sculpt OS 21.10 Adds Intel GPU Acceleration, USB Web Camera Support16 Oct 2021
OmniOS Adds VirtFS File Sharing For Bhyve, Better System Console Performance28 Sep 2021
Jolla Releases Sailfish OS 4.2 For Continuing To Improve This Linux-Based Smartphone OS19 Sep 2021
Genode OS Framework 21.08 Streamlining Its Porting Of Linux Driver Code02 Sep 2021
Endeavour OS ISOs Updated With Better Btrfs Support, Pacman Parallel Downloads30 Aug 2021
Haiku OS Gets TRIM Working For SSDs, Continues Bringing Up RISC-V Support24 Aug 2021
Manjaro 21.1 Released With Better Btrfs Support, GNOME 40 Update17 Aug 2021

More Operating Systems News

915 Articles
Oracle Releases GraalVM 21.3 With Java 17 Support, Other Enhancements19 Oct 2021
Java 17 / OpenJDK 17 Hits GA With Maturing Vector API, Removal Planned For Applet API14 Sep 2021
Maple Tree v2 Patches For The Linux Kernel - 13~840% Faster For Malloc Threads Test Case17 Aug 2021
Oracle Sends Out Newest Patches For Trenchboot / Secure Launch For The Linux Kernel09 Aug 2021
GraalVM 21.2 Released With New Optimizations, Better Linux AArch64 Support21 Jul 2021
Oracle Sends Out Latest Linux Patches So Trenchboot Can Securely Launch The Kernel19 Jun 2021
Solaris 11.4 SRU33 Released - Finally Delivers Valgrind, jQuery, VirtIO Guest Support19 May 2021
Oracle Continues Working On The Maple Tree For The Linux Kernel09 May 2021
GraalVM 21.1 Released With Experimental Java 16 Support, Many Performance Improvements21 Apr 2021
Oracle Releases UEK R6U2 Kernel With New Slab Memory Controller31 Mar 2021

More Oracle News

271 Articles
Linux 5.15, AMD / Radeon Advancements, Intel SDSi Dominated Discussions This Month01 Oct 2021
Debian 11, Valve Happenings, Linux 5.14 & More Excitement From August01 Sep 2021
LE9, Canonical's Profits, Steam Deck, & Loongson 3A5000 Made For An Exciting July01 Aug 2021
Intel Crocus, Linux 5.13, Other Vendor Happenings Made For An Exciting June30 Jun 2021
Phoronix Turns 17 Years Old, Covering The Linux Hardware Scene Daily05 Jun 2021
Phoronix Turns 17 Years Old This Week31 May 2021
Hypocrite Commits, Rocket Lake Benchmarks, Arch's New Installer Rallied April01 May 2021
Linux 5.12 Corruption, GNOME 40, AMD Milan, Rust In Linux-Next Made For An Exciting March01 Apr 2021
helloSystem, System76 Keyboard + Linux 5.11/5.12 Captivated Users In February01 Mar 2021
Linux 5.11, Pyston, Wayland & Other January Excitement01 Feb 2021

More Phoronix News

630 Articles
Phoronix Test Suite
Phoronix Test Suite 10.6 Released With Various Improvements For Linux Benchmarking10 Oct 2021
New/Updated Benchmarks For June From GravityMark To L4D2 Vulkan, Updated Neural Networks03 Jul 2021
New + Updated Benchmarks For May 2021 - Now At 661 Tests, ~36d19h Average Total Runtime02 Jun 2021
New, Updated Benchmarks For April From WRF To Chia + Xmrig02 May 2021
Many New/Updated Benchmarks For March With New SDR/Radio Tests, More Code Compilation28 Mar 2021
Vulkan Ray-Tracing Along With Other New/Updated Benchmarks For February28 Feb 2021
Phoronix Test Suite 10.2.2 Released For Automated Open-Source Benchmarking17 Feb 2021
Phoronix Test Suite 10.2.1 Released For Open-Source Automated Benchmarking02 Feb 2021
Many Exciting New & Updated Benchmarks For January 202102 Feb 2021 / PTS Adds Automated Per-Test Analysis Of CPU Instruction Set Usage01 Feb 2021

