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AMD Announces Ryzen/Athlon 3000 C-Series For Chromebooks22 Sep 2020
Linux 5.10 Adding Support For AMD Zen 3 CPU Temperature Monitoring20 Sep 2020
Linux 5.10 To Support AMD SME Hardware-Enforced Cache Coherency18 Sep 2020
AMD Begins Teasing Zen 3 + RDNA 2 With Dates In October09 Sep 2020
Machine Check Banks To Double With Future AMD CPUs05 Sep 2020
TUXEDO Introduces New Linux Laptop With Ryzen 7 4800H / Ryzen 5 4600H25 Aug 2020
Linux 5.9 Enables P2PDMA For All AMD CPUs Zen + Newer09 Aug 2020
AMD Sensor Fusion Hub Driver Under Review A Sixth Time For Linux09 Aug 2020
AMD HSA Offloading Support Dropped From The GCC Compiler03 Aug 2020
Google Sends Patches For AMD Zen / Zen 2 RAPL PowerCap Support29 Jul 2020

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Arm Begins Bringing Up Neoverse N2, Neoverse V1 Support In The GNU Toolchain24 Sep 2020
Panfrost With Linux 5.10 To Support Mali GPU On Amlogic G12B SoCs22 Sep 2020
NVIDIA Reportedly Near Deal To Buy Arm For $40+ Billion Dollars12 Sep 2020
Linux 5.10 To Bring Rework To Raspberry Pi 4 USB Firmware Initialization22 Aug 2020
Linux 5.9 Adds Intel "Keem Bay" Support, 8 Snapdragon Smartphones, AMD EthanolX BMC, Old Tegra Tablets04 Aug 2020
Arm Backporting SLS Vulnerability Mitigation To Existing GCC Releases21 Jul 2020
Linux 5.9 Set To Bring ARMv8 TTL Support14 Jul 2020
GCC Compiler Lands Mitigation For Arm's Straight Line Speculation Vulnerability09 Jul 2020
Linux 5.9 To Bring Arm Memory Tagging Extension Support06 Jul 2020
Arm Cortex-A77 Support Upstreamed Finally To LLVM Clang 1105 Jul 2020

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DragonFlyBSD 5.8.2 Released With Numerous Fixes24 Sep 2020
FreeBSD 12.2 BETA2 Brings TRIM For Bhyve's VirtIO-BLK, Intel ICE Added19 Sep 2020
FuryBSD 2020-Q3 Released For This Xfce/KDE FreeBSD Desktop Distribution14 Sep 2020
FreeBSD 12.2 Beta Available For Testing12 Sep 2020
OpenZFS Support Merged Into Mainline FreeBSD25 Aug 2020
GhostBSD 20.08.04 Shipping With Updated Packages - Including MATE 1.2411 Aug 2020
DragonFlyBSD Pulls In AMD Temperature Driver, SMN Support From FreeBSD02 Aug 2020
DragonFlyBSD Updates Its Intel + Radeon Linux-Ported Graphics Driver Code27 Jul 2020
NetBSD Is Making Progress On Benchmarking For Performance/Regression Testing26 Jul 2020
DragonFlyBSD Lands New EXT2/3/4 File-System Driver19 Jul 2020

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Clear Linux
Clear Linux Preparing To Move To GNOME 3.36, Dropping Their Desktop Customizations26 Apr 2020
Intel's Clear Linux To Divest From The Desktop, Focus On Server + Cloud Workloads23 Apr 2020
Chrome, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, VSCode Now Unofficially Available For Clear Linux03 Apr 2020
Is Clear Linux Just A Toy Distribution By Intel?18 Mar 2020
Intel's Clear Linux Has Code In Place To Begin Handling Proprietary Packages Like Chrome & Steam13 Mar 2020
F2FS Root File-System Support For Clear Linux Appears To Be Coming14 Feb 2020
Benchmarks Of Clear Linux's Native Kernel Against Current/Mainline/Preempt-RT Kernels08 Jan 2020
Clear Linux Set To Begin Offering EarlyOOM For Better Dealing With Memory Pressure08 Jan 2020
Clear Linux Saw New Features, New Desktop Installer + Increased Adoption In 201901 Jan 2020
Clear Linux Defined Linux Performance These Past Few Years29 Dec 2019

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There's An Effort By A System76 Engineer To Bring Coreboot To Newer AMD Platforms24 Jul 2020
Coreboot Ported To A Newer Intel Server Board From Supermicro07 Jun 2020
Coreboot 4.12 Released - Drops Older Intel / AMD Platforms12 May 2020
Oreboot Continues Advancing For Open-Source, Rust-Based Booting On RISC-V05 Feb 2020
Tesla Is Making Use Of The Open-Source Coreboot Within Their Electric Vehicles14 Jan 2020
Coreboot Seeing Tigerlake + Jasperlake Activity, Experimental Razer Icelake Laptop Support02 Jan 2020
Coreboot Had An Exciting Decade Thanks To Google's Chromebooks, Efforts Like LinuxBoot28 Dec 2019
Open-Source Intel TXT Support Published For Coreboot21 Nov 2019
Coreboot 4.11 Brings Many Intel Improvements, New Support For Supermicro / Lenovo Boards19 Nov 2019
Coreboot Support Is Being Worked On For Fwupd/LVFS12 Nov 2019

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210 Articles
Debian 10.6 Released With Many Security & Bug Fixes26 Sep 2020
The Problems Debian Is Facing In 202004 Sep 2020
The Virtual DebConf20 Kicks Off With A Number Of Interesting Debian Talks This Week23 Aug 2020
Debian's Qt Maintainers Stepping Down Ahead Of Qt 6.018 Aug 2020
Debian GNU/Linux Turns 27 Years Old16 Aug 2020
Artwork Help Is Needed For Debian 11 "Bullseye"12 Aug 2020
Debian 10.5 Released To Address The GRUB2 BootHole Vulnerability, Other Security Fixes01 Aug 2020
Debian 9.13 Released As The End To Stretch18 Jul 2020
Devuan 3.0 Released For Debian 10 Without Systemd02 Jun 2020
Debian 10.4 Released With Many Fixes, Security Updates09 May 2020

