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Linux 5.3 Kernel Yielding The Best Performance Yet For AMD EPYC "Rome" CPU Performance17 Aug 2019
AMD Bulldozer/Jaguar CPUs Will No Longer Advertise RdRand Support Under Linux15 Aug 2019
AMD Ryzen 3000 Series Playing Nicely With Latest Linux Distros Following BIOS Updates12 Aug 2019
AMD Sends Out Initial Linux Driver Support For "Renoir" APUs09 Aug 2019
Summing Up The AMD EPYC 7742 2P Performance In One Graphic08 Aug 2019
How Can AMD EPYC "Rome" 7002 Series Be Even Better? Open-Source BIOS / Coreboot08 Aug 2019
AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler 2.0 Released With Zen 2 Support08 Aug 2019
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X SMT Linux Performance Benchmarks01 Aug 2019
Linux k10temp Support Pending For AMD Ryzen 3000 Series Processors28 Jul 2019
Linux 5.2/5.3 Kernel Performance On The AMD Ryzen 9 3900X27 Jul 2019

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1029 Articles
PyPy JIT Now Running Well On 64-Bit ARM For Faster Performance29 Jul 2019
The Arm SoC/Platform Changes Finally Sent In For Linux 5.3: Jetson Nano, New SoCs20 Jul 2019
64-Bit ARM Changes Already Sent In For The Linux 5.3 Kernel08 Jul 2019
Linux AEST Driver Sent Out For ARM Error Source Table06 Jul 2019
Arm's Komeda Driver Adding Variable Refresh Rate Support05 Jul 2019
NVIDIA Delivering CUDA To Linux On Arm For HPC/Servers17 Jun 2019
Arm Developer Provides More Glibc Optimizations - Memem & Strstr17 Jun 2019
The ClearFog ARM ITX Workstation Performance Is Looking Very Good01 Jun 2019
Arm Announces Cortex-A77 & Mali-G77 Valhall27 May 2019
Arm SVE2 Support Aligning For GCC 10, LLVM Clang 9.024 May 2019

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174 Articles
DragonFlyBSD Developing DSynth As Synth Rewrite For Custom Package Building20 Aug 2019
NetBSD Sees Its First Wayland Application Running19 Aug 2019
FreeBSD 13 Is Preparing To Finally Retire GCC 4.214 Aug 2019
A Script Making It Easier Turning A FreeBSD Install Into A Working Desktop14 Aug 2019
DragonFlyBSD 5.6.2 Released With Disruptive Change To Help Chromium, Ported Apps12 Aug 2019
Wine On 64-bit NetBSD Is Now In Much Better Shape Thanks To GSoC03 Aug 2019
NetBSD 9.0 Prepping For Release With AArch64 Support, Kernel ASLR & Better NVMe Perf31 Jul 2019
DragonFlyBSD Replacing Their 48-Core Opteron Infrastructure With Ryzen 9 3900X CPUs25 Jul 2019
DragonFlyBSD Pulls In The Radeon Driver Code From Linux 4.418 Jul 2019
OPNsense 19.7 Released With Remote Logging, Firewall Rule Improvements, Route-Based IPsec17 Jul 2019

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619 Articles
Clear Linux
Clear Linux Releases Deep Learning Reference Stack 4.0 For Better AI Performance22 Aug 2019
Clear Linux Rolls Out Revamped Documentation14 Aug 2019
A Third-Party Installer Allows Clear Linux To Run On Microsoft Windows WSL10 Aug 2019
A Look At Intel's Clear Linux Performance Over The Course Of July01 Aug 2019
Clear Linux Moving Ahead With Their Third-Party Packaging Support25 Jul 2019
Intel / Clear Linux Is Looking For Your Feedback On Your Linux Development Workflow20 Jul 2019
Clear Linux Could Soon Be Faster Within Containers On AVX2 Systems17 Jul 2019
Clear Linux Gets Questions Over Steam Integration, Other Plans For This High-Perf Distro20 Jun 2019
Benchmarks Of The Various Kernel Flavors Of Clear Linux06 Jun 2019
Clear Linux Moving Ahead With Blocking dmesg Access For Non-Root Users01 Jun 2019

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69 Articles
System76 Preparing To Roll Out Their First Coreboot-Enabled Laptop11 Aug 2019
A Modern Supermicro Kabylake Xeon Motherboard Now Supports Coreboot09 Aug 2019
Coreboot 4.10 Released With New Support For Many Chromebooks & Random Motherboards22 Jul 2019
TUXEDO Computers Is The Latest Linux PC Vendor Eyeing Coreboot25 Jun 2019
Coreboot Adds Support For Apollolake-Powered UP-Squared SBC Maker Board20 Jun 2019
The NSA Is Looking To Contribute To A New x86 Security Feature To Coreboot19 Jun 2019
Firmware Reverse-Engineering Using NSA Software Continues11 Jun 2019
Coreboot Project Is Leveraging NSA Software To Help With Firmware Reverse Engineering04 Jun 2019
System76 Is Making Progress On Open-Source Firmware For Their Laptops31 May 2019
AMD Zen-Derived Hygon Dhyana Appears To Be Working On Coreboot Support18 May 2019

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196 Articles
Debian Guts Support For Old MIPS CPUs21 Aug 2019
Debian 10.1 Expected For Release In One Month05 Aug 2019
Debian's DebConf 19 Slides & Video Presentations04 Aug 2019
Q4OS 3.8 Released As A Traditional Desktop Linux Distribution Built Atop Debian 10.015 Jul 2019
Debian 11 "Bullseye" Cycle Prepares To Begin Long Journey07 Jul 2019
Debian GNU Hurd 2019 Released With An ACPI Translator, Support For LLVM07 Jul 2019
Debian 10.0 "Buster" Now Available - Powered By Linux 4.19, GNOME + Wayland06 Jul 2019
Debian Installer Buster RC3 Brings Last Minute Improvements03 Jul 2019
Debian 10.0 "Buster" Release Images Are Up For Testing01 Jul 2019
Debian Installer Buster RC2 Released26 Jun 2019