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208 Articles
Phoronix Ad-Free/Premium Special For Oktoberfest 202120 Sep 2021
Phoronix 2020 Black Friday Reminders27 Nov 2020
The 2020 US Thanksgiving / Black Friday Phoronix Premium Special24 Nov 2020
Showing Your Support During COVID-1924 Apr 2020
Showing Your Love For Open-Source + Linux Benchmarking This Valentine's Day14 Feb 2020
A Last Call To Show Your Support In 201930 Dec 2019
After 3,600 Original Articles This Year On Linux/Open-Source, Let's Have A Holiday Special24 Dec 2019
There Is Just A Few Days Left To Go Premium For Black Friday / Cyber Monday29 Nov 2019
It's That Time Of The Year For The Annual Phoronix Premium Sale To Show Your Support26 Nov 2019
A Last Call For Our Phoronix Premium 2019 Autumn Special27 Sep 2019

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38 Articles
Meson v0.60 Build System Brings Numerous Improvements24 Oct 2021
Ruby Lands "YJIT" As A Speedy, In-Process JIT Compiler21 Oct 2021
Eclipse OpenJ9 0.29 Released With Full AArch64 Linux Support, More Mature JITServer Tech20 Oct 2021
Portable Computing Language 1.8 Released For OpenCL On CPUs, Other Accelerators12 Oct 2021
Python 3.10 Released With Many Improvements04 Oct 2021
OpenBLAS 0.3.18 Released With LoongArch64 Support, More Optimizations02 Oct 2021
Facebook Is Aiming To Make Compilers Faster Using Machine Learning With CompilerGym02 Oct 2021
PostgreSQL 14.0 Released With More Performance Improvements30 Sep 2021
Picolibc Continues Maturing As Very Lightweight C Library For The Embedded World28 Sep 2021
Linux Foundation To Host PaSh For Automatic Parallelizing Of Shell Scripts21 Sep 2021

More Programming News

410 Articles
Proprietary Software
DaVinci Resolve 16 Beta Video Editor Employing Deep Learning, GPU Accelerated Tools08 Apr 2019
Lightworks Video Editor Plans For A Busy 2019 But No Signs Of The Open-Source Version10 Jan 2019
Adobe Customer Care: There Hasn't Been Enough Demand For Linux10 Dec 2018
Lightworks 14.5 Video Editor Released With Same-Day Linux Support But Still No Source17 Oct 2018
DaVinci Resolve 15 Video/Effects Editor Released With Linux Support13 Aug 2018
A VR Developer's Thoughts On The Current Mess Of APIs & Hardware27 May 2018
Keeper Password Manager Launches New Linux Version26 Apr 2018
Vivaldi Web Browser Now Available For Linux ARM / Raspberry Pi05 Dec 2017
TeamViewer 13 Now Available For Linux As A Native 64-bit Port04 Dec 2017
Adobe Is Finally Ending Flash Support... In 202025 Jul 2017

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130 Articles
Qt Creator 6 Beta Released With Updated C++ Code Model, Binaries Built Against Qt 6.214 Oct 2021
Qt 6.2 LTS Released With Qt6 Now Aiming To Be Ready For Widespread Adoption30 Sep 2021
Qt 6.2 LTS Will Nearly Be At Feature Parity To Qt 5.1502 Sep 2021
Qt Creator 5.0 Released With Experimental Clangd Backend, Experimental Docker Builds26 Aug 2021
Qt Creator 5.0 Nears With New Features12 Aug 2021
Qt Creator 5.0 Beta Brings Experimental Support For Clangd, Building Code In Docker08 Jul 2021
Qt 6.2 Beta Released As The First Qt6 LTS Release Moves Closer06 Jul 2021
Qt 6.2 Alpha Released With Many More Modules Ported From Qt523 Jun 2021
Qt 6.1.1 Released With 150+ Bug Fixes08 Jun 2021
Qt 6.2 Enters Feature Freeze With More Qt5 Modules Ported To Qt607 Jun 2021

More Qt News

477 Articles
AMD Continues Work On USB4 Support In Their Linux Graphics Driver24 Oct 2021
AMD GPU Driver Looks To Make Use Of Intel's New Buddy Allocator Code In The Linux Kernel20 Oct 2021
RadeonSI Lands Another "Very Large" Optimization To Further Boost SPECViewPerf19 Oct 2021
RadeonSI Enables NGG Shader Culling For Navi 1x Consumer GPUs19 Oct 2021
AMD Finally Enabling PSR By Default For Newer Hardware With Linux 5.1615 Oct 2021
A Big Batch Of AMD Graphics Driver Updates Just Sent Out For Linux 5.1608 Oct 2021
Mesa 21.3 Enables NGG Culling By Default For RDNA2 GPUs08 Oct 2021
Radeon Gallium3D Picks Up A Nice Performance Optimization For iGPU/dGPU PRIME Setups07 Oct 2021
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Now Available As Beta06 Oct 2021
AMD Publishes Open-Source "GPUFORT" As Newest Effort To Help Transition Away From CUDA04 Oct 2021