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334 Articles
Xfce 4.16pre1 Released As The First Step Towards This Next Desktop Update13 Sep 2020
PipeWire Is In Increasingly Great Shape - Ready For More User Testing04 Sep 2020
Panel Improvements Merged Ahead Of The Forthcoming Xfce 4.1620 Aug 2020
Enlightenment 0.24.2, Terminology 1.8 Released26 Jul 2020
Xfce's Xfdesktop 4.15 Released20 Jun 2020
LibVNCServer 0.9.13 Released With Better Cross-Platform Coverage14 Jun 2020
Enlightenment 0.24 Released17 May 2020
The Latest Pango + HarfBuzz Is Leading To A Messy Font Rendering Situation For Some09 May 2020
FreeType 2.10.2 Released With Support For WOFF 2 Fonts09 May 2020
Xrdesktop 0.14 Released With OpenXR Support08 May 2020

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377 Articles
Fedora 33 Beta To Be Released Next Week25 Sep 2020
Fedora 34 Aims To Further Enhance Security But Will Lose Runtime Disabling Of SELinux24 Sep 2020
Fedora 34 Change To Further Compress Install Media Rejected Due To Install Time Concerns15 Sep 2020
Fedora 34 KDE Spin Planning Switch To Wayland08 Sep 2020
Fedora 34 Aims To Shrink Its Install Media By Ramping Up Compression28 Aug 2020
Allowing cc/c++ To Be More Easily Changed Out Has Been Deferred To Fedora 3421 Aug 2020
Fedora IoT To Be Promoted To An Official Edition With Fedora 3320 Aug 2020
Fedora 33 LTO Support Is Now In Good Shape For Faster, Smaller Packages19 Aug 2020
Fedora's FESCo Approves Using DXVK As Their Default Wine Direct3D Back-End11 Aug 2020
Fedora Btrfs Activity Continues - New Options To Control Discard, Compression10 Aug 2020

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Free Software
PostgreSQL 13 Released With Performance Improvements24 Sep 2020
Inkscape 1.0.1 Released With Many Fixes, Experimental Scribus PDF Export07 Sep 2020
KDAB Releases Hotspot 1.3 For Visualizing Linux Perf Reports03 Sep 2020
Blender 2.90 Released With Intel Embree Usage, Broader NVIDIA OptiX Support31 Aug 2020
Unity Is The Latest Company To Join Blender's Development Fund22 Aug 2020
FSF Has Finally Elected A New President05 Aug 2020
Apache Software Foundation Estimates Its Code Value Increased ~$600M For FY202029 Jul 2020
LuxCore Open-Source Renderer v2.4 Released With CUDA Support, Better Windows Scaling27 Jul 2020
The New Is Launching Soon26 Jul 2020
Git 2.28-rc1 Released - Continues The Transition Towards SHA256 Plus Moving Off "Master"18 Jul 2020

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1632 Articles
The LLVM Codebase Is Moving Past C++11 This Year, Likely To C++1423 Jan 2019
FP64 Support Finally Lands In Mesa Git For Intel Haswell03 Jan 2017

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2 Articles
GNOME 40 Aims To Have A Better Extensions Experience17 Sep 2020
Succeeding GNOME 3.38 Will Be "GNOME 40" - Yes, GNOME Forty16 Sep 2020
GNOME 3.38 Released With Many New Features, Better Performance16 Sep 2020
GNOME DMA-BUF Screencasting Now Limited To Intel Drivers Due To Bugs Elsewhere14 Sep 2020
GNOME 3.38 RC2 Released With Last Minute Changes13 Sep 2020
GNOME's New Power-Profiles-Daemon Sees "v0.1" Release10 Sep 2020
The Many Mutter + Shell Improvements Coming With GNOME 3.3808 Sep 2020
GNOME Power-Profiles-Daemon Taking Shape For Better System/Laptop Power Controls08 Sep 2020
Dynamic Triple Buffering For GNOME Still Being Worked On To Ramp Up The GPU When Needed07 Sep 2020
GTK 3.99.1 Released As The Latest Development Step Towards GTK403 Sep 2020

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Oak Ridge Sponsoring GCC Compiler Improvements For NVIDIA + AMD GPU Offloading04 Sep 2020
GCC Automatic Parallel Compilation Viability Results Help Up To 3.3x03 Sep 2020
GCC Is Currently Faster Than LLVM's Clang At Compiling The Linux Kernel02 Sep 2020
Is It Time To Overhaul The GNU Dynamic Linker?30 Aug 2020
GCC 11 Compiler Might Finally Enable DWARF 5 Debugging By Default24 Aug 2020
GCC "-fparallel-jobs" Sent Out For Compiling Individual Files In Parallel - Up To ~1.9x Speedup21 Aug 2020
GNU Emacs 27.1 Adds HarfBuzz Text Shaping, Native JSON Parsing10 Aug 2020
Fujitsu Begins Adding A64FX Support To GCC Compiler09 Aug 2020
GNU C Library 2.32 Released06 Aug 2020
GNU Debugger Adding eBPF Debugging Support05 Aug 2020

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841 Articles
Android 11 Released, Now Available Via Open-Source Project08 Sep 2020
Chrome 87 Dev Builds Trying Again With X11+Wayland Ozone Enabled05 Sep 2020
Chrome 86 Beta Enables Native File-System API By Default, WebCodecs Added03 Sep 2020
Android AOSP Can Boot Off Mainline Linux 5.9 With Just One Patch29 Aug 2020
Google Using AutoFDO On Linux Meant Up To 12% Less Cycles Spent Within The Kernel28 Aug 2020
Chrome 85 Is Clang PGO'ing Binaries For Better Performance But Linux Left Out25 Aug 2020
Chrome 85 Beta Brings WebHID API For Better Gamepad Support, AVIF Image Decode23 Jul 2020
Google Finally Begins Their Open-Source Dance Around Linux User-Space Threading23 Jul 2020
GNU Toolchain Continues Phasing Out Native Client Support (NaCl)15 Jul 2020
Open Usage Commons Is Google-Backed Organization For Helping With Open-Source Project Trademarks08 Jul 2020

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432 Articles
Independent Developers Tackling Snapdragon 630/660 SoC Support For The Upstream Linux Kernel27 Sep 2020
HPE Preparing SGI UV5 Support For The Linux Kernel24 Sep 2020
POWER Coregroup Support Coming With Linux 5.1021 Sep 2020
Libre-SOC Still Persevering To Be A Hybrid CPU/GPU That's 100% Open-Source18 Sep 2020
IBM Contributing A2O Processor Core To OpenPOWER Community15 Sep 2020
Linux 5.10 To Bring Some Improvements For Newer Lenovo Laptops14 Sep 2020
Zhaoxin Preparing Linux Kernel Support For 7-Series Centaur CPUs09 Sep 2020
Creative SoundBlaster AE-7 Sound Card To Be Supported By Linux 5.1001 Sep 2020
Many Linux Developers Are Ecstatic Over Fedora On Lenovo Systems31 Aug 2020
A Kernel Maintainer's Prediction On The CPU Architecture Landscape For 203031 Aug 2020