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295 Articles
Xfce 4.16 Should Be Out Next Year But Without GTK4 Or Wayland21 Aug 2019
Xfce 4.14 Desktop Officially Released12 Aug 2019
Firefox 68 vs. Chrome 76 Linux Web Browser Performance Benchmarks02 Aug 2019
The MATE Desktop Is Becoming Quite Usable On Wayland Via Mir02 Aug 2019
Xfce 4.14 Should Finally Be Out By Mid-August - Final Testing Now With "Pre3"01 Aug 2019
Deepin 15.11 Desktop Could Be On The Way To Fedora 3124 Jul 2019
Xfce 4.14 "Pre2" Brings Bug Fixes, GLX Compositing Improvements & More01 Jul 2019
Xfway Aims To Provide A Wayland Compositor Inspired By Xfce's Xfwm428 Jun 2019
Xfce 4.14 Sees Its Long-Awaited Pre-Release19 May 2019
Xfdesktop 4.13.4 Released On The Road To Xfce 4.14 Possibly This August18 May 2019

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347 Articles
Fedora Switching To The BFQ I/O Scheduler For Better Responsiveness & Throughput22 Aug 2019
Approved: Fedora 31 To Drop i686 Everything/Modular Repositories19 Aug 2019
Fedora Developers Discuss Ways To Improve Linux Interactivity In Low-Memory Situations13 Aug 2019
Fedora Has Formed A Minimization Team To Work On Shrinking Packaged Software01 Aug 2019
Fedora Has Deferred Its Decision On Stopping Modular/Everything i686 Repositories31 Jul 2019
Fedora's ARM SIG Is Looking At Making An AArch64 Xfce Desktop Spin25 Jul 2019
Fedora CoreOS Sees Its First Preview Release24 Jul 2019
Fedora 31 Looking At Making It Easy To Use LLVM's LLD Linker23 Jul 2019
Fedora 31 To Ship With Golang 1.13, Limiting Scriplet Usage Still Being Debated23 Jul 2019
Fedora Developers Discuss Raising Base Requirement To AVX2 CPU Support23 Jul 2019

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894 Articles
Free Software
U-Boot Has Been Seeing Better x86 Support, EFI Improvements22 Aug 2019
The Linux Foundation, Intel & Co Form The Confidential Computing Consortium21 Aug 2019
Blender 2.81 To Feature Intel Open Image Denoise & Eevee Renderer Improvements21 Aug 2019
OBS Studio 24.0 Will Let You Pause While Recording, Other New Options19 Aug 2019
Git 2.23 Brings New Switch & Restore Sub-Commands17 Aug 2019
Apache Software Foundation's Code-Base Valued At $20 Billion USD14 Aug 2019
NordLynx: NordVPN Builds New Tech Around WireGuard31 Jul 2019
Blender 2.80 Officially Released With Its Revamped UI, Eevee PBR Renderer30 Jul 2019
KernelShark 1.0 Released After Switching From GTK To Qt27 Jul 2019
Samba 4.11 Aims To Be Scalable To 100,000+ Users04 Jul 2019

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1584 Articles
The LLVM Codebase Is Moving Past C++11 This Year, Likely To C++1423 Jan 2019
FP64 Support Finally Lands In Mesa Git For Intel Haswell03 Jan 2017

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2 Articles
GNOME 3.34 Beta 2 Brings Last Minute Improvements To GNOME Shell, Mutter & Friends21 Aug 2019
GNOME 3.34 Works Out Refined XWayland Support For X11 Apps Run Under Sudo20 Aug 2019
GNOME Shell & Mutter Reach The 3.34 Beta Milestone With Last-Minute Changes10 Aug 2019
GTK-VNC 1.0 Released With GTK3 Requirement & Other Improvements08 Aug 2019
NetworkManager 1.20 Released With WiFi Mesh Network Support, WireGuard Improvements07 Aug 2019
GNOME 3.34 Beta Released - Now Under UI/Feature/API/ABI Freezes06 Aug 2019
Another GNOME Improvement Being Discussed To Help With Touchpad Scrolling / Tablets05 Aug 2019
GNOME Launches An Inclusion & Diversity Team02 Aug 2019
Sysprof Picks Up Profiling Support For CPU Power Consumption01 Aug 2019
The Latest GNOME Performance Issue Being Addressed Are OpenGL Pipeline Stalls31 Jul 2019

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1034 Articles
GCC 10 Lands Support For -march=tigerlake & -march=cooperlake20 Aug 2019
GCC 9.2 Released With Bug Fixes & AMD Zen 2 Improvements12 Aug 2019
GNU Radio Sees Its First Release In More Than Six Years10 Aug 2019
GCC 9.2 Available For Testing With Tuned AMD Zen 2 Support Back-Ported05 Aug 2019
GCC 10's LTO Will Make Use Of Available CPU Cores By Default04 Aug 2019
AMD Radeon GCN Offloading Support For OpenMP/OpenACC On The Way For GCC 1003 Aug 2019
Glibc 2.30 Released With Unicode 12.1 Support, New POSIX-Proposed Functions01 Aug 2019
AMD Zen 2 "Znver2" Compiler Optimizations Back-Ported For GCC 9.2 Compiler30 Jul 2019
FSF-Approved gNewSense Maintainer Parts Way With Project24 Jul 2019
GCC 10 Lands OpenRISC Support For Floating Point Instructions22 Jul 2019

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730 Articles
Chromebooks Switching Over To The BFQ I/O Scheduler20 Aug 2019
Google Chrome 77 Enters Beta10 Aug 2019
Google Engineers Get Windows Booting When Kexec'ed Under Linux06 Aug 2019
Chrome 76 Released With Flash Blocked By Default30 Jul 2019
Various Chrome OS Hardware Support Improvements Make It Into Linux 5.3 Mainline15 Jul 2019
Google's Graphics API Debugger 1.6 Adds Stadia Support21 Jun 2019
Chrome 76 Beta Brings Dark Mode Media Query, Other Improvements13 Jun 2019
Google Stadia's E3 Event Reveals New Details For This Linux+Vulkan Gaming Service06 Jun 2019
Google Releases Chrome 75 With Experimental Reader Mode, More WebAssembly Work04 Jun 2019
Google Hired Another Linux Graphics Veteran To Work On Open-Source GPU Drivers28 May 2019

