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Ubuntu 15.10 Just Hit Its Final Beta

Ubuntu 15.10 final beta is now available along with this being a second beta release for the opt-in flavors participating in the earlier development milestones.

24 September 2015 - Wily Werewolf - 16 Comments
Mir Is Making Measurable Progress On Using Libinput

Ubuntu developers working on Mir have been making measurable progress recently on using libinput for their input handling, similar to Wayland and in the X.Org world where libinput is also being used via the xf86-input-libinput driver.

24 September 2015 - libinput Mir - 16 Comments
Mir Working On Evdev Device Detection

Besides working on the legacy X11 support atop Mir, Canonical developers working on this display server have just implemented evdev device detection for Mir.

8 September 2015 - Mir evdev - 6 Comments
That Awkward Ubuntu Tablet Plans To Go Up For Pre-Order Soon

Since last December we've been receiving emails from a company working on an Ubuntu Tablet inspired by the failed Ubuntu Edge campaign. That company is apparently going to start accepting pre-orders for their device soon with hopes of shipping this unofficial Ubuntu Tablet in January.

2 September 2015 - MJ Tech Ubuntu Tablet - 10 Comments
Ubuntu's Deb-Based Software Center Fails As An App Store

Aside from the Ubuntu Software Center on the desktop frustrating some users over being slow and outdated compared to other "software stores", some app developers are also unhappy with Canonical's handling of the USC for paid apps.

7 August 2015 - Ubuntu Software Center Woes - 18 Comments
Porting HTML5 Mobile Games To Ubuntu Phone

With Ubuntu Phone reviews frequently pointing out the lack of games/apps for Ubuntu Phone compared to other platforms, Ubuntu developers have been working on porting more HTML5 mobile games over to Ubuntu Phone.

28 July 2015 - Ubuntu Phone HTML5 Games - 7 Comments

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