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1648 Articles
DP-HDMI2.1 Protocol Converter Support Being Tackled For Intel Linux Graphics27 Sep 2020
Intel DG1 Sound Support Coming For Linux 5.1024 Sep 2020
Intel Engineers Begin Landing Open-Source Support For TDX, Intel Key Locker24 Sep 2020
Intel Platform Monitoring Telemetry Appears Destined For Linux 5.1021 Sep 2020
Intel SGX Enclave Support Sent Out For Linux A 38th Time20 Sep 2020
Intel's Cloud-Hypervisor Making Progress On Booting Windows20 Sep 2020
Intel Compute Runtime 20.37.17906 Brings Rocket Lake Support19 Sep 2020
Intel Submits More Graphics Driver Updates For Linux 5.1018 Sep 2020
Intel Releases HAXM 7.6.5 Execution Manager17 Sep 2020
Optional L1d Flushing On Context Switching Looks Like It Will Try Again For Linux 5.1016 Sep 2020

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1887 Articles
KWinFT Projects Hit Beta Ahead Of Stable Releases Aligned With KDE Plasma 5.2026 Sep 2020
KDE Plasma 5.20 Should Be Crashing A Lot Less Under Wayland26 Sep 2020
Disman Continues Taking Shape As Display Management Library For X11/Wayland23 Sep 2020
Krita 4.4 Beta Released With Multi-Threading For Fill Layers22 Sep 2020
Experiments Are Underway With Vulkan Powering The KDE Plasma Shell21 Sep 2020
KDE Plasma 5.21 Bringing Systemd Startup Support, Wayland Improvements19 Sep 2020
KDE Plasma 5.20 Beta Released With Better Wayland Support17 Sep 2020
KDE Frameworks 5.74 Released With Faster KTextEditor, Many Improvements12 Sep 2020
KDE Launches Developer Platform Website, Other Progress During Akademy12 Sep 2020
KDE Starts September With Faster Konsole Launching, Dolphin Thumbnail Generation05 Sep 2020

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1008 Articles
LibreOffice 7.1 Starts Off With Presentation Improvements, Inclusive Config Options16 Aug 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Is Already Approaching A Half-Million Downloads12 Aug 2020
LibreOffice / The Document Foundation Generated Around One Million Dollars For 201911 Aug 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Released As The Open-Source, Vulkan-Accelerated Office Suite05 Aug 2020
The Document Foundation Officially Drops Branding For LibreOffice 7.0 "Personal Edition"20 Jul 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 RC2 Released For This Vulkan-Supported Open-Source Office Suite18 Jul 2020
LibreOffice Might Delay Its "Personal Edition" Branding Or Change To "Community Edition"09 Jul 2020
The Document Foundation Clarifies LibreOffice 7.0's "Personal Edition" Branding06 Jul 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 RC1 Is Out For Testing This Skia+Vulkan Open-Source Office Suite06 Jul 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Beta 2 Released For This Open-Source, Vulkan-Supported Office Suite22 Jun 2020

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135 Articles
Linux Events
OpenPOWER Summit 2020 Was This Week With Many Interesting Hardware/Software Talks20 Sep 2020
Automotive Grade Linux Has Large Presence At CES 202008 Jan 2020
Some Of The Interesting Open-Source Projects For Outreachy's Winter 2019 Round07 Dec 2019
Open Source Firmware Conference 2019 Videos Posted04 Dec 2019
OpenZFS Developer Summit 2019 Videos + Slides For The Latest On Open-Source ZFS10 Nov 2019
The Hardware FOSDEM Uses To Carry Out Linux Video Recordings Of Their Event22 Sep 2019
The Open-Source / Linux Highlights From OSTS 201918 May 2019
Systemd-Free Debian "Devuan" Planning Their First Developer Gathering This Spring28 Feb 2019
FOSS-North Is Coming Up In Two Months As A Leading Scandinavian Linux/Open-Source Event10 Feb 2019
Interesting Linux.Conf.Au 2019 Videos Now Available26 Jan 2019

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73 Articles
Linux Gaming
Warzone 2100 Lands Vulkan Renderer, Adaptive V-Sync For 20+ Year Old Game26 Sep 2020
Unity 2020.2 Bringing Some Hefty Performance Optimizations21 Sep 2020
Unvanquished Game, Assets Are Now Fully Open-Source Compliant15 Sep 2020
Feral's GameMode 1.6 Released For Optimizing The Linux Gaming Experience11 Sep 2020
SuperTuxKart 1.2 Brings Better Gamepad Support, Other Features28 Aug 2020
FUTEX2 Still Being Worked On For Benefiting Linux Gaming & Much More24 Aug 2020
Unity Game Engine Planning For Many Improvements In 202113 Aug 2020
FNA FAudio 20.08 Released With WMA Decoding Powered By GStreamer01 Aug 2020
The Beautiful + Linux-Friendly Unigine 2.12 Engine Released01 Aug 2020
Core i3 10100 vs. Core i5 10600K vs. Ryzen 3 3300X Linux Gaming Benchmarks26 Jul 2020

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Linux Kernel
MSM Adreno DRM Driver For Linux 5.10 Has DisplayPort, Per-Process Pagetables28 Sep 2020
Linux 5.9 Stable Expected In Two Weeks, But For Now Is Linux 5.9-rc727 Sep 2020
Linux 5.9-rc6 Released With Soft Scrollback Removed, Performance Regression Fixed20 Sep 2020
New /dev/random Implementation Hits 35th Revision18 Sep 2020
Linux 5.9 Dropping Soft Scrollback Support From FB + VGA Console Code14 Sep 2020
Linux 5.9-rc5 Looks Fairly Normal Aside From Wildfires + Performance Regression13 Sep 2020
Kernel Bisecting Has Never Been Faster Than With AMD EPYC + AMD Threadripper10 Sep 2020
Raspberry Pi 4 VC4 Support Coming With Linux 5.1010 Sep 2020
Linux 5.9-rc4 Kernel Released06 Sep 2020
Faster Reading From /dev/zero With Linux 5.1006 Sep 2020