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385 Articles
Parallel CPU Microcode Updates Being Restored To Help Large Core Count Servers23 Aug 2019
Librem 5 August Update - More Software Progress, No Word On Q3 Shipping21 Aug 2019
Dell XPS 7390 Developer Edition Announced - Intel Comet Lake With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS21 Aug 2019
Raptor Computing Systems Planning To Launch New ATX POWER9 Board With OpenCAPI20 Aug 2019
POWER ISA Contributed To Open-Source, OpenPOWER Joining The Linux Foundation20 Aug 2019
A POWER'ful Announcement Is Expected Tomorrow Changing The Open-Source Landscape19 Aug 2019
System76 Still Aiming To Be The Apple Of The Linux Space With Software & Hardware19 Aug 2019
System76 Unveils Their Firmware Manager Project For Graphically Updating Firmware17 Aug 2019
Etnaviv Is Packing Code For An Exciting Linux 5.4 Cycle16 Aug 2019
ROCK Pi 4 Is Becoming A Good Arm SBC With Panfrost Graphics & Wayland Support13 Aug 2019

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1436 Articles
Intel Submits Final Batch Of Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 5.4 - Growing Tiger Lake23 Aug 2019
Linux Begins Preparing For Intel's New "Lightning Mountain" SoC22 Aug 2019
Intel's OpenGL Linux Driver Now Has OpenGL 4.6 Support For Mesa 19.221 Aug 2019
Intel Launches 10th Gen "Comet Lake" Laptop CPUs For Laptops & 2-in-1s21 Aug 2019
Intel Icelake Thunderbolt Support Still Being Squared Away For Linux - Hopefully For 5.419 Aug 2019
Intel Tries Again To Auto Enable GuC/HuC Functionality For Their Linux Graphics Driver18 Aug 2019
Linux 5.4 Set To Remove Intel XScale IOP33X/IOP13XX CPU Support16 Aug 2019
Intel Volleys Another Batch Of Tiger Lake "Gen 12" Graphics Code16 Aug 2019
Intel SYCL Compiler/Runtimes Updated With Unified Shared Memory Support15 Aug 2019
Intel's Linux Graphics Driver Developers Discover 3~20% Boost For Current-Gen Hardware12 Aug 2019

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1566 Articles
KDE Usability & Productivity Initiative Coming To An End18 Aug 2019
KDE Applications 19.08 Released With Dolphin Improvements, Better Konsole Tiling15 Aug 2019
KDE Frameworks 5.61 Fixes The Directory/Desktop File Security Vulnerability11 Aug 2019
KDE Picks Up Much Better GTK3 App Integration, Better Wayland Performance11 Aug 2019
KDevelop 5.4 Released With Meson Support, Scratchpad Plug-In06 Aug 2019
KDE System Settings Now Shows Basic Hardware/Software Details, Wayland Improvements04 Aug 2019
Latte Dock 0.9 Brings Better Settings, Layout Enhancements28 Jul 2019
KDE Ends July With Improved Widget Positioning, Faster KRunner Results28 Jul 2019
KDE Plasma 5.17 Making It Simple To Display A Network's QR Code For Easy Sharing21 Jul 2019
Latte Dock 0.9 Beta Brings Wayland Improvements, Smoother Experience18 Jul 2019

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895 Articles
LibreOffice 6.3 Released With Better Performance, UI Enhancements08 Aug 2019
LibreOffice 6.3 Beta Is Up For Testing04 Jun 2019
LibreOffice 6.3 Alpha Was Tagged This Week, Stable Expected In August19 May 2019
LibreOffice 6.2 Shipping Today With User Interface Improvements, Many New Features07 Feb 2019
LibreOffice 6.2 Branched, The Beta Dance Begins & x86 32-bit Builds Are Deprecated18 Nov 2018
LibreOffice Landing New Custom Widgets Theme, Powered By Cairo10 Nov 2018
LibreOffice Lands More Qt5 Integration Improvements, LXQt Support13 Oct 2018
LibreOffice Qt5 Integration Sees Further Improvements04 Oct 2018
LibreOffice 6.1 Shipping Today As A Big Update For This Open-Source Office Suite08 Aug 2018
LibreOffice 6.1 RC2 Released For Testing This Next Open-Source Office Suite Update25 Jul 2018

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112 Articles
Linux Events
The Open-Source / Linux Highlights From OSTS 201918 May 2019
Systemd-Free Debian "Devuan" Planning Their First Developer Gathering This Spring28 Feb 2019
FOSS-North Is Coming Up In Two Months As A Leading Scandinavian Linux/Open-Source Event10 Feb 2019
Interesting Linux.Conf.Au 2019 Videos Now Available26 Jan 2019
FOSDEM 19 Is Happening In Just Three Weeks, There Will Once Again Be A Graphics Room13 Jan 2019
Linux Plumbers Conference 2018 Videos Now Online05 Dec 2018
David Airlie's LPC2018 Presentation On An "Open-Source CUDA"03 Dec 2018
Akademy 2018 Videos Posted For KDE's Annual Developer Conference07 Sep 2018
An Activision Developer Is Talking At The Open-Source Summit... About Kafka Tuning29 Aug 2018
Tencent Joins The Linux Foundation, Open-Sources Projects25 Jun 2018

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67 Articles
Linux Gaming
Warfork Letting Warsow Live On Under Steam18 Aug 2019
Unigine 2.9 Further Enhances Its Stunning Visuals17 Aug 2019
Unity 2019.2 Released With Latest Features For This Cross-Platform Game Engine30 Jul 2019
SDL 2.0.10 Released With New APIs, Drops Mir In Favor Of Wayland25 Jul 2019
Feral Brings Company of Heroes 2 Commander Update To Linux22 Jul 2019
Feral's GameMode 1.4 Adds Flatpak Support, Better I/O Optimization Handling21 Jul 2019
Unreal Engine 4.23 Preview Brings Virtual Texturing, Other Enhancements14 Jul 2019
DXVK 1.3 Released With Discard Optimization, Async Presentation13 Jul 2019
GameMode Seeing Improvement Work For Better Integration With GNOME06 Jul 2019
Godot Engine 4.0 Continues Working Towards Vulkan Support02 Jul 2019

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1648 Articles
Linux Kernel
New Low-Memory-Monitor Project Can Help With Linux's RAM/Responsiveness Problem21 Aug 2019
Linux 5.3-rc5 Released Following A Calm Week18 Aug 2019
Linux 5.4 To Expose What's Keeping The System Awake Via Sysfs17 Aug 2019
Kdevops Aims To Assist In Linux Kernel Testing16 Aug 2019
Building The Default x86_64 Linux Kernel In Just 16 Seconds14 Aug 2019
Oracle's Kernel Test Framework Might Be Added To The Linux Kernel Tree13 Aug 2019
Linux Finally Has A Fix For Crackling Audio Input On Recent AMD Systems13 Aug 2019
Linux 5.3-rc4 Released With A Week Of Fixes Plus SWAPGS "Grand Schemozzle" Code11 Aug 2019
Linux 4.4 & 4.9 Kernels Get Back-Ported SWAPGS Protection11 Aug 2019
Yes, Linux Does Bad In Low RAM / Memory Pressure Situations On The Desktop06 Aug 2019

