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Mesa's Loop Analysis & Range Propagation Passes

Besides the atomic mode-setting for virtual KMS drivers, another X.Org Google Summer of Code project this summer was developing a range analysis pass and other optimization passes for Mesa as part of benefiting NIR.

23 August 2015 - Mesa GSoC - 12 Comments
AMDGPU, HEVC Support & More Added To Mainline Mesa 11.0

Just after writing this morning about libdrm 2.4.63 being released and that it's needed for the AMDGPU Mesa support to land, the code indeed is now in mainline! There's the mainline support going into Mesa 11.0 for supporting the hardware via the AMDGPU DRM driver -- Tonga, Carrizo, Fiji, and future new hardware. There's also now HEVC video decode support on capable hardware via the VDPAU state tracker and other improvements related to this AMDGPU code push.

14 August 2015 - AMDGPU - 38 Comments
LLVMpipe Tests On Mesa Git With An Intel Core i7 Broadwell

While LLVMpipe isn't intended for much more than a software fallback for modern Linux desktops and as an aid for debugging Mesa/Gallium3D drivers using a hardware-neutral driver, it can be interesting once in a while running benchmarks on this software driver.

3 August 2015 - LLVMpipe Tests - 5 Comments
Mesa Git Is Now Officially Mesa 11.0

While we knew it was coming given that Mesa core has gone from OpenGL 3.3 compliance to OpenGL 4.1, the commit finally happened this Saturday for making it Mesa 11.0.

1 August 2015 - Mesa 11.0-devel - 28 Comments
Upgrading Fedora Easily To Mesa 10.7/Git

With all of the Mesa OpenGL 4 happenings -- and most recently OpenGL 4.1 for RadeonSI -- you may be wondering how to run this latest code prior to its official release in September.

30 July 2015 - Fedora Riding Mesa Git - 15 Comments
Understanding More Of The Shader Storage Buffer In Mesa

Iago Toral of consulting firm Igalia has been working on ARB_shader_storage_buffer object support in Mesa the past few months. This extension is needed for OpenGL 4.3 and is a buffer that allows for bidirectional communication between the CPU and GPU space and perform random access reads/writes and atomic operations on variables within the buffer objects.

8 July 2015 - ARB_shader_storage_buffer - Add A Comment

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