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2543 Articles
Linux Networking
Facebook Still Pursuing "NetGPU" - Working On AMD GPU Support In Addition To NVIDIA29 Aug 2020
Linux Per Thread Queues Aim For Traffic Isolation, Higher Performance Networking27 Aug 2020
Linux 5.9 Networking Changes Are As Active As Ever08 Aug 2020
Linux Quietly Makes It Harder To Guess Network RNG's Internal State29 Jul 2020
Linux 5.9 To Support New EF100 NIC Architecture Developed By Xilinx29 Jul 2020
Linux 5.9 To Support 6GHz WiFi With Qualcomm's Ath11k Driver24 Jul 2020
Linux 5.9 To Allow Defaulting To FQ-PIE Queuing Discipline For Fighting Bufferbloat14 Jul 2020
Intel's IWD 1.8 Wireless Daemon Released With WiFi P2P Support17 Jun 2020
Linux 5.8 Networking Changes Include Introducing Cable Testing Infrastructure04 Jun 2020
NetworkManager 1.26 Development Progressing With New Functionality31 May 2020

More Linux Networking News

164 Articles
Linux Security
Trenchboot Secure Launch Support For Linux Sees New Patches25 Sep 2020
Linux 5.10 To Support Nitro Enclaves For Security-Critical Applications24 Sep 2020
Security Researchers Detail New "BlindSide" Speculative Execution Attack11 Sep 2020
Google Engineer Calls For Greater Collaboration On Speculative Execution Mitigations28 Aug 2020
Kernel ASI Still Being Worked On For Protecting Against Hyper Threading Data Leaks26 Aug 2020
Researchers Make More Discoveries Around L1TF/Foreshadow - It's Not Good06 Aug 2020
BootHole Blows Hole In GRUB2 Bootloader Security, Including UEFI SecureBoot29 Jul 2020
Sony Provides Patch To Linux 5.9 For Allowing Further Access Restrictions On DebugFS25 Jul 2020
FGKASLR Revved For Improving Linux Kernel Security23 Jul 2020
L1TF Cache Flushing Mode Could Soon Be Controlled Via Kconfig Build Option03 Jul 2020

More Linux Security News

160 Articles
Linux Storage
Linux 5.10 To See RAID10 DISCARD Improvement - From 259 Seconds To Less Than 1 Second25 Sep 2020
OpenZFS 2.0-RC2 Released With Dozens Of Fixes18 Sep 2020
Red Hat Has Been Working On New NVFS File-System15 Sep 2020
Linux Receiving Generic Casefolding Implementation For File-Systems31 Aug 2020
VirtIO-FS DAX Support Close To Mainline For Offering Tremendous Performance Boost30 Aug 2020
Google Is Still Striving To Upstream Incremental FS In Linux29 Aug 2020
Paragon Submits Third Version Of New NTFS Kernel Driver For Linux29 Aug 2020
OpenZFS 2.0-RC1 Released With Unified Linux/BSD Support, Zstd Compression & Much More25 Aug 2020
ATGC Could Come In Linux 5.10 For F2FS, Much Faster Decompression Speeds Too23 Aug 2020
OpenZFS File-System Merges Support For Using Zstd Compression22 Aug 2020

More Linux Storage News

541 Articles
SiFive Begins Adding RISC-V "Bullet" Microarchitecture Code To LLVM26 Sep 2020
LLVM 11.0-RC3 Released For This Big LLVM/Clang Update22 Sep 2020
LLVM Developers Looking At Phasing Out Intel MMX Support02 Sep 2020
Intel Sapphire Rapids Target Added To LLVM/Clang 12.001 Sep 2020
LLVM Merges Machine Function Splitter For ~32% Reduction In TLB Misses31 Aug 2020
Registration Opens For 2020 Virtual LLVM Developers' Meeting30 Aug 2020
LLVM Clang Will Finally Honor "-mtune=" On x86/x86_64 CPUs27 Aug 2020
LLVM 11.0-RC2 Released For This Widely-Used, Open-Source Compiler Stack21 Aug 2020
LLVM's libclc Adds Mesa SPIR-V Target18 Aug 2020
LLVM Clang 11 Has A Nice Build Speed Improvement With New Feature For Pre-Compiled Headers08 Aug 2020

More LLVM News

623 Articles
After ~70% FPS Boost For Zink, The OpenGL-on-Vulkan Code Is ~50% The GL Native Speed27 Sep 2020
ADRIConf Remains The Primary GUI Control Panel For Managing Mesa OpenGL/Vulkan Drivers22 Sep 2020
TURNIP Vulkan Driver Up And Running On Qualcomm's KGSL22 Sep 2020
Open-Source Vivante Driver In Some Cases Outperforming Proprietary Driver21 Sep 2020
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Seeing Some 50~100% FPS Gains19 Sep 2020
Etnaviv Gallium3D Adds On-Disk Shader Cache Support18 Sep 2020
V3DV Developers Lay Out Plans For Upstreaming The Raspberry Pi 4 Vulkan Driver In Mesa17 Sep 2020
Mesa 20.1.8 Released While Waiting For Mesa 20.217 Sep 2020
Mesa Refactors Disk Cache - Working Towards Windows Support11 Sep 2020
Mesa 20.3 Picks Up New Capabilities To Help With Display Presentation Jitter, Stuttering10 Sep 2020

More Mesa News

1861 Articles
Mesa 20.3 Can Now Consume SPIR-V Binaries Generated By LLVM's libclc26 Sep 2020
Microsoft Edge Is Coming Out For Linux Next Month22 Sep 2020
"Microsoft Wants To Create A Complete Virtualization Stack With Linux"14 Sep 2020
WSL2 Adding Support For Mounting Physical Disks, EXT4 Access And More From Windows10 Sep 2020
Microsoft Is Exploring LTO+PGO For A Faster Linux Kernel27 Aug 2020
Wine-Mono Won't Bother With .NET 5.0 - The Official Microsoft Binaries Should Work Fine26 Aug 2020
Microsoft Is Backporting WSL2 To Their Windows 10 2019 Releases20 Aug 2020
Microsoft Doubles Their Commits To Mesa This Week18 Aug 2020
Microsoft Engineer Proposes "TRAMPFD" For Improving Linux Security28 Jul 2020
Microsoft Releases Its Own Open-Source Process Monitor For Linux17 Jul 2020