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2268 Articles
Linux Security
Linux "Lockdown" Patches Hit Their 40th Revision20 Aug 2019
CVE-2019-1125 "SWAPGS" Is The Newest Spectre Vulnerability06 Aug 2019
Kernel Address Space Isolation Aims To Prevent Leaking Data From Hyper Threading Attacks11 Jul 2019
Linux Kernel "LOCKDOWN" Ported To Being An LSM, Still Undergoing Review23 Jun 2019
Netflix Uncovers TCP Bugs Within The Linux & FreeBSD Kernels18 Jun 2019
ZombieLoad Mitigation Costs For Intel Haswell Xeon, Plus Overall Mitigation Impact23 May 2019
MDS / Zombieload Mitigations Come At A Real Cost, Even If Keeping Hyper Threading On16 May 2019
Spectre/Meltdown Mitigations Can Now Be Toggled With Convenient "mitigations=" Option06 May 2019
IBM Developers Looking At Adding System Call Isolation To Enhance Linux Security26 Apr 2019
In 2019, Most Linux Distributions Still Aren't Restricting Dmesg Access20 Apr 2019

More Linux Security News

122 Articles
Linux Storage
Reiser4 File-System Port Updated For The Linux 5.1 + Linux 5.2 Kernels13 Aug 2019
Improved Fscrypt File Encryption Handling Aims For Linux 5.411 Aug 2019
F2FS Case-Insensitive Support Is Pending Ahead Of The Linux 5.4 Kernel09 Aug 2019
EROFS-Utils Adds LZ4 Compression Bits, Finally Has A README28 Jul 2019
IO_uring Gets A Huge Performance Fix - Up To 755x Improvement21 Jul 2019
NFS Changes On Linux 5.3 Will Allow Clients To Use New "nconnect" Mount Option20 Jul 2019
F2FS Is The Latest Linux File-System With Patches For Case-Insensitive Support18 Jul 2019
VirtIO-PMEM Driver Added To Linux 5.3 For Paravirtualized Persistent Memory18 Jul 2019
Ceph Sees "Lots Of Exciting Things" For Linux 5.3 Kernel18 Jul 2019
ZFS On Linux Has Figured Out A Way To Restore SIMD Support On Linux 5.0+17 Jul 2019

More Linux Storage News

392 Articles
Sony Continues Tuning AMD Jaguar Support Within The LLVM Clang Compiler21 Aug 2019
LLVM 9.0-RC2 Released While LLVM 10 Switches To C++1415 Aug 2019
LLVM 8.0.1 Released With Bug Fixes05 Aug 2019
LLVM Plans To Complete Transition To Git From SVN By October02 Aug 2019
LLVM 9.0-RC1 Arrives For Testing30 Jul 2019
LLVM 9.0 Feature Work Is Over While LLVM 10.0 Enters Development18 Jul 2019
LLVM's RISC-V Compiler Back-End Looks To Go Official For 9.0 Release09 Jul 2019
Google Developers Are Looking At Creating A New libc For LLVM25 Jun 2019
Clang "Interface Stubs" Merged For Offering Interface Libraries To ELF Shared Objects18 Jun 2019
Clang-Scan-Deps Lands In Clang 9.0 For Much Faster Dependency Scanning16 Jun 2019

More LLVM News

550 Articles
Mesa 19.2-RC1 Released But Intel Still Looking To Add OpenGL 4.6 Support20 Aug 2019
RADV Vulkan Driver Lands Renoir APU Support In Time For Mesa 19.220 Aug 2019
Mesa 19.2's Feature Freeze / Release Candidate Process Beginning Tomorrow19 Aug 2019
TGSI To NIR Improvements Hit Mesa 19.2 For RadeonSI12 Aug 2019
RADV Driver Plumbs Navi Support For Performance-Improving DCC On Storage Images07 Aug 2019
Etnaviv Gallium3D Picks Up A NIR Compiler07 Aug 2019
Mesa 19.1.4: Intel Vulkan Fixes For Older Generations, Max Payne 3 Issue Fixed For RADV04 Aug 2019
Broadcom's VC4/V3D Driver Developer Parts Ways To Join Google02 Aug 2019
RADV's Navi Support Gets Patches For Vulkan Transform Feedback24 Jul 2019
RADV Lands Binning Support For GFX10/Navi For Faster Vulkan Performance23 Jul 2019

More Mesa News

1686 Articles
Microsoft's Component Firmware Update Is Their Latest Short-Sighted Spec15 Aug 2019
Microsoft Works On Adding More Bling To The Windows Terminal06 Aug 2019
Windows' WSL2 Now Allows Localhost Access, Custom Kernels27 Jul 2019
Microsoft Aiming For A Linux Development Workflow Around WSL + VS Code Remote06 Jul 2019
Microsoft Releases First Preview Of Windows Terminal22 Jun 2019
Microsoft Begins Rolling Out Windows Subsystem For Linux 213 Jun 2019
CERN Is Working To Move Further Away From Microsoft Due To License Costs Going Up By 10x12 Jun 2019
Microsoft Confirms WSL To Co-Exist With WSL2, Other Windows Subsystem for Linux Details13 May 2019
More Details On Microsoft's WSL2 Implementation For Running Linux Binaries On Windows 1009 May 2019
Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 To Offer Faster I/O Performance, Native Docker Containers06 May 2019

More Microsoft News

185 Articles
Firefox 68 Released With JavaScript BigInt Support, Good WebRender Linux Performance09 Jul 2019
Mozilla's Servo Beginning To Work On Linux Video Acceleration03 Jun 2019
Firefox 68 Integrates BigInt Support26 May 2019
Firefox 67.0 Released With Better Performance, Switches To Dav1d AV1 Decoder21 May 2019
Mozilla, Cloudflare & Others Propose BinaryAST For Faster JavaScript Load Times17 May 2019
Firefox 66.0.4 Released To Address The Broken Add-Ons Issue Due To Expired Certificate05 May 2019
Mozilla Had A Rough Night With Add-Ons Getting Disabled Due To An Expired Certificate04 May 2019
Mozilla "WebThings" No Longer An Experiment18 Apr 2019
The Rapid Progress Of The AV1 Video Format Over The Past Year16 Apr 2019
Mozilla Preparing To Test WebRender With "Qualified" Linux Users10 Apr 2019