More Radeon News

1458 Articles
Red Hat
Red Hat Is Hiring Another Linux Developer To Work On GPU Hardware Enablement12 Oct 2021
CentOS Kmods SIG Working On exFAT, WireGuard Additions05 Oct 2021
Red Hat Is Hiring So Linux Can Finally Have Good HDR Display Support17 Sep 2021
Red Hat Looking To Bolster EPEL03 Sep 2021
CentOS In Your Car? Automotive SIG Approved20 Jul 2021
CentOS Forms A Group To Flip On Old, Deprecated Or Out-Of-Tree Kernel Modules11 Jul 2021
CentOS Stream 9 Builds Flowing, Opened Up For Contributors06 Jul 2021
CentOS Hyperscale Workstation Sees Experimental OS Builds, More Changes Coming30 Jun 2021
Rocky Linux 8.4 Released For RHEL 8.4 / CentOS Alternative21 Jun 2021
CentOS Looks To Deal With Deprecated Device Support, Out-Of-Tree Kernel Modules08 Jun 2021

More Red Hat News

251 Articles
GCC 12 Merges Initial Support For RISC-V's Bitmanip Extensions25 Oct 2021
SiFive Has A New RISC-V Core To Improve Performance By 50%, Outperform Cortex-A7821 Oct 2021
GNU Toolchain Begins Landing RISC-V Bitmanip/Zbs Instructions Support07 Oct 2021
Linux 5.16 KVM To Land RISC-V Hypervisor Support05 Oct 2021
Linux 5.15 Further Tunes Its RISC-V Support06 Sep 2021
Linux 5.14 Supports Some Exciting Features With RISC-V09 Jul 2021
SiFive Announces The Performance P550 As The Fastest RISC-V Processor Yet22 Jun 2021
Transparent Hugepages Are Coming To RISC-V On Linux12 Jun 2021
Intel Reportedly Interested In Acquiring RISC-V Firm SiFive10 Jun 2021
SiFive HiFive Unmatched RISC-V Developer Boards Begin Shipping21 May 2021

More RISC-V News

70 Articles
Vendors Including NVIDIA Talk Up New OpenCL Extensions For Vulkan Interop, NN Inference19 Oct 2021
OpenCL 3.0.9 Specification Released15 Oct 2021
PoCL 1.8 OpenCL Implementation Coming With LLVM 13 Support, Better SPIR-V On CUDA01 Oct 2021
Apple Patents Complicating W3C's Open Screen Protocol19 Aug 2021
Microsoft & Others Form The eBPF Foundation12 Aug 2021
OpenCL 3.0.8 Released With New Extension To Help AI Inferencing12 Jul 2021
W3C Publishes Working Draft For Web Neural Network API22 Jun 2021
W3C Promotes Web Audio API To Official Standard17 Jun 2021
Khronos Standards Group Launches Certification Program To Help You With Online Shopping09 Jun 2021
NVMe 2.0 Released As A Library Of Specifications With ZNS, Simple Copy + More03 Jun 2021

More Standards News

257 Articles
openSUSE Leap ISOs To See Regular Respins For Integrating Latest Updates14 Oct 2021
SUSE Linux Enterprise / openSUSE Leap Pursuing x86_64-v2 Optimized Libraries16 Jun 2021
openSUSE FrontRunner Aims To Advance The Distro's Hardware Architecture Support08 Jun 2021
openSUSE Leap 15.3 Released - Built Using Same Binary Packages As SUSE Linux Enterprise02 Jun 2021
openSUSE Leap 15.3 RC Available For Testing28 Apr 2021
openSUSE Tumbleweed Now Offering GNOME 4016 Apr 2021
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed's Very Busy Week With An Entire Rebuild, Latest KDE Packages21 Mar 2021
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Might See Micro-Architecture Packages For Better Performance08 Mar 2021
openSUSE Leap 15.3 Beta Begins03 Mar 2021
The Unified Path Ahead For Building SUSE Linux Enterprise + openSUSE Leap21 Jan 2021