More Microsoft News

224 Articles
Firefox Nightly Flips On New JIT "Warp" Code For Greater JavaScript Performance25 Sep 2020
Firefox 81 Released With Security Fixes, PDF Viewer Enhancements22 Sep 2020
Mozilla's GFX-RS 0.8 Released For Vulkan Portability - Brings Big Changes25 Aug 2020
Firefox 80 Available With VA-API On X11, WebGL Parallel Shader Compile Support24 Aug 2020
Mozilla's Incredible Speech-To-Text Engine Is At Risk Following Layoffs23 Aug 2020
Mozilla Laying Off Around A Quarter Of Their Employees11 Aug 2020
Firefox 79 Is Ready To Ship With Safeguard On "_blank" Links, More Wayland VA-API Work27 Jul 2020
Thunderbird 78 Rolls Out With UI Updates, New Features17 Jul 2020
There Finally Is Work On Shipping Mozilla's WebRender For Some Linux Environments11 Jul 2020
Firefox 80 To Support VA-API Acceleration On X1104 Jul 2020

More Mozilla News

334 Articles
FFmpeg Now Supports GPU Inference With Intel's OpenVINO20 Sep 2020
Rav1e 0.4 Alpha Released With Much Faster Performance For Rust AV1 Encoding16 Sep 2020
Lightworks Software Now Independent Of EditShare15 Sep 2020
AOM AV1 Encoder Sees Big Boost With Additional AVX2 Optimization09 Sep 2020
Rav1e 0.3.4 AV1 Encoder Now Running On Android, iOS09 Sep 2020
GStreamer 1.18 Released With Better Windows Support, Intel SVT-HEVC08 Sep 2020
AV2 Is In R&D As The Eventual Successor To The AV1 Video Codec07 Sep 2020
GStreamer 1.18 RC1 Released For This Leading Open-Source Multimedia Framework22 Aug 2020
AOMedia Forms AV1 Software Working Group Using Intel's SVT-AV120 Aug 2020
Kdenlive 20.08 Released For Improving This Leading Open-Source Video Editor17 Aug 2020

More Multimedia News

423 Articles
Nouveau NVC0 Shader Disk Cache Lands For Speeding Up Game Load Times25 Aug 2020
Nouveau Changes For Linux 5.9 Bring Fixes, Prep For Future Improvements24 Jul 2020
Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" CRC Support Ready For Linux 5.922 Jul 2020
Open-Source 3D/Compute Finally Materializing For NVIDIA Volta / Turing GPUs09 Jun 2020
Open-Source NVIDIA/Nouveau Changes Submitted For Linux 5.822 May 2020
Nouveau Display CRC Support Being Firmed Up Thanks To NVIDIA's Documentation18 Apr 2020
ASUS Releases Graphics Card That Could Actually Be Great For Open-Source NVIDIA Fans13 Apr 2020
Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" Driver Should Trip Less Often On Some GPUs With Linux 5.708 Apr 2020
NVIDIA Posts Firmware Needed For Open-Source GeForce 16 Series Acceleration19 Feb 2020
Nouveau Gallium3D Finally Seeing Mesa Shader Disk Cache For Faster Game Load Times17 Feb 2020

More Nouveau News

435 Articles
NVIDIA CUDA 11.1 Released With RTX 30 Series Support, Better Compatibility Across Versions23 Sep 2020
NVIDIA C++ Standard Library Now Available Via GitHub19 Sep 2020
NVIDIA 455.23.04 Linux Beta Released With GeForce RTX 3080/3090 Support17 Sep 2020
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Linux Driver/Support Expectations15 Sep 2020
NVIDIA Announces $40 Billion Deal To Acquire Arm13 Sep 2020
18-Way NVIDIA GPU Performance With Blender 2.90 Using OptiX + CUDA06 Sep 2020
NVIDIA Engineer Sends Out Patches For Supporting Sync FDs + Sync Objects With Nouveau03 Sep 2020
Updated NVIDIA CUDA For WSL Brings Better Performance, PTX JIT03 Sep 2020
NVIDIA Sends Out 1GB THP Support For Linux x86_6402 Sep 2020
NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Supports AV1 Accelerated Video Decoding01 Sep 2020

More NVIDIA News

894 Articles
Operating Systems
Arch Linux Based EndeavourOS Begins Providing ARM Builds23 Sep 2020
Sculpt OS 20.08 Released With Redesigned GUI Stack19 Sep 2020
Gentoo Offers Up New Easy Kernel Options16 Sep 2020
Gentoo's Portage 3.0 Stabilized With Much Faster Dependency Calculations07 Sep 2020
Haiku Seeing Better Rust Support Following Important Fix06 Sep 2020
Linux From Scratch 10.0 Released For Rolling Your Own Linux Installation From Source01 Sep 2020
Amazon's Bottlerocket Hits GA As Linux Distribution Optimized For Containers01 Sep 2020
Genode OS 20.08 Has Chromium Web Engine Running, Low-Level GUI Work31 Aug 2020
Mageia 8 Beta 1 Released With Many Improvements07 Aug 2020
OPNsense 20.7 Released For This BSD-Powered Open-Source Firewall30 Jul 2020

More Operating Systems News

838 Articles
Oracle To Stick With Solaris "11.4" For Continuous Delivery SRU Releases21 Sep 2020
OpenJDK 15 Reaches GA With Garbage Collector Promotions, Tossing Out Solaris + SPARC15 Sep 2020
VirtualBox 6.1.14 Adds Linux 5.8 Kernel Support04 Sep 2020
Oracle Releases Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel "R5U4"03 Sep 2020
Oracle Linux 7 U9 Beta Bringing Updated Drivers, Wayland Tech Preview19 Aug 2020
Oracle Solaris 11.4 SRU24 Released With A Plethora Of Package Updates19 Aug 2020
Oracle Updates Many Packages With Solaris 11.4 SRU2123 May 2020
Oracle Talks Up Btrfs Rather Than ZFS For Their Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 621 May 2020
Oracle Releases GraalVM 20.1 Virtual Machine With Some Big Improvements19 May 2020
Oracle Working On "PKRAM" For Memory That Survives After Booting Into A New Kexec Kernel08 May 2020

More Oracle News

253 Articles
Intel mOS, Cachy, Mozilla Layoffs Were The Open-Source Buzz Of August01 Sep 2020
Rust Maybe Coming To The Linux Kernel, Other Open-Source Milestones For July02 Aug 2020 Transition To New Server Complete04 Jul 2020
Server Infrastructure Upgrade Weekend - AMD EPYC Rome Across The Board03 Jul 2020
Raspberry Pi Vulkan, WSL2, Renoir, Linux 5.8 + PHP8 Was Exciting For June01 Jul 2020
Intel vs. AMD, Systemd-Homed, Kernel Advancements Top H1'2020 For Linux30 Jun 2020
Phoronix Is Now 16 Years Old, Phoronix Test Suite Turns 1205 Jun 2020
Kernel Advancements, Microsoft Linux News Kept Open-Source Fans Entertained In May02 Jun 2020
Phoronix Turns 16 Years Old Next Week, So Here's A Special To Celebrate31 May 2020
Linux Gaming, Qt Drama, New Hardware Kept Open-Source Enthusiasts Entertained This Month30 Apr 2020