More Mozilla News

295 Articles
FFmpeg 4.2 Released With AV1 Decoding Support, GIF Parser06 Aug 2019
Audio Component Support Being Worked On For The Radeon & Nouveau Drivers23 Jul 2019
Linux 5.3 Media Driver Updates Bring New Amlogic Meson Video Decoder10 Jul 2019
Kodi 18.3 Adds DTS-HD Audio Track Support To Its Music Player, Various Fixes27 Jun 2019
It Looks Like PulseAudio 13.0 Will Be Releasing Soon22 Jun 2019
Lightworks 14.6 Remains A Closed-Up Blob, But At Least The Linux Support Continues15 Jun 2019
Amlogic Video Decode Driver Revised A Ninth Time In Pursuit Of The Linux Kernel07 Jun 2019
SVT-AV1 0.5 Released As Intel's Speedy AV1 Video Encoder19 May 2019
A Push Towards Firmware-less Video Decoding By Linux Kernel Media Drivers17 May 2019
Many Media Driver Updates Land In Linux 5.210 May 2019

More Multimedia News

346 Articles
Nouveau's Changes Sent Out For Linux 5.4 In Fixing Up The Open-Source NVIDIA Support23 Aug 2019
The Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" Driver Gets A Batch Of Fixes For Linux 5.319 Jul 2019
Nouveau Driver Picking Up NVIDIA TU116 GPU Support For Linux 5.319 Jun 2019
Linux Kernel Set To Expose Hidden NVIDIA HDA Controllers, Helping Laptop Users13 Jun 2019
NVIDIA Firmware Blobs Get Updated To Help Some Pascal GPUs With Nouveau07 Jun 2019
DRM Fixes Head Into Linux 5.2 While Letting Nouveau Turing TU117 Support Slip In17 May 2019
Nouveau Gets Initial Support For NVIDIA TU117 (GeForce GTX 1650)10 May 2019
Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" Driver Sees Few Changes For Linux 5.201 May 2019
Nouveau NIR Support Lands In Mesa 19.1 Git17 Mar 2019
Nouveau NIR Support Slated To Land In Mesa 19.1 Over The Days Ahead12 Mar 2019

More Nouveau News

417 Articles
CUDA 10.1 U2 Adds RHEL8 Support, Nsight Compute Tools For POWER22 Aug 2019
NVIDIA 435.17 Linux Beta Driver Adds Vulkan + OpenGL PRIME Render Offload13 Aug 2019
NVIDIA Starts Publishing GPU Hardware Documentation To Help Open-Source Drivers07 Aug 2019
NVIDIA 430.40 Linux Driver Released With RTX 2080 SUPER Support, RTX 3000 Max-Q29 Jul 2019
NVIDIA Posts New OpenGL Extensions For Multi-GPU Rendering26 Jul 2019
NVIDIA's Graphics Driver Will Run Into Problems With Linux 5.3 On IBM POWER13 Jul 2019
NVIDIA 430.34 Linux Driver Brings SUPER Support09 Jul 2019
NVIDIA Open-Sources TensorRT Library Components02 Jul 2019
NVIDIA Announces GeForce RTX 2060 / 2070 / 2080 SUPER GPUs02 Jul 2019
NVIDIA 418.52.14 Linux Driver Brings Full-Screen Exclusive & Calibrated Timestamps02 Jul 2019

More NVIDIA News

815 Articles
Operating Systems
Netrunner 19.08 Released For Delivering A Clean KDE Experience Atop Debian 1021 Aug 2019
Knoppix 8.6 Released - This Original Linux Live Distro Now Based On Debian Buster18 Aug 2019
Gentoo's 64-bit ARM Support Is Now In Good Shape With Profiles Deemed Stable12 Aug 2019
Haiku Developers Begin Optimizing Their BeOS-Inspired OS For Performance05 Aug 2019
Linux Mint 19.2 Officially Released02 Aug 2019
Manjaro Moving Ahead With Snap Support, Bundling Proprietary FreeOffice30 Jul 2019
Sailfish OS 3.1 Released As Jolla's Biggest Update In A Year25 Jul 2019
Darling Picks Up New Contributors For Its macOS Compatibility Layer On Linux23 Jul 2019
Mageia 7.1 Released With Systemd Fix For AMD Ryzen 3000 Systems16 Jul 2019
Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" Available In Beta Form16 Jul 2019

More Operating Systems News

735 Articles
Oracle Solaris 11.4 SRU12 Released - Adds GCC 9.1 Compiler & Python 3.720 Aug 2019
Oracle Continues Working On eBPF Support For GCC 1017 Aug 2019
Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 Released15 Aug 2019
Oracle Is Working To Upstream More Of DTrace To The Linux Kernel & eBPF Implementation15 Aug 2019
Oracle Linux 8.0 Released18 Jul 2019
KVM/oVirt-Powered Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager Reaches GA12 Jun 2019
Oracle Releases Linux 4.14 Based "Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R5 U2"03 Jun 2019
Oracle Is Aiming To Contribute An eBPF Backend To The GCC 10 Compiler30 May 2019
Oracle's Ksplice Live Kernel Patching Picks Up Known Exploit Detection21 Apr 2019
Oracle's Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 5 Update 1 Released - Improves AArch64, DTrace19 Dec 2018

More Oracle News

226 Articles
AMD Dominated The Conversation Among Linux/Open-Source Fans In July01 Aug 2019
Radeon Graphics, Zombieload & Kernel Changes Intrigued Open-Source Fans In H1-201909 Jul 2019
Ubuntu Drama, Clear Linux Speed & WSL2 Sparked Lots Of Interest In June01 Jul 2019
Phoronix Now 15 Years Old, Phoronix Test Suite Hits 11 - A Look Back By The Numbers05 Jun 2019
ZFS On Linux, Intel Cascadelake, Linux 5.1/5.2 Excited Phoronix Readers In April01 May 2019
Stadia, Web Browsers, GNOME 3.32 & Jetson Nano Dominated Linux Interest In March01 Apr 2019
Linux 5.0, Radeon VII, Intel Iris Driver & Other Exciting Milestones In February28 Feb 2019
Linux 5.0, RTX 2060, ZoL & Other Topics Dominating Discussions For January01 Feb 2019
Linux 4.20, Debian, Intel, x32, Microsft's Actions & STIBP Topics Rounded Out 201801 Jan 2019
That's A Wrap For 2018 With 3,693 News Articles, 314 Linux Hardware Reviews/Benchmarks31 Dec 2018

