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Fedora 28 Taking To Modularizing Their Anaconda Installer

When talking about the Fedora/RedHat Anaconda installer it still brings back bad memories from the Anaconda fallout a few years ago when they went through some painful transitions that also led to release delays. In 2018, Fedora/RedHat developers are taking up the initiative of modularizing the Anaconda installer.

5 January 2018 - Modular Installer - 5 Comments
Fedora Rawhide Flips On New SATA Power Management Policy

If you are running Fedora Rawhide (their daily/development packages) and using an Intel mobile chipset, be forewarned that they are enabling the SATA link power change that runs the slight risk of potentially causing disk corruption.

25 December 2017 - Power Savings - 4 Comments
Here's How Fedora Plans To Reapproach Their Modular Server Plans

Earlier this month the Fedora Modular working group decided to throw in the towel on Fedora Modular Server 27 and instead to do a "classic" server edition. We now have more details on how the eventual re-architected Modular Server should look for F28.

19 December 2017 - Fedora Modular Server Redo - 8 Comments
Fedora Linux Had Another Innovative Year

Fedora Linux this year picked up support for more multimedia codecs, continued innovating on both the Linux desktop/workstations and servers, the Fedora/RedHat developers continued a lot of upstream improvements throughout the Linux landscape, their Wayland support continues to be solid, and they continued shipping the latest and greatest packages in their distribution releases.

15 December 2017 - Fedora 2017 - 18 Comments
Red Hat Plans To Deploy Next-Gen Stratis Storage For Fedora 28

When we heard of RHEL deprecating Btrfs with Red Hat losing hope in this feature-focused Linux file-system, we were relayed word that Red Hat was planning for their own Stratis project for next-gen Linux storage. Stratis is now expected to ship in preview form for Fedora 28.

6 December 2017 - Stratis Storage - 45 Comments
Mir Lands In The Fedora Repository

Ubuntu's Mir display server stack is now available in the Fedora archive for Fedora Rawhide, Fedora 27, and Fedora 26 packages are also on the way.

28 November 2017 - Mir Fedora - 9 Comments
A Look At The New Features For Fedora 27

Fedora 27 is now under its final freeze for release in the next few weeks so here's a recap of the prominent changes coming to this next installment of the Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution.

18 October 2017 - Fedora 27 - 13 Comments

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