More Phoronix News

612 Articles
Phoronix Test Suite
Phoronix Test Suite / Now Has 600 Different Tests/Benchmarks25 Sep 2020
New Features Enhance Discovering Popular + Reliable Tests21 Sep 2020
Phoronix Test Suite 10.0 Milestone 2 Now Available For Testing13 Sep 2020
New/Updated Benchmarks For August From TensorFlow Lite To ASTCENC01 Sep 2020
Phoronix Test Suite 10.0 Milestone 1 Released For Open-Source Benchmarking20 Aug 2020
Phoronix Test Suite 9.8 Milestone 2 Released For Open-Source/Linux Benchmarking24 Jun 2020
Phoronix Test Suite 9.8 Milestone 1 Readies Another Round Of Benchmarking Features04 Jun 2020
Phoronix Test Suite 9.6.1 Released For Cross-Platform, Open-Source Benchmarking25 May 2020
Phoronix Test Suite 9.6 Released With Many Benchmark Result Viewer Improvements21 Apr 2020
Continuing To Improve The Benchmark Result Viewer12 Apr 2020

More Phoronix Test Suite News

191 Articles
Showing Your Support During COVID-1924 Apr 2020
Showing Your Love For Open-Source + Linux Benchmarking This Valentine's Day14 Feb 2020
A Last Call To Show Your Support In 201930 Dec 2019
After 3,600 Original Articles This Year On Linux/Open-Source, Let's Have A Holiday Special24 Dec 2019
There Is Just A Few Days Left To Go Premium For Black Friday / Cyber Monday29 Nov 2019
It's That Time Of The Year For The Annual Phoronix Premium Sale To Show Your Support26 Nov 2019
A Last Call For Our Phoronix Premium 2019 Autumn Special27 Sep 2019
The Phoronix Premium Oktoberfest 2019 Deal - Support Linux/Open-Source Benchmarking22 Sep 2019
A Last Call To Celebrate Phoronix's 15th Birthday By Going Premium07 Jun 2019
Phoronix Turns 15 Years Old Next Week So Here's Something Special01 Jun 2019

More Premium News

35 Articles
Apple Open-Sources Swift System, Adds Linux Support26 Sep 2020
GraalPHP Is A PHP JIT Implementation Built On GraalVM25 Sep 2020
RenderDoc 1.10 Released For This Leading Cross-Platform Graphics Debugger20 Sep 2020
LZHAM + Crunch Now Placed Under The Public Domain16 Sep 2020
Erlang Is Seeing Work On "BeamAsm" - A JIT Compiler Yielding Much Performance Uplift13 Sep 2020
Wasmer 1.0 Is Approaching For Running WebAssembly Anywhere12 Sep 2020
KDevelop 5.6 IDE Brings Better Stability, Performance07 Sep 2020
C++20 Draft Approved As Major Update To C++ Programming Language06 Sep 2020
Dbus-Broker 24 Brings Improved Log Messages04 Sep 2020
SHADERed 1.4 Brings Shader Writing/Debugging To The Browser02 Sep 2020

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Proprietary Software
DaVinci Resolve 16 Beta Video Editor Employing Deep Learning, GPU Accelerated Tools08 Apr 2019
Lightworks Video Editor Plans For A Busy 2019 But No Signs Of The Open-Source Version10 Jan 2019
Adobe Customer Care: There Hasn't Been Enough Demand For Linux10 Dec 2018
Lightworks 14.5 Video Editor Released With Same-Day Linux Support But Still No Source17 Oct 2018
DaVinci Resolve 15 Video/Effects Editor Released With Linux Support13 Aug 2018
A VR Developer's Thoughts On The Current Mess Of APIs & Hardware27 May 2018
Keeper Password Manager Launches New Linux Version26 Apr 2018
Vivaldi Web Browser Now Available For Linux ARM / Raspberry Pi05 Dec 2017
TeamViewer 13 Now Available For Linux As A Native 64-bit Port04 Dec 2017
Adobe Is Finally Ending Flash Support... In 202025 Jul 2017

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131 Articles
Qbs 1.17 Released With This Build System Still Alive14 Sep 2020
Qt 6.0 Development Host/Target Changes Announced11 Sep 2020
Qt 5.15.1 Released With 400+ Bug Fixes10 Sep 2020
Qt 6.0 Now Under Feature Freeze01 Sep 2020
Qt Creator 4.13 Release Brings Initial Meson Support, Updates C++ Code Model26 Aug 2020
Qt Creator 4.13 RC Released With Initial Meson Integration, Updated C++ Code Model13 Aug 2020
Qt Creator 4.13 Beta Released - Finally Offers Meson Build System Integration13 Jul 2020
Qt 6.0 Sees Its First Development Snapshot15 Jun 2020
KDAB Releases Qt 3D + glTF 2.0 Powered Kuesa 3D 1.208 Jun 2020
Qt Updates Its Online Installer To Clarify Open-Source Obligations27 May 2020

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AMD Sends Out Linux Kernel Support For Van Gogh APUs - Confirms DDR5 Memory, VCN325 Sep 2020
AMD Is Hiring To Work On New Radeon Driver Tooling Written In Rust24 Sep 2020
AMDGPU For Linux 5.10 Brings PCIe DPC Recovery, More RDNA2 Updates23 Sep 2020
AMD Dimgrey Cavefish and VanGogh Support Lands In Radeon Linux OpenGL Driver22 Sep 2020
Radeon ROCm 3.8 Released With Hipfort For Fortran On GPUs, Data Center Tool21 Sep 2020
AMDGPU TMZ + HDCP Should Allow Widevine DRM To Behave Nicely With AMD Linux Systems19 Sep 2020
Cache Creator Tool Proposed For AMDVLK Vulkan Driver17 Sep 2020
RADV's "ACO" Shader Backend Still Pursuing RadeonSI, Early Work On RDNA 217 Sep 2020
Ray-Tracing Support For AMDGPU LLVM Back-End Lands For RDNA 216 Sep 2020
AMD Radeon Navi 2 / VCN 3.0 Supports AV1 Video Decoding15 Sep 2020