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589 Articles
Phoronix Test Suite
Phoronix Test Suite 9.0 Milestone 2 Released, Serves 42 Millionth Download22 Aug 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 9.0 Milestone 1 Delivers New Result Viewer, Other Features25 Jul 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 8.8.1 Released30 May 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 8.8 Officially Released13 May 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 8.8 Further Enhances Open-Source, Automated Windows Benchmarking12 May 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 8.8 Is Near While Milestone 3 Is Now Available For Testing10 May 2019 Crosses 39 Million Test/Suite Downloads & More Tests Coming31 Mar 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 8.8 Milestone 2 Released For Open-Source Benchmarking28 Mar 2019
The First Test Release Of Phoronix Test Suite 8.8 Plus Exciting New Benchmarks17 Mar 2019
Phoronix Test Suite 8.6.1 Released For Open-Source, Cross-Platform Benchmarking22 Feb 2019

More Phoronix Test Suite News

169 Articles
A Last Call To Celebrate Phoronix's 15th Birthday By Going Premium07 Jun 2019
Phoronix Turns 15 Years Old Next Week So Here's Something Special01 Jun 2019
Celebrate Valentine's Day By Going Premium To Support Linux Benchmarking14 Feb 2019
It's Time For The Premium 2018 Winter Sale To Show Your Linux Benchmarking Support22 Dec 2018
Black Friday Deal: Go Premium While Supporting Linux Hardware Reviews & Open-Source News22 Nov 2018
Phoronix Is Now On The Open-Source-Friendly Liberapay23 Jun 2018
Yes, We Like Bitcoin & Other Crypto Currencies13 May 2018
Show Your Love For Linux Hardware & Benchmarking This Valentine's Day14 Feb 2018
Phoronix Premium, Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Winter Shopping Reminders23 Nov 2017
Just A Few Days Left To The Phoronix Fest Deal11 Oct 2017

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27 Articles
PHP 7.4 Reaches Feature Freeze, Beta 1 Released25 Jul 2019
GFX-RS Portability 0.7 Released With Vulkan Events, Binding Model Improvements22 Jul 2019
Rust 1.36 Brings Offline Support In Cargo, Stable Alloc Crate04 Jul 2019
PHP 7.4 Alpha Released With FFI Extension, Preloading Opcache For Better Performance13 Jun 2019
Git 2.22 Released With Improvements Around Merge Handling, Other Small Enhancements07 Jun 2019
Bzip2 To See Revival Under New Maintainership, Experimental Porting To Rust05 Jun 2019
Golang Gets Cheaper Context Switching01 Jun 2019
Rust 1.35 Released With Support For Empty Debug Macro, ~4x Faster ASCII Case Conversions23 May 2019
An Early Look At Some PHP 7.4 Performance Benchmarks22 May 2019
hipSYCL Gets New Compilation Toolchain For Taking SYCL Directly To CUDA & ROCm14 May 2019

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238 Articles
Proprietary Software
DaVinci Resolve 16 Beta Video Editor Employing Deep Learning, GPU Accelerated Tools08 Apr 2019
Lightworks Video Editor Plans For A Busy 2019 But No Signs Of The Open-Source Version10 Jan 2019
Adobe Customer Care: There Hasn't Been Enough Demand For Linux10 Dec 2018
Lightworks 14.5 Video Editor Released With Same-Day Linux Support But Still No Source17 Oct 2018
DaVinci Resolve 15 Video/Effects Editor Released With Linux Support13 Aug 2018
A VR Developer's Thoughts On The Current Mess Of APIs & Hardware27 May 2018
Keeper Password Manager Launches New Linux Version26 Apr 2018
Vivaldi Web Browser Now Available For Linux ARM / Raspberry Pi05 Dec 2017
TeamViewer 13 Now Available For Linux As A Native 64-bit Port04 Dec 2017
Adobe Is Finally Ending Flash Support... In 202025 Jul 2017

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131 Articles
The Qt Company Is Now Working On Qt For Microcontrollers22 Aug 2019
Qt 6 Will Bring Improvements To The Toolkit's Python Support19 Aug 2019
Qt's Development Branch To Begin Forming Qt 618 Aug 2019
The Qt Company Announces Its New High-Level 3D API - Qt Quick 3D14 Aug 2019
Qt PDF Being Discussed For Qt 5.1413 Aug 2019
Lars Knoll Shares His Technical Vision For The Qt 6 Tool-Kit07 Aug 2019
Qt Creator 4.10 RC Available With Support For Pinning Files, UI Improvements03 Aug 2019
Qt 3D Studio 2.4 Released With Massive Performance Boost - By Switching Away From Qt 3D27 Jun 2019
Qt Creator 4.10 Beta Allows Pinning Files, Support For Boost Tests20 Jun 2019
Qt 5.13 Released With glTF 2.0 Importing, Wayland Improvements, Lottie Animation Support19 Jun 2019

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394 Articles
AMDGPU To Allow Memory Re-Clocking Soon For Multi-Monitor Setups23 Aug 2019
AMD Publishes New RDNA Whitepaper21 Aug 2019
AMD Posts Navi Display Stream Compression Support For Linux19 Aug 2019
Radeon Software for Linux 19.30 Updated With Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Support16 Aug 2019
Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 19.Q3 for Linux Released15 Aug 2019
AMDVLK 2019.Q3.4 Vulkan Driver Enables Atomic Optimizer For Navi15 Aug 2019
AMD Renoir Lands In Mesa's RadeonSI - Further Pointing To Vega, Not Navi14 Aug 2019
AMD Submits Navi 12/14 & Arcturus GPU Support Code For Linux 5.4 Kernel Queue07 Aug 2019
AMD Posts A New Slide Deck Outlining The RDNA Architecture06 Aug 2019
AMD Publishes Documentation On RDNA 1.0 ISA02 Aug 2019