More SUSE News

246 Articles
Lennart: Linux Comes Up Short Around Disk Encryption, Authenticated Boot Security23 Sep 2021
systemd OOMD Maturing Nicely, Adds Support For User Services23 Sep 2021
Systemd 249 Released With New Option For Simple Whole-File-System A/B Updates07 Jul 2021
Systemd 249 Has Another Chance For Testing Before Release02 Jul 2021
Linux Developers Discuss A Global Counter For Block/Disk Changes27 Jun 2021
systemd 249-rc2 Released With New "ConditionOSRelease" Directive25 Jun 2021
Systemd 249-rc1 Released With Many New Features15 Jun 2021
Systemd 248 Released With System Extension Images Feature, More TPM2/FIDO2 Integration30 Mar 2021
Dbus-Broker 28 Released17 Mar 2021
systemd 248 RC3 Released With Extension Images Support, New Security Capabilities12 Mar 2021

More systemd News

206 Articles
Trying Out Ubuntu's New Flutter+Curtin-Powered Desktop Installer Was Disappointing21 Oct 2021
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS "Jammy Jellyfish" Begins Development18 Oct 2021
Ubuntu 21.10 Released With GNOME 40 Desktop, Many Underlying Improvements14 Oct 2021
Canonical Announces Ubuntu Frame As A Full-Screen Shell Built On Mir06 Oct 2021
Mir 2.5 Released With Wayland Extension Updates For Better Handling On-Screen Keyboards05 Oct 2021
Ubuntu 21.10 Beta Released24 Sep 2021
Ubuntu Touch OTA-19 Released - Still Based On Ubuntu 16.0422 Sep 2021
Canonical Extending Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 LTS Support To Ten Years21 Sep 2021
Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS Released To Correct Broken Install Media17 Sep 2021
Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS Special Being Prepared To Deal With Unbootable Media13 Sep 2021

More Ubuntu News

1470 Articles
DXVK-Native 1.9.2a Released For Direct3D-Over-Vulkan With Native Games22 Oct 2021
Steam Continues Improving Its Shader Pre-Caching Support, Other Beta Improvements22 Oct 2021
Valve Launches "Steam Deck Verified" Program For Games That Run Well On The Steam Deck18 Oct 2021
VKD3D-Proton 2.5 Released With Experimental DXR 1.1, More Games Working18 Oct 2021
Proton Experimental Enables NVIDIA DLSS For D3D12 Games, Proton Now Handles More Games01 Oct 2021
Steam Beta Improves Its Vulkan Pre-Caching System, PipeWire Capture Now Opt-In28 Sep 2021
Valve Publishes New Steam Deck FAQ With A Few New Details Shared22 Sep 2021
Steam On Linux Continues Hovering Around The 1% Mark02 Sep 2021
Proton 6.3-6 Released With More Games Running, Optional NVIDIA DLSS Support20 Aug 2021
Steam Survey Shows Linux Marketshare Hitting 1.0%01 Aug 2021

More Valve News

550 Articles
Even In 2019, A Long Road Still For Getting The VIA OpenChrome Driver In Linux09 Jan 2019
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Go Through A GEM/TTM Code Rewrite05 Aug 2018
It's Still Going To Be Tough Getting The OpenChrome VIA KMS Driver In The Linux Kernel28 May 2018
VIA Joins In The AI Race, Linux/Android Support For Their New Developer Kit10 May 2018
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Work On New GEM/TTM Code, Regression Fixes12 Mar 2018
OpenChrome KMS Can Now Do Runtime Resolution Changes, Hopes To Go Mainline In 201811 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Still Aiming For Mainline Kernel, But Initially Will Lack 2D Acceleration02 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Continues To Be Developed, But It Didn't Make It Mainline This Year26 Dec 2017
OpenChrome DRM Still Being Ported To Newer Kernel, Lengthy Process25 Aug 2017
OpenChrome Still Pushing For DRM Kernel Driver, Updated DDX04 Aug 2017

More VIA News

99 Articles
Bareflank 3.0 Hypervisor Released With Microkernel Design, AMD Virtualization Support24 Oct 2021
Rust-Based Cloud-Hypervisor 19.0 Released With Improved Live Migration, Faster Boot Time16 Oct 2021
Bareflank Hypervisor 3.0 Pre-Release Debuts With Many Changes16 Oct 2021
Linux 5.16 To Feature More Extensible VirtIO GPU Driver With "Context Types" Addition30 Sep 2021
Intel's Cloud-Hypervisor 18.0 Brings AArch64 Improvements, VHDX Disk Image Support09 Sep 2021
Linux 5.15 Adds VDUSE For vDPA Devices In User-Space09 Sep 2021
Linux 5.15 KVM Defaults To The New x86 TDP MMU, Enables AMD SVM 5-Level Paging07 Sep 2021
Google Working On Making VirtIO-GPU More Extensible26 Aug 2021
QEMU 6.1 Released With RISC-V Improvements, AMD Emulation Fixes24 Aug 2021
VMware Hits A Nasty Performance Regression With Linux 5.1330 Jul 2021