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Red Hat
Jon Masters Leaving NUVIA, Returning To Red Hat05 Sep 2020
Red Hat Has Been Working On "stalld" As A Thread Stall Detector + Booster31 Aug 2020
Red Hat Bringing Multipath TCP To RHEL 8.3 As A Tech Preview19 Aug 2020
Red Hat Begins Talking Up The New RHEL Flatpak Runtime12 Aug 2020
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 Hits Beta With New/Updated Application Streams28 Jul 2020
CentOS Stream Begins Seeing RHEL 8.3 Bits, Real-Time Repository07 Jul 2020
"Project Springfield" Is Red Hat's Effort To Improve Linux File-Systems / Storage01 Jul 2020
RHEL Deprecating The Virt-Manager UI In Favor Of The Cockpit Web Console26 Jun 2020
Red Hat Investing In Modularity And Will Support It Where It Makes Sense For RHEL 918 Jun 2020
CentOS 8 Rebased Against RHEL 8.215 Jun 2020

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222 Articles
Alibaba Reports Their XT910 RISC-V Core To Be Faster Than An Arm Cortex-A7318 Aug 2020
RISC-V Software Support Adds More Features With Linux 5.907 Aug 2020
RISC-V UEFI Linux Support Under Review28 Jun 2020
RISC-V For Linux 5.8 Finishes Bringing Up The Kendryte K210, Adds KGDB Support07 Jun 2020
Linux 5.7 Begins Landing Support For The Kendryte K210 Dual-Core RISC-V SoC09 Apr 2020
UEFI Boot Support Published For RISC-V On Linux26 Feb 2020
Linux Kernel Continues Prepping For RISC-V's Updated Supervisor Binary Interface12 Feb 2020
Linux Kernel Preparations For RISC-V Vector ISA Support06 Jan 2020
Libre RISC-V Accelerator Secures 300k EUR In Grants, Still Undecided About The ISA29 Dec 2019
NEOX V Announced By Think Silicon As First RISC-V 3D GPU02 Dec 2019

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54 Articles
Microsoft + Oculus Shipping First Conformant OpenXR 1.0 Implementations28 Jul 2020
Monado Working On Positional Tracking Support Via Libsurvive To Further Open-Source AR/VR17 Jul 2020
OpenXR Conformance Tests Open-Sourced07 Jul 2020
H.266/VVC Standard Finalized With ~50% Lower Size Compared To H.26506 Jul 2020
Khronos Releases SYCL 2020 Provisional Specification30 Jun 2020
Khronos Releases OpenVG 1.1 Lite For High Quality Vector Graphics On Mobile28 May 2020
SD 8.0 Specification To Allow 4GB/s Transfer Rates By Leveraging PCIe 4.019 May 2020
Updated Basis Universal Yields High Quality Compression, 3~4x Smaller Than JPEG/PNG21 Mar 2020
Unicode 13.0 Released With A Plunger, Fondue & Other New Emoji11 Mar 2020
New High Quality GPU Compression Codec Going Open-Source In The Coming Days09 Mar 2020

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230 Articles
OpenSUSE Jump Distribution Now Available For Alpha Testing28 Aug 2020
openSUSE Tumbleweed Now Shipping Linux 5.814 Aug 2020
SUSE Acquiring Rancher Labs08 Jul 2020
OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 Released With AI/ML Packages Added, YaST Improvements02 Jul 2020
openSUSE Leap 15.2 Hits RC Phase With GNOME 3.34 + KDE Plasma 5.18, Sway29 May 2020
OpenSUSE Leap + SUSE Linux Enterprise Planning To Move Closer In 202009 Apr 2020
OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 Begins Seeing Beta Builds, Official Release Due In May25 Feb 2020
OpenSUSE's OBS Can Now Spin Windows Subsystem for Linux Images13 Oct 2019
OpenSUSE Expanding Encryption Options For Its Installer10 Oct 2019
GCC 10 Likely To See "-flto=auto" Option24 Jul 2019

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234 Articles
Systemd 247 Still Aiming To Integrate systemd-oomd09 Sep 2020
Systemd 246 Released With Many Changes30 Jul 2020
Systemd 246 Release Is Imminent With RC2 Released24 Jul 2020
systemd-oomd Looks Like It Will Come Together For systemd 24713 Jul 2020
systemd 246-RC1 Released09 Jul 2020
A Microsoft Addition For systemd 246 Exposes Host OS Information To Containers09 Jul 2020
Systemd 246 Is On The Way With Many Changes01 Jul 2020
Dbus-Broker 23 Released For High Performance D-Bus11 May 2020
Systemd-OOMD Continues Coming Together For Better Linux Out-Of-Memory Handling10 Apr 2020
Systemd 245 Released - First Version Including Systemd-Homed06 Mar 2020

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189 Articles
Lenovo Announces 27 Systems To Ship With Ubuntu Pre-Installed23 Sep 2020
Ubuntu Touch OTA-13 Released With More Phones Supported, UI Improvements21 Sep 2020
Mark Shuttleworth Now Plans To Restore Ubuntu's Community Council13 Sep 2020
Mark Shuttleworth Comments Following Ubuntu Community Friction, Uncertainty11 Sep 2020
Ubuntu 20.10 Adding Active Directory Support To The Installer07 Sep 2020
Ubuntu To Try Again In Switching IPTables To Use Nftables Backend27 Aug 2020
Ubuntu Touch Working On Better PinePhone, PineTab Support21 Aug 2020
Ubuntu 18.04.5 + Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS Released13 Aug 2020
Ubuntu Is Looking At Offering Better WiFi Support By Using Intel's IWD12 Aug 2020
Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Released With The Latest Fixes06 Aug 2020

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1403 Articles
Gamescope Continues Advancing As Wayland/Vulkan Compositor Backed By Valve16 Sep 2020
Steam On Linux Is Ending Summer 2020 At Just Under 0.9% Marketshare02 Sep 2020
Valve's Steam July 2020 Numbers Point To A Small Dip For Linux01 Aug 2020
Valve Hires Another Developer To Work On RADV Radeon Vulkan Driver28 Jul 2020
Valve/CodeWeavers Rolls Out Proton 5.0-10 RC For Death Stranding, One Day After Windows Release15 Jul 2020
Steam On Linux Is Still Bouncing Around 0.9% For Summer 202002 Jul 2020
Futex2 Proposed In Latest Effort For Linux Kernel Optimization That Can Benefit Gamers12 Jun 2020
Steam Play's Proton 5.0-9 Brings Fix For Games Requiring EA Origin Client11 Jun 2020
Proton 5.0-8 Release Candidate Brings Game Fixes, Performance Improvements03 Jun 2020
Steam Ironing Out Shader Pre-Caching For Helping Game Load Times, Stuttering30 May 2020