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1074 Articles
Red Hat
EPEL 8.0 Is Now Ready To Offer Up More Packages To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Users14 Aug 2019
Red Hat Joins The RISC-V Foundation08 Aug 2019
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 Brings Cloud Improvements, Kernel Livepatching06 Aug 2019
GlusterFS Planning To Drop 32-Bit Support05 Aug 2019
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 Enters Beta24 Jul 2019
The State Of EPEL-8 For Complementing RHEL8's Packages10 Jul 2019
IBM Completes Its Acquisition Of Red Hat09 Jul 2019
CentOS 8.0 Completed Its Initial Build Loop04 Jul 2019
CentOS 8.0 Is Looking Like It's Still Some Weeks Out17 Jun 2019
RHEL 7.7 Beta Comes With MDS/Zombieload Mitigations06 Jun 2019

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198 Articles
RISC-V's Linux Kernel Support Is Getting In Better Shape, Maturing On HiFive Unleashed08 Mar 2019
Amazon Adds RISC-V Support To FreeRTOS26 Feb 2019
RISC-V Support Added To The GRUB Bootloader25 Feb 2019
Libre RISC-V GPU Aiming For 2.5 Watt Power Draw Continues Being Plotted18 Feb 2019
The State Of Debian & Fedora On The RISC-V Architecture09 Feb 2019
More Details On The Proposed Simple-V Extension To RISC-V For GPU Workloads04 Jan 2019
The Libre RISC-V Vulkan Accelerator Will Be Targeting 25 FPS @ 720p, 5~6 GFLOPs05 Dec 2018
Western Digital To Open-Source The "SweRV" RISC-V Core In 201905 Dec 2018
The EOMA68 Libre Computer Developer Wants To Tackle A Quad-Core RISC-V Libre SoC Design29 Nov 2018
The Linux Foundation Is Teaming Up With RISC-V To Promote The Open-Source CPU ISA27 Nov 2018

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35 Articles
Vulkan Video Decoding Coming In H1'2020, Ray-Tracing Progressing13 Aug 2019
Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.2-11 While Still Waiting For OpenCL-Next07 Aug 2019
Khronos Officially Releases OpenXR 1.029 Jul 2019
Binomial's Basis Universal To Super-Compress glTF Assets, WebGL Gets New Extensions26 Jul 2019
Zstd 1.4.1 Further Improves Decode Speed, Other Optimizations19 Jul 2019
Samba 4.11-RC1 Released With Scalability Improvements, Disables SMB1 By Default09 Jul 2019
DisplayPort 2.0 Published For 3x Increase In Data Bandwidth Performance26 Jun 2019
UEFI 2.8 Specification Released With REST & Memory Cryptography04 Jun 2019
EA Joins The Khronos Group, Will Collaborate On Vulkan30 Apr 2019
POCL 1.3 Released For OpenCL On CPUs As The Portable Computing Language05 Apr 2019

More Standards News

212 Articles
GCC 10 Likely To See "-flto=auto" Option24 Jul 2019
OpenSUSE Enables LTO By Default For Tumbleweed - Smaller & Faster Binaries17 Jul 2019
openSUSE's YaST Now Supports Multi-Device Btrfs Setups20 Jun 2019
OpenSUSE Adds Option To Installer For Toggling Performance-Hitting CPU Mitigations22 May 2019
OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 Released - Based Off SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP122 May 2019
OpenSUSE's Spectre Mitigation Approach Is One Of The Reasons For Its Slower Performance14 Apr 2019
SUSE Marks Its New Independence Under EQT Ownership15 Mar 2019
OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 Reaches Beta Milestone20 Feb 2019
OpenSUSE Looking At Blacklisting Legacy & Less Secure File-Systems09 Feb 2019
SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP1 Beta Bringing Java 11, LLVM 7, BCache Installer Support20 Dec 2018

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225 Articles
Systemd 243 RC2 Released22 Aug 2019
Systemd 243 RC1 Brings Its PStore Service, Zen2/RdRand Workaround & More31 Jul 2019
Systemd Introduces A New & Practical Service For Dealing With PStore20 Jul 2019
Systemd 243 Is Getting Buttoned Up For Release With New Features & Fixes17 Jul 2019
Systemd Now Allows Custom BPF Programs To Be Loaded On Cgroups29 Jun 2019
Systemd Is Now Seeing Continuous Fuzzing By Fuzzit15 Jun 2019
systemd Clocks In At More Than 1.2 Million Lines21 May 2019
Systemd Picks Up Support For MACsec To Better Secure Ethernet Connections14 Apr 2019
Systemd 242 Released With XBOOTLDR Support, Networkd L2TP Tunnels11 Apr 2019
Systemd 242 Gearing Up For Release With XBOOTLDR Support, Other New Features03 Apr 2019

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162 Articles
Ubuntu Planning To Drop Qt4 & Its Dependencies Ahead Of 20.04 LTS23 Aug 2019
Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Released With Device Fixes, Support For Draft Messages22 Aug 2019
Mir 1.4 Released With Fix For GTK3, Support For Exclusive Zones13 Aug 2019
Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Is Now Available For Testing10 Aug 2019
Ubuntu's Yaru Desktop Theme Seeing Updates - Big Update Against GTK's Latest Adwaita09 Aug 2019
Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Released - Switches To Using 19.04's Linux 5.0 HWE08 Aug 2019
Canonical Confirms Their Experimental ZFS Plans For The Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop07 Aug 2019
UBports Is Working On Ubuntu Touch OTA-1031 Jul 2019
Ubuntu 19.10 Development Continues With Latest GNOME Updates, ZFS, Optimizations26 Jul 2019
Should Ubuntu Use The BFQ I/O Scheduler?22 Jul 2019

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1303 Articles
Valve's Proton To Begin Shipping VKD3D For Direct3D 12 Over Vulkan23 Aug 2019
CodeWeavers Reflects On The Wild Year Since Valve Introduced Steam Play / Proton20 Aug 2019
Proton 4.11-2 Pulls In Newest DXVK While Fixing High Refresh Rates For Older Games08 Aug 2019
Steam Linux Usage Slipped In July According To Valve's Current Data01 Aug 2019
Proton Re-Based To Wine 4.11, Adds D9VK Direct3D 9, Better CPU Utilization & DXVK 1.330 Jul 2019
Valve Funded Development Of Xrdesktop - Lets GNOME & KDE Work In VR30 Jul 2019
Valve's ACO AMD Shader Compiler Now Can Handle Vertex Shaders30 Jul 2019
Valve Rolls Out Steam Labs11 Jul 2019
Valve Has Been Developing A New Mesa Vulkan Shader Compiler For Radeon03 Jul 2019
Valve's Steam Survey Data Shows Linux Usage Pulling Back During June02 Jul 2019

