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AMD's Vulkan Driver Will Only Work With The AMDGPU Kernel Driver

I've just received confirmation from AMD that their forthcoming Vulkan driver will only work with the AMDGPU DRM kernel driver. This means that unless this AMDGPU kernel driver is extended to support pre-VI hardware, only the very latest AMD GPUs on Linux will work with Khronos' next-generation API.

15 January 2016 - Vulkan Driver AMDGPU - 134 Comments
Reminiscing Over The Early Days Of The Open-Source AMD Linux Strategy

With this morning's article about New AMDGPU Details and Looking Forward To Major Radeon Linux Improvements In 2016, there is much to be excited about with the new driver model finally set to roll-out and other open-source projects coming about. However, if you are a relatively new Linux users, you may not know how this whole process began.

9 January 2016 - Reminder - Add A Comment
AMD/Radeon Has Continued Making Much Linux Graphics Progress

AMD's open-source graphics driver stack continued maturing in 2015 while Catalyst (now known as Radeon Software) releases were rare. AMD's open-source driver stack now supports OpenGL 4.1 for GCN GPUs and select pre-GCN graphics cards plus the other driver stack also matured in other ways this year.

28 December 2015 - AMD Top 2015 - 11 Comments
Will Linux 4.5 Bring Any Performance Boost For Pre-AMDGPU Radeon?

While I've been writing a lot the past few days about the AMDGPU kernel driver given it's landing PowerPlay support for Linux 4.5, I took some time today for running some Radeon (non-AMDGPU) DRM tests to see if the performance of this DRM-next code has changed compared to Linux 4.4 near-final.

24 December 2015 - Radeon DRM Tests - Add A Comment
How To Use AMDGPU PowerPlay On The Linux 4.5 Kernel

While Linux 4.5 brings support for PowerPlay in the AMDGPU DRM driver to allow the modern discrete Radeon graphics cards to run much faster thanks to re-clocking, this major feature isn't being enabled by default for Linux 4.5.

23 December 2015 - How-To PowerPlay - Add A Comment
Running OpenGL 4.1, DRI3 With Mesa Git On An AMD Cayman GPU

As of earlier this month in Mesa Git is finally OpenGL 4.0 and 4.1 support for the Radeon R600g driver for pre-GCN hardware, albeit the subset capable of advertising GL4 compliance is right now just Cypress and Cayman. I took this opportunity to run some fresh Mesa Git benchmarks on an AMD Cayman GPU and a third run when enabling DRI3.

16 December 2015 - AMD FirePro Cayman - 12 Comments
How AMD's Carrizo A10-8700P Compares To Intel's Core i3/i5

While I ended up returning my AMD A10-8700P "Carrizo" laptop due to its faulty fan, I did run a few benchmarks of it prior to sending it back. Here's roughly what you can expect in terms of its performance against Intel Core i3 and i5 laptops.

11 December 2015 - Carrizo vs. Broadwell - 31 Comments

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