More Virtualization News

466 Articles
Vulkanised Fall 2021 Material Available - Autodesk Has Begun Using MoltenVK23 Oct 2021
Vulkan 1.2.196 Introduces H.265 Encode Extension13 Oct 2021
Vulkan 1.2.195 Introduced With Three New Extensions05 Oct 2021
Vulkan 1.2.194 Brings New Extension For Google's Fuchsia OS28 Sep 2021
Vulkan Video Decoding Still In The Early Stages For Open-Source21 Sep 2021
Raspberry Pi V3DV Driver Still Working On Vulkan 1.1 Conformance, More Performance15 Sep 2021
The Khronos Group Is Hosting A Virtual Vulkan Event Next Month07 Sep 2021
Vulkan 1.2.191 Released With New Extension To Make Wiser Memory Decisions07 Sep 2021
Vulkan 1.2.190 Released With SPIR-V Integer Dot Product Support30 Aug 2021
Vulkan SC 1.0 Coming For "Safety Critical" Graphics / Compute18 Aug 2021

More Vulkan News

557 Articles
XWayland 21.1.3 Nears With Support For NVIDIA 495 Driver's GBM21 Oct 2021
XWayland GLX Path Enables sRGB Support25 Sep 2021
KWinFT Continues Working On WLROOTS Render, Library Split17 Sep 2021
Libinput 1.19 Released With Hold Gestures & High Resolution Wheel Scrolling14 Sep 2021
Wayland Protocols 1.22 Released With DRM Object Leasing Support For VR HMDs01 Sep 2021
DRM Lease Protocol Support Merged For Wayland For VR Headsets07 Aug 2021
SDL2 Lands Support For Client-Side Decorations On Wayland26 Jul 2021
XWayland 21.1.2 Released With NVIDIA Hardware Acceleration Support09 Jul 2021
Sway 1.6.1 Wayland Compositor Released With WLROOTS 0.1425 Jun 2021
Surface Suspension Protocol Proposed For Wayland20 Jun 2021

More Wayland News

781 Articles
Wine 6.20 Released With More Modules Switching To The PE Format22 Oct 2021
Wine 6.19 Continues Work On HID Joystick, PE Conversion08 Oct 2021
Wine-Staging 6.18 Released With 616 Patches Atop Upstream25 Sep 2021
Wine 6.18 Released With HID Joystick Enabled By Default24 Sep 2021
Wine 6.17 Released With Better HiDPI Support For Built-In Apps10 Sep 2021
Wine-Staging 6.16 Implements Two More D3DX Functions To Help Some Windows Games28 Aug 2021
Wine 6.16 Released With Better HiDPI Theming, Initial HID-Based Joystick Backend27 Aug 2021
Wine Reflink Support Continues To Be Worked On For Significant Space Savings23 Aug 2021
Wine 6.15 Released With More PE Conversion Work, More 32-bit To 64-bit Thunks13 Aug 2021
CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver 21 - Rebased On Wine 6.003 Aug 2021

More WINE News

791 Articles
X.Org Server 21.1 RC2 Brings Fix For Mixed VRR/Non-VRR Multi-Monitor Setups14 Oct 2021
X.Org Modesetting Driver Will Now Better Handle Multi-Montior Mixed-VRR Setups08 Oct 2021
X.Org Server 21.1 RC1 Released With VRR Support For Modesetting Driver, Other Features21 Sep 2021
xf86-input-libinput 1.2 Brings Touchpad Gestures, High Resolution Scrolling20 Sep 2021
X.Org Could Use More Help Improving & Addressing Its Security16 Sep 2021
Reverse Engineering, Open-Source Driver Writing Continues For Apple's M1 GPU15 Sep 2021
X.Org Server Adds "AsyncFlipSecondaries" To Deal With Crappy Multi-Monitor Experience09 Sep 2021
X.Org DMX Dropped After More Than A Decade Of Crashes07 Sep 2021
X.Org Looks To Drop DMX After Being Rather Broken For ~14 Years04 Sep 2021
X.Org Server 21.1 Will Aim To Release In The Coming Weeks10 Aug 2021

More X.Org News

1080 Articles