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459 Articles
Even In 2019, A Long Road Still For Getting The VIA OpenChrome Driver In Linux09 Jan 2019
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Go Through A GEM/TTM Code Rewrite05 Aug 2018
It's Still Going To Be Tough Getting The OpenChrome VIA KMS Driver In The Linux Kernel28 May 2018
VIA Joins In The AI Race, Linux/Android Support For Their New Developer Kit10 May 2018
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Work On New GEM/TTM Code, Regression Fixes12 Mar 2018
OpenChrome KMS Can Now Do Runtime Resolution Changes, Hopes To Go Mainline In 201811 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Still Aiming For Mainline Kernel, But Initially Will Lack 2D Acceleration02 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Continues To Be Developed, But It Didn't Make It Mainline This Year26 Dec 2017
OpenChrome DRM Still Being Ported To Newer Kernel, Lengthy Process25 Aug 2017
OpenChrome Still Pushing For DRM Kernel Driver, Updated DDX04 Aug 2017

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99 Articles
QEMU 4.1 Released With Many ARM, MIPS & x86 Additions16 Aug 2019
Linux's KVM Sees Patches For RISC-V Support30 Jul 2019
XCP-ng 8.0 Hypervisor Released - Based On Xen 4.11, Embeds ZFS On Linux, Adds UEFI25 Jul 2019
Linux Kernel Looks To Remove 32-bit Xen PV Guest Support17 Jul 2019
VIRTIO-IOMMU Driver Merged For Linux 5.3 Kernel16 Jul 2019
Linux 5.3 Ready To Support Linux Guests On ACRN09 Jul 2019
Jailhouse 0.11 Hypervisor Brings New CPU Support, Spectre V2 Mitigation For ARM08 Jul 2019
Linux 5.3 Kernel Picking Up Support For ACRN Guest Hypervisor Support13 Jun 2019
Intel GVT-g Live Migration Support Is Nearing Mainline02 Jun 2019
Xen Developers Continue Work On CPU Core Scheduling Support20 May 2019

More Virtualization News

377 Articles
Vulkan 1.1.120 Released As The Newest Maintenance Release17 Aug 2019
NVIDIA Continues To Be Involved With Making Vulkan More Appropriate For Machine Learning13 Aug 2019
Vulkan 1.1.119 Already Released With Another New Extension12 Aug 2019
Vulkan 1.1.118 Released With New AMD Extensions11 Aug 2019
DXVK 1.3.2 Released With Fixes/Improvements For The Division, World of Warcraft & More05 Aug 2019
Godot Making Progress On Vulkan Support, Threaded Shader Compilation03 Aug 2019
Radeon Vulkan Driver Now Supports Wave32 Support For More Shaders03 Aug 2019
MoltenVK Now Supports More Vulkan Extensions, Begins Targeting Metal 3.030 Jul 2019
Vulkan 1.1.117 Adds Line Rasterization - Helping Out CAD Applications & More29 Jul 2019
Collabora Still Investing In "Zink" For OpenGL Over Vulkan, But Back To GL 2.126 Jul 2019

More Vulkan News

423 Articles
Stepping Towards Better VR Headset Support On Wayland12 Aug 2019
Wave Hello To WEV - Similar To X.Org's Xev For Event Viewing On Wayland11 Aug 2019
Sway 1.2-RC1 Released For The i3-Inspired Wayland Compositor09 Aug 2019
GNOME 3.34 Now Supports Starting XWayland On-Demand06 Aug 2019
Weston 7.0 Reaches Alpha With PipeWire, HDCP, EGL Partial Updates & Mores20 Jul 2019
Wayland's Weston Lands A Pipewire Plug-In As New Remote Desktop Streaming Option19 Jul 2019
Wayland's Weston 7.0 Compositor Aiming To Release Next Month13 Jul 2019
Wayland's Weston Gets Option To Enable HDCP Support Per-Output12 Jul 2019
Waypipe Offers A Transparent Wayland Proxy For Running Programs Over The Network29 Jun 2019
It's Becoming Easier To Develop New Wayland Extensions For Mir29 Jun 2019

More Wayland News

711 Articles
Wine 4.0.2 Released With 66 Bug Fixes23 Aug 2019
Wine Staging 4.14 Carries 841 Patches Atop Upstream Wine17 Aug 2019
Wine 4.14 Released With The Latest Bits For Running Windows Games/Programs On Linux16 Aug 2019
Wine Staging 4.13 Brings Fixes For Epic Games Launcher, Cmd.exe File Association03 Aug 2019
Wine 4.13 Released Following Nearly Month Long Summer Holiday02 Aug 2019
Wine 4.12.1 Released To Fix Broken 64-Bit Support07 Jul 2019
Wine-Staging 4.12 Adds In New Patches06 Jul 2019
Wine 4.12 Supports More Plug & Play Drivers, Better Visual Studio Remote Debugging05 Jul 2019
Wine-Staging 4.11 Released With Its 800+ Patches On Top Of Wine22 Jun 2019
Wine 4.11 Brings Ability To Enumerate Display Devices, Updated Mono21 Jun 2019

More WINE News

646 Articles
X.Org Server Gains Support For Auto-Binding Secondary GPUs To The Screen10 Aug 2019
Libinput 1.14 Released With Dell Canvas Totem Support, Touchpad Improvements08 Aug 2019
Valve's ACO Compiler, Zink, FreeSync & Other Topics To Be Talked About At XDC 201906 Aug 2019
The Smaller DRM Drivers Begin Seeing Their Improvements Queued For Linux 5.403 Aug 2019
X.Org SiS Driver Kept Alive In 2019 To Fix Silly Compiler Warnings27 Jul 2019
X.Org's S3 Graphics Driver Sees First Release In Seven Years - Still Pre-1.026 Jul 2019
Libinput 1.14 RC Arrives With Better Thumb Detection & Dell Canvas Totem Support19 Jul 2019
Many Vintage X.Org Modules Could Use Some Help If Wanting New Releases17 Jul 2019
It's A Last Call For Speakers At X.Org's XDC2019 Event02 Jul 2019
Red Hat Expecting X.Org To "Go Into Hard Maintenance Mode Fairly Quickly"28 Jun 2019

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1002 Articles