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PostgreSQL 10 Beta 3 Arrives

Those wishing to do some database testing this weekend can try out PostgreSQL 10's third beta update, which was released earlier this week.

13 August 2017 - PostgreSQL 10 Beta 3 - 6 Comments
PHP 7.2 Beta 2 Released

The second beta is now available for the upcoming PHP 7.2, which will be officially released at the end of November.

6 August 2017 - PHP 7.2 - 1 Comment
Git 2.14 Released

Git 2.14 is now available as the latest feature update to this widely-used, open-source revision control system.

4 August 2017 - Git 2.14 - 4 Comments
Boost Is Planning A Move To CMake

The Boost C++ libraries is planning for a new build system, but they aren't going for Meson that's been the recent trend among open-source projects.

24 July 2017 - Boost C++ Libraries - 22 Comments
PHP 7.2 Alpha 3 Released

PHP 7.2.0 Alpha 3 is now available as the latest test release ahead of the official PHP 7.2 debut later in the year. This release offers various fixes and improvements over the earlier alphas.

6 July 2017 - PHP 7.2 - Add A Comment
Cairo 1.15.6 Released

It's been a half-year since the last release of the Cairo 2D graphics library, but that changed this week with the new Cairo 1.15.6 snapshot.

15 June 2017 - Cairo 1.15.6 - 18 Comments
Benchmarks: PostgreSQL 10 Performance Is Looking Good

With yesterday's release of the PostgreSQL 10 beta, a number of Phoronix readers and some of my supporters requested benchmarks of this major update to this widely-used SQL database server. Well, for those curious about this early test release, here are some benchmarks.

19 May 2017 - PostgreSQL 10 Beta - 14 Comments

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