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508 Articles
Even In 2019, A Long Road Still For Getting The VIA OpenChrome Driver In Linux09 Jan 2019
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Go Through A GEM/TTM Code Rewrite05 Aug 2018
It's Still Going To Be Tough Getting The OpenChrome VIA KMS Driver In The Linux Kernel28 May 2018
VIA Joins In The AI Race, Linux/Android Support For Their New Developer Kit10 May 2018
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Work On New GEM/TTM Code, Regression Fixes12 Mar 2018
OpenChrome KMS Can Now Do Runtime Resolution Changes, Hopes To Go Mainline In 201811 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Still Aiming For Mainline Kernel, But Initially Will Lack 2D Acceleration02 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Continues To Be Developed, But It Didn't Make It Mainline This Year26 Dec 2017
OpenChrome DRM Still Being Ported To Newer Kernel, Lengthy Process25 Aug 2017
OpenChrome Still Pushing For DRM Kernel Driver, Updated DDX04 Aug 2017

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99 Articles
Virt-Manager 3.0 Released With UI Improvements, Cloud-Init Option27 Sep 2020
Linux 5.9 Dropping Xen 32-bit PV Guest Support14 Aug 2020
POWER10 Virtualization, Intel SERIALIZE Come For KVM On Linux 5.912 Aug 2020
QEMU 5.1 Release Brings Many Improvements To This Open-Source Virtualization Component12 Aug 2020
Linux 5.9 Bringing Mellanox VDPA Driver For Newer ConnectX Devices11 Aug 2020
Intel Cloud-Hypervisor 0.9 Brings io_uring Block Device Support For Faster Performance08 Aug 2020
QEMU 5.1 Bringing Many CPU Improvements From Loongson To RISC-V To s39016 Jul 2020
Intel's Cloud Hypervisor 0.8 Adds Experimental ARM64 Support, Snapshot/Restore13 Jun 2020
Loongson 3 CPUs Beginning To Work With Linux KVM Virtualization13 Jun 2020
Linux 5.8 Supports Nested AMD Live Migration With KVM11 Jun 2020

More Virtualization News

424 Articles
More Vulkan NCNN Inference Benchmarks On AMD Radeon vs. NVIDIA GeForce Under Linux27 Sep 2020
Zink OpenGL-Over-Vulkan With Unigine Heaven Seeing Improved Performance25 Sep 2020
VKD3D 1.2 Is Ready To Offer Better Direct3D 12 To Vulkan Support22 Sep 2020
Vulkan Portability Extension 1.0 Now Shipping For Expanding Vulkan's Reach21 Sep 2020
After Reaching Vulkan 1.0 Conformance, V3DV Raspberry Pi Vulkan To Pursue Mainline Mesa16 Sep 2020
Vulkan Present Timing Extension With Aim To Avoid Stuttering15 Sep 2020
X-Plane 11.50 Officially Released With Its Vulkan Renderer10 Sep 2020
GRVK 0.2 Continues Advancing This AMD Mantle To Vulkan Translation Layer10 Sep 2020
Zink OpenGL-Over-Vulkan Driver - Performance Is Turning Out Better Than Expected08 Sep 2020
V3DV Driver For Raspberry Pi Closing In On Vulkan 1.007 Sep 2020

More Vulkan News

505 Articles
Taiwins 0.2 Released As Modular Wayland Compositor That Supports Lua Scripting18 Sep 2020
Hikari 2.2 Wayland Compositor Adds Support For WayVNC, Other Features08 Sep 2020
Wayland's Weston 9.0 Released With Kiosk Shell For Always-Fullscreen Apps04 Sep 2020
Wayfire 0.5 Wayland Compositor Brings Latency Optimizations, More Protocols04 Aug 2020
Libinput 1.16 Released - Ready To Warn You If Your System Is Too Slow03 Aug 2020
Wayland-Utils 1.0 Relased As New Utility Package For Wayland Tools01 Aug 2020
LIBEI Yields New Effort For Emulating Input Devices In Wayland31 Jul 2020
Wayland's Weston 9.0 Reaches Alpha31 Jul 2020
Wayland's Weston Compositor Introduces Kiosk/Fullscreen Shell30 Jul 2020
Cage Wayland Compositor For Kiosk Use-Cases Updated With Direct Scan-Out, New Protocols17 Jul 2020

More Wayland News

753 Articles
Wine 5.18 Released With VKD3D 1.2's vkd3d-shader Usage25 Sep 2020
Easier Vulkan Debugging Of Windows Applications Running Under Wine Is On The Way23 Sep 2020
Wine-Staging 5.17 Adds More Patches For Microsoft Flight Simulator 202012 Sep 2020
Wine 5.17 Released With Work Started On NDIS Network Driver11 Sep 2020
Wine-Staging 5.16 Begins Adding Patches For Microsoft Flight Simulator30 Aug 2020
Wine 5.16 Released With Support For AVX Registers28 Aug 2020
Wine Patches Revived For 64-bit POWER Support, Hangover To Run Windows Apps On POWER17 Aug 2020
Wine-Staging 5.15 Brings Systeminfo, Media Improvements15 Aug 2020
Wine 5.15 Release Brings Initial Work On XACT Engine Libraries14 Aug 2020
Wine Developer Begins Experimenting With macOS ARM64 Support14 Aug 2020

More WINE News

729 Articles
X.Org Is Getting Their Cloud / Continuous Integration Costs Under Control18 Sep 2020
Microsoft Has A Large Presence At This Year's X.Org Conference17 Sep 2020
Arm Is Now Backing Panfrost Gallium3D As Open-Source Mali Graphics Driver16 Sep 2020
X.Org Developers Conference 2020 Starts With Many Interesting Talks16 Sep 2020
X.Org Server 1.20.9 Released With Numerous XWayland Fixes26 Aug 2020
LibX11 1.6.12 Released Due To Latest Security Advisory25 Aug 2020
X.Org's Latest Security Woes Are Bugs In LibX11, Xserver31 Jul 2020
The Annual X.Org / Wayland / Mesa Conference Is Going Virtual Due To COVID-1903 Jul 2020
Linux 5.9 To Expose Adaptive-Sync / VRR Range Via DebugFS26 Jun 2020
The First Batch Of DRM-Misc-Next Changes For Linux 5.9 Sent In20 Jun 2020

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